Friday, July 29, 2011

missing nonny..

i can't believe that my sweet nonny will have been in heaven for 2 years this august!! i still miss her and think of her often! ella kate surprisingly remembers her and talks about her a good bit. tonight in the car, ella kate was watching the rain from her window. she starts asking me questions about weather nonny is helping the sky rain down, and which cloud nonny is sitting on:) then she says, "i sure hope nonny comes back home soon!! she has never got to meet our new baby, and i know that she would LOVE her!!"

tonight in the bath tub, miley got to be the "helper" and hold adalyn while i bathed her. she did such a great job by holding her so tight and sitting real still. when she was done, i told her how proud i was of her. she stood up and clapped her hands and said, "i's such a big girl!! i's so proud!!"

i have mentioned before that our sweet, chunky, sleepy little adalyn is a spitter. she spits up a good bit, everyday. it isn't uncommon for her to spit up while she is sleeping, and wake up with dried, sticky, crusty hair plastered to her head. this morning was no different. when she woke up, i got her and brought her into my bedroom to feed her. the other kids were lying on my bed. sweet josiah leans in to kiss his baby sister good morning on her cheek when he says, "ewww! our baby smells HORRIBLE!!"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

sweet little sleepers...

jos is a limber little guy... especially when he is sleeping:) i went in to go check on all of my babies and i found him like this... and i LOVE how miley always has a baby snuggled up and her thumb in her mouth! i can always tell when she is asleep, even if i am on the other side of the house. her "sucks" on her thumb get super loud and smacky sounding:)
and i don't have a picture of these two sleeping tonight, but i do have a cute one of them in the bath tub.. or the "b-tub", as miley calls it. she also calls ponytails, "p-tails". in the car tonight, ella kate told me that she was "a little bit hungry". josiah immediately chimed in and said, "..and i am big, BIG hungry!" these kids are eating me out of house and home!
oh, and i wanted to share something else. all of my kids loved playing peek-a-boo when they toddlers. miley LOVES playing it with adalyn. she calls it "pick-a-boobie!" :) i remember when ek and jos were 2, they called it "pick-ee-oo!" and "key-boo!" cute.cute.cute.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

daddy is so funny!

adalyn loves smiling at her daddy:) i love it when bill comes home from work and adalyn recognizes his voice. she stops whatever she is doing and stares off in space, concentrating on where her daddy is:)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


ella kate and josiah will be 5 and 4 next month, and we have been talking a lot about their birthdays. i asked josiah what he wanted for his birthday one afternoon and his reply was, "well, i fink i just want anudder baby. but not a baby doll. a baby that comes from your bewwy!" sweet boy:) and today i asked ella kate what she wanted for her birthday and her reply was, "i just want a sweet mom!" .....uhh, i didn't think that i was in a bad mood today, but apparently i have some work to do! ouch! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4 months!!

adalyn grace is 4 months old!! it hurts my feelings:( but she is oh, so sweet!!she had her check up yesterday and here are her stats along with her siblings at 4 mths:

adalyn: 15lbs 7 oz and 24.5in long (92 % weight 50% length)

ellakate: 17lbs 11oz and 27in long

josiah: 15lb 8oz and 26in long

miley: 14lb 9oz and 25.5in longshe is still such an easy, content, and sleepy baby:) sleeping about 12 hours at night and taking two 2 1/2 hour naps during the day and another 45 minute nap before bedtime. she LOVES sucking on her thumb when she is on her belly and she has started sucking on her tallman and ringfinger when she is on her back. i noticed this month that one of her arms is fatter than the other. you can tell in the picture above that her right arm has like 5 creases and the left only has like 2. i even asked her dr yesterday if he thought she had elephantitus:) he said that it was normal for chubby babies to have uneven creases and folds in their skin, and that her right arm is bigger because she might use it more. long story short: she is perfectly fine and healthy, and my paranoia is just plain silly:) she is smiling a lot more and laughing out loud now.. it happens to be one of the sweetest sounds ever! ek and jos are always competing against each other as to who can get the biggest smile from the baby:) we are so thankful for our precious "ady gwace" as miley calls her!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

getting a little crafty!

first off.. how cute are these faces?!? summer is going by so fast!! this was the last picture taken when they were 4, 3, 2 and 3 months.... ..because adalyn turned 4 months old today!!!!
she LOVES those 2 fingers:) so back to the crafts... it has been so hot this summer. if we aren't at the pool, my kids are wanting to watch tv. and movies. and more tv. and i am not cool with we have been busting out the pipecleaners, glue, beads, markers and whatever else we can find. we have colored, and cut with scissors, and made masterpieces and jewelry! and today we even decorated cookies!!

we loaded them with icing and sprinkles galore! they had so much fun:)
but then adalyn and i were left to clean up the mess!

you might be a redneck...

if you have this beautiful creation in your back yard:)my crazy hubby has "something" (he is thinking pumpkins) growing in our beautifully landscaped back yard. however, our dogs have taken a liking to laying on those huge, soft, cool leaves. so bill took it upon himself to barricade the plant with random old furniture, bales of hay, chairs and our old triple stroller. and to top it off, he made a scarecrow complete with his jamaican shirt and glow in the dark jack-o-lantern head! aren't we a site for sore eyes:)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

cute conversations..

while driving down the road the other day, josiah asked if we could sing the "bbs songs" (vbs). normally we hook up bill's ipod in the car and they can sing their little hearts out, but bill took his ipod to work with him that particular morning. ella kate took it upon herself to explain the situation to jos. it sounded a little like this: "yeah.. daddy always keeps his ipod with him when he goes to the potty because he likes to play this game where the mean birds try and hit the pigs because they stole their eggs." this made me laugh because she was referring to the game "angry birds" which bill DOES play while he's on the potty:)

speaking of singing vbs songs. this weekend we were in the car and we had vbs songs playing. (we have vacation bible school songs on bill's ipod all the way from 2007. the kids LOVE them!)anyhoo.. this was the conversation that we heard between jos and ek...
ek: "hey 'siah, do you know who oomi is?"
jos: "oomi zoomi??" (the cartoon)
ek: "no.. do you know who OOMI is?"
jos:" "yeah.. oomi zoomi!"
ek: "no 'siah! do you know who oomi is!?!"
jos: "i don't understand."
ek: "oomi is jesus!!"
jos: "ohh..."

now.. this will not make ANY sense to you, but bill and i were dying laughing! one of the vbs songs from last year was called "i am" and the chorus went something like this...

"i am who the great I AM says i am,

i am one of his greatest creations,

he says that i am remarkably, wonderfully made,

i am who he says i am!"

but what ella kate hears, is the very last stanza saying, "i am oomi says i am!" :)

and one last car ride conversation between ek and jos. josiah had just gotten a new booster seat for the car and ella kate was looking at the pamphlet that came with it. she looks to josiah and says, "hey i can read this to you. wanna hear?" he shakes his head yes, so she proceeds to read in this HILARIOUS monotone voice. "hello. this is your new carseat book. there are lots of warnings and accidents. you may sit in your seat the right way because you will bump into a car and crash if your momma has to tell you 2 times."

Friday, July 8, 2011

just when i think that i have it all together...

just when i think that i have it all together...

i hear ella kate say to josiah, "do you need me to kick you or are you gonna get out of my seat?!?"

then i see josiah accidentally bump into miley while walking to the car. she screams out. josiah sweetly apologizes. then miley whacks him saying, "that was not ass-dent, siah!! you did on purfuss!!" (accident and purpose). she crosses her arms on her chest and scowls at him.


i am so thankful for my sweet, non-dramatic little boy! maybe all boys are mellow like him, or maybe it is just that my girls are extra sassy and dramatic... either way, they are mine. and i love them all! i was spending time with jos this morning in my room when he looked at me and said, "momma, what are you gonna be when you grow up?" i smiled at him and said, "hmmm... i'm probably just gonna be a mommy!" he was shocked and said, "WHAT?!?! dat's not good! momma's don't do anyfing! they just talk alot and give spankins'!"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

naptimes, nana and such..

let me start off and say that i tried to do a "photo shoot" with my sleepy head the other morning. it started off great...uh oh, my head is getting a bit heavy...(yawn) i am getting sleepy..oh, here is my thumb!i think i will just lay here mom, wake me when you are done!on a different note, i also wanted to say how much we LOVE this special lady:) i think it is so cool how the Lord puts people in your life for different seasons of your life, and we are so thankful for our adoptive nana!! she has blessed us in more ways than we could have ever imagined! she is super duper special and loves us *almost* as much as we love her! it baffles me that she adores our kids so much that she actually calls and asks if i have anything to do so she can come over and watch them!?!?! what a blessing!! this morning i was able to take the big two to the library and nana kept the little girls at home. miley was SO excited to be able to stay home and have all of nana's attention:) and i had a blast with these guys as we read books and ate mexican!! ((thanks nana!!!))while at the restaurant, i asked the kids if they were having fun. they both excitedly said yes, but then josiah said, "but, i very wish i was having a date wiff dah-ee(daddy)!" ella kate (out of nowhere) snapped back, "well, you can't have a date with daddy because he is at work! but you can have a date with a spankin'! you gotta be thankful!"

while at the library, ella kate made me laugh some more! while we were browsing for books, she ran to me with these two that she picked out for me and bill. anyone who knows bill, knows that he is buddy the elf! this guys LOVES christmas and winter and snow and everything that comes with it! he starts the christmas countdown every year on december 26th! as a matter of fact, he rented a christmas movie on netflix just last night!! so it was obvious that the christmas tree book was for him:) my family got together and played volleyball this past weekend and ella kate immediately saw this and picked it out for me!! how cute!

and it got cuter, when she snuck away and put our books in our "spots" up on our bed when we got home:) one more thing... after supper last night, i was putting the dishes in the dishwasher. ella kate hollered out to me, "momma! come here and look!! i am trashin' the kitchen floor!!" i walked over to the hallway and saw that she was sweeping:) hey, sweeping... trashing... they are all the same, right?

Monday, July 4, 2011

sleepy baby..

i wanted to write this down before she changes.. but at 3 1/2 months, adalyn grace is still a VERY sleepy girl! she has been sleepy since the day she was born! i think i have mentioned that she sleeps 20 out of the 24 hours in a day. well, last night i laid her down at 9pm. she woke up this morning at 10am, i fed her and she went back to sleep at 10:30am. while she slept, i was cleaning and playing with the big kids. and before i knew it, i look at the clock and realize that it is 2:00pm and she is still asleep! typically i would have fed her at 1:00pm and she would have laid back down around 1:45pm and slept until her 4:00pm feeding and the cycle continues... so we are off our little schedule today, but i have no doubt that she adjust just fine! it is 2:30pm and she is already yawning again:) thank you Jesus for sweet, sleepy babies.... especially during these lazy days of summer!!

i think josiah says it best when he says, "her's a sweepy girl!!" :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

big bottoms:)

my sister erin was feeding her twins the other night. they were in their carseats on the floor and erin was sitting next to them on a beach towel that was folded in half. ella kate asked if she could help, so she sat down by erin on the towel and began feeding clara. after a few minutes, ella kate said, "sissy? is your bottom SO big that there isn't enough room for me on this towel?!?" bahahaha... we love you sissy!! :)