Monday, June 28, 2010

we are so excited to announce...

that baby davis #4 is due in feb:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

momma time..

Friday, June 18, 2010

coughing attack

josiah (who is battling out some allergies) was coughing like crazy in the backseat of the car tonight. i turned around and said, "goodness! are you ok, buddy?" he shook his sweet little head and said, "oh, that was nuffin'." :)

jesus loves me... the miley version!

my sweet 20 month old baby is singing!


we have been very busy this week with VBS (vacation bible school).
my poor kids were completely confused for the first day or so when i would wake them up and get them dressed for VBS. they kept thinking that they were going to PBS kids (chuck.e.cheese) it was such a let down when we would pull up to the church each morning. both josiah and ella kate would say, "hey! this isn't PBS kids, this is school! are we going to PBS kids after school?" you see, their preschool was the same church (my dad's church), where we attended VBS. are you confused, yet?! :) they ended up LOVING VBS and by thursday, they were no longer asking for PBS kids! praise the Lord! :)
on a different, funnier note: each day at VBS, they would take up an offering that would go towards missions. this morning i gave ella kate a handful of quarters to put in the offering as it was being passed in her class. i wanted her to be able to be a part of the giving and know that by giving some money, she was helping others learn about Jesus. well, when we got home i heard some jingling in her pocket and i assumed she just forgot to put her money in the bucket, so i asked her. her response was, "no, i put one money in the offer'n, but i am gonna keep the other ones for disney world."
apparently, she didn't quite grasp the whole concept .... we will be working on that! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


ok.. so we are grilling out at bill's parent's house when i hear ella kate say, "hey! let's play chia!! 'siah, you want to play chia??" josiah smiles and says, "oh! ok! i wub (love) chia! "
then they grab their cups and clank them together and both shout, "CHIA!!!"
hahaha.. they were meaning "cheers"...

more beach pics..

the moon was so beautiful!
miley cheesin' on the golfcart:) cute josiah ready for the beach!josiah and eve lovin'..miley and eve lovin'..s'mores!golfcart fun! ready to go:)my girls..i'm so blessed!feeding the deer:)boy bike rides... (bill also rode the girls this way too!)does it get any cuter??miley rockin' her bikini:)sweet babies..eve and mileytaking a break:)loving it!daddy time:)this little cutie played in the sand most of the week:)

naptime sweetness

i was getting the babies ready for their naps this afternoon when i saw miley give josiah a big ol' hug and say, "nigh-nigh buddy!" so sweet... they are growing up too fast!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

guess who has pigtails??

.. miley does!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

bedtime prayers

i absolutely LOVE to hear my sweet babies say their prayers! ella kate's are very sweet and very detailed! she thanks God for every person/friend/family member that she can think of, every animal that comes to mind, every food that she loves to eat and every toy in her room that she can see through her peaking eyes:) she also prays for nonny to come back home at least a couple times a week.... so sweet! josiah's prayers are quiet and to-the-point. sometimes, he even goes blank and has to ask ella kate what to say next. it is too cute.... for instance he'll say, "thank you for dis day, thank you for my cars, and what else?.... oh, and thank you for L-kate's barbies, and what else??..... oh, and thank you for my bed....." whatever she whispers to him, he repeats! :) miley said her first sweet prayer tonight. i was rocking her in her room tonight (just the 2 of us) and i was praying with her. when i finished, i asked her if she wanted to pray. she squeezed her eyes shut tightly, crinkled her nose and started mumbling something softly then i heard, "uhhh.. nana, uhhh... daddy. amen!" then she opened her eyes and smiled! she was so proud of her prayer, and my heart melted all over again! i love these kiddos:)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

real quick..

ella kate and josiah are arguing over a pretend tea pot. josiah has it in his hands and ella kate says," 'siah, i am the momma and you are the daddy. now, you need to give it to me because mommas do all the work!"

we are looking for a toy to preoccupy miley so the older two can color. after a few seconds of looking for something ella kate says, "momma, this is just way too comp-i-cated!"

sissy (my sister, erin) kept the babies all weekend so that bill and i could go out of town and have some alone time with our friends for our anniversary. this was the first time that the girls have ever been away from us over night. josiah has spent the night with yaya (my sister, lauren) before, but she is pretty busy so he doesn't go very often. needless to say, i was very worried about how they would do and how i would do with us being apart. it was fun spending some time with my sweet billy d, but i missed those boogers like crazy!! erin said that they did great.. meaning josiah was good, while ella kate and miley cried and screamed their heads off at night time!! they just don't like to sleep away from home... so for 2 nights erin put up with the davis drama!! what an angel that sissy is:) it is a daunting task to have 3 little ones (ages 3 and under) as well as caring for your own baby for an entire weekend!! we are so thankful that she not only offered, but it was her decision to send us away for the weekend!!!! THANK YOU:) anywho.. i am telling you all of this because when we finally got the babies home, ella kate told me that at bed time she would have "a really hard day about munsters chasing her so she cried and cried!" before i could say anything to comfort ella kate about "munsters", josiah chimed in with a smile "and i had a hard day of fink-a-ningos!" (pink flamingos!) ha! he had no clue what ella kate was talking about, but he just knew that he wanted to be a part of the conversation too!

did i mention that miley can count to 10 now?? well she can... josiah taught her :)

miley also has a pair of sunglasses that she got from the dollar bin at target. she LOVES them and wears them pretty much all day, every day! she even took a nap with her "gwasses" yesterday:)

while driving over a big bridge on our way to the beach, the babies were looking at God's creation. ella kate got very excited and said, "daddy! daddy! i saw a whale! right there! see him?? 'siah, 'siah look! a whale!! oh.... wait! uh.... no.......that was just a duck!" i am sure those are mistaken for each other all of the time:)

miley spills her plate of food on my dad at the restaurant. she looks at him and says, "awww man!" :)

josiah is a fish. a cute little dimple faced fish! he is fearless when it comes to water. keep in mind he is only 2, but he can jump off the diving board, going completely under water and kick his little legs to the side. we make him wear swimmies, though! i am not THAT brave, yet:) oh, and his favorite trick to do off the diving board is the pencil:)

josiah is also quite gifted technologically:) he has figure out how to play with bill's itouch and is constantly trying to sneak into our bedroom to play with some of his apps!

we were playing outside one morning and ella kate looks up to the sky and says, "mom, it is a great day! the clouds are out.... the creatures are out, i think it is a great day to go swimming!"

Friday, June 4, 2010

let me fill you in..

we have been busy, busy!! we went on our family vacation to fripp island last week, bill and i had a little getaway for our 5th anniversary last weekend, and now i am unpacking and trying to get ourselves back into a routine! i will write about our trips a little later, but i will leave you with a few pics:)