Thursday, April 26, 2012

Levi having a party in my belly

Levi had the hiccups and was rolling around in my belly. It is kinda hard to see, but I tried:)

We were eating popcorn and watching a movie on the couch one afternoon when I could feel Ella Kate staring at me. I turned and looked at her and she said, "mom?? How do you do that?" "do what?" I asked. She had a serious look when she replied, "how do you get SO much popcorn in your mouth?" that'll bless ya:)

Miley told me the other night.. "mom, my teddy bear is in trouble because him did not obey me! So, I punched him in the

Friday, April 20, 2012


*I asked Ella Kate to scratch my back this afternoon. She let out a big sigh, began scratching and said, "why do you ALWAYS ask us to do this..... We are just kids!!!"
*I asked Miley if she wanted a piece of cheese and she responded, "yes, ma'am. I want a big hairy one!"
*I had to get two rounds of steroid shots to help develop Levi's lungs. Bill gave me one of the shots at home and the kids wanted to watch. I asked if I could hold their hands so it wouldn't hurt as bad, and they were thrilled to be needed. When I was done, the girls clapped and hugged me telling me how proud they were and how brave I was. Josiah chimed in, "well, you DIDN'T cry but you did go 'ooohhhh' 'aahhhh'!" thank you son for pointing out my wimpy side and fear of needles!
*I was unloading the dishwasher tonight went Ella Kate came in and asked, "uhhh, mom? Are you supposed to be doing this? Or are you supposed to be in bed?" :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

such is my life...

i feel like this is my life these days when it comes to the ol' blog... i neglect it and neglect it, then have to upload 50 pictures to catch up. oh well, we have been a little busy... it'll be ok :)

the ice cream man came to our neighborhood this weekend, so bill and the kids shot out the front door and jumped up and down to wave to poor guy down. 3 ice creams and $9 later... we have some thrilled kids! bill took this pic so i wouldn't feel left out.. (seeing as though i am on week 4 of bed rest).the kids are SUPER excited to meet their baby brother... they even got to practice on cousin coleman:)here is part 2 of adalyn's birthday.. her very own "hello killy" cake! her birthday was the day before i was put on bed rest...

nor was she a fan of her cake..but you know josiah had to try and make it all better:)
i enjoyed the "birthday party" from the comforts of the couch! and i even managed to get some lovin' from ellie and clara:)

poppa and ek

jos lovin' on some more babies:)
double trouble!
daddy and his baby girl!

adalyn loves her some miney moe!

bill knows how important pictures are to me, so he got the kids dressed in their easter clothes and took some pics for me:) i was pretty impressed! he also took the kids outside one saturday and dyed easter eggs...

bill has been such an amazing help and encourager these past 4 weeks! i am so thankful for the sacrifices that he has made to take care of me, the kids and the house work all while working his normal job!

the kids have done/said some cute stuff that i keep forgetting to write down, so before i forget again....

*tonight at church, ella kate got in trouble for throwing mulch on the playground. bill was asking her about it in the car on the way home and she said, "well, mrs. tricia said not to throw mulch, but i didn't hear her. then, mrs. ashlee said don't throw mulch and i got in trouble." bill asked her, "well, you know better! why did that happen? why weren't you listening to your teachers?" without skipping a beat, she said, "well, momma always told me not to listen to adult conversation!!!!"

*bill took a different route home one night and when they pulled up to the driveway, josiah tells him, "dad, you're a GENIUS! you got us home!"

*while eating lunch today, josiah tells bill that he is full and can't eat anymore. bill tells him that it was ok, but he couldn't have any dessert... banana puddin'. josiah then says, "uhh.. dad? i fink i'm full just a smidge... i'm not too full for some puddin'." then he proceeds to eat every last drop of food on his plate, then a bowl full of banana puddin'!

*miley was laying on bill's bare chest one afternoon when she started smooshing his belly. she looks up at him and says, "hey daddy! your belly is kinda..... jumpy!!"

*adalyn has taken her first steps!! **tear**

*miley told bill today, "daddy.. you and momma both have bellies!" bill said, "i know! but momma has a baby in her belly..." ella kate chimed in, "YEAH! and you just eat too much!!"