Saturday, October 27, 2012

Miley is 4!

Baby Miley, Miles of Smiles, Miney Moe, Smiley Miley... You are 4 years old! It seems like yesterday you were my bright eyed, happy, peanut of a baby. Time is flying! You are such a strong, independent, funny, beautiful and smart little girl. People are so drawn to you and you have the ability to get just about anything you want from anybody you meet. You are rotten, for sure!

This year was your first birthday party with friends. You were so excited! Some of your best buddies are Clara, Sarah Beth, Mackenzie, Gordon, Tripp, Eve and Mrs. Lori.You couldn't decide where you wanted to have your party, so we settled for the park and had a blast. You picked out "old lady butterfly" cupcakes and I begged and begged you to change your mind:) Of all of the choices you had.. Barbie, princess, strawberry shortcake.. You chose the ugly butterflies and were so proud and confident of your choice! There was no changing your mind. You will wear your shoes on the wrong feet, suck your thumb til it is raw, wear a tutu everyday, have 3 headbands on your head at the same time, etc and there is no one who can make you do otherwise!

Miley, some of your favorite things include anything purple!! barbies, dancing shoes, high ponytails, fingernail polish, lip gloss, rocks, small bugs, playing outside, music, princess dresses, stuffing your hello kitty purse with anything you can find:) you have the biggest imagination and I LOVE listening to you pretend play or make up songs.
You love Ella Kate and copy her every move. It is sweet to watch. You also love your babies and are slowly learning to be more gentle:)

When you grow up you want to be a singer, a princess, a mom and a mermaid! Dreaming big:) I am excited to watch you grow.. And have no doubt that God has mighty plans for your life!! He created you to be brave, loud, sweet and sassy for a reason and I can't wait to have a front row seat:) Daddy and I love you SO much and are so thankful you belong to us! Happy birthday, sweet girl:)

Friday, October 26, 2012

I want to remember some of these moments..

Josiah loves jackets! Zipped all of the way up to his neck.. Even in 80+ degree heat. With his "hook" (hood) on, too!

Ella Kate is the best cleaner-upper! Cleaned the living room and kitchen perfectly and was beaming when she saw my surprised face. Sweet, sweet girl! She thrives on making her momma and daddy happy.

Miley cannot be quiet. Never. No ability to whisper. She is either loud or asleep.

Adalyn loves me. She loves me to the point that it is exhausting. She needs to have something of hers touching me at all times. i need to hold her hand, rub her foot, anything. She reaches, and whines and cries for me to hold her 24/7. As soon as I pick her up, she looks in my eyes and smiles. If I had a penny for how many times she says my name in a day, I'd be a very rich woman!

Levi is amazing. I love how when on his belly he raises his arms and legs like superman fixing to take flight. He is beyond happy and lights up whenever he catches a glimpse of me or bill. Not sleeping as well as the others did at this age, but bill swears it is because he is a growing boy. I think he would change his answer of he were the one getting up with him in the wee hours of the morning:)

Ella Kate is an awesome helper with Adalyn. She is such a little momma. Known to fix Adalyn snacks, put her in her high chair and let her color while she does her homework, hold her in her lap and rock her, plays peek a boo and gets the best belly laughs out of Adalyn. Only, she has to be in the mood. If not, she is the normal older, pesky sibling that delights in making the younger ones miserable:)

Josiah has taken off with school. I am amazed at what his little brain can do. Just turned 5 and as smart as a whip! He loves it!! He is in 1st grade with reading and phonics and is so eager to learn more. He is also still so easy. He knows the ropes and rules at our house and I very rarely have to tell him what to do. He just does it. Thankful for this boy!

Miley thrives in one on one time. If you give her a few minutes to play barbies with her, paint her toenails, give her some lipstick, cuddle, read a few books, chase her in the yard or push her in the swing, she will have "the best day ever!" She fell and scraped her leg and told me to ask God to make it better. So right there on the floor I prayed for her boo-boo and asked God to heal it and take away her pain. When we said amen, she smiled at me while grabbing my neck so tight and said, "you are the greatest mom there ever is!" Sweet moment.

Adalyn loves to be outside. Loves it! So does Miley. And Ella Kate. Josiah?.. Not so much. He'd rather play a game or watch Netflix inside if I'll let him. However, the girls will spend hours outside pretending or playing in the sand. Adalyn is right there with them. She just walks around. Or pushes a baby doll in the stroller. Nothing, really. But never wants to come in.

I love the way Levi smells. A mixture between clean, freshly bathed baby and salt and vinegar chips. Weird combination.. But it's my baby. I love how he fits perfectly on my chest with his head resting beneath my neck. Him sucking his middle fingers while his drool runs completely down my arm. He pulls away and lifts his head to make sure it is still me holding him, and I get the biggest, gummiest smile when he sees my face. He lays his warm soft little head back down and I try and breathe in every drop of this moment knowing that it will be gone so soon.

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