Thursday, April 30, 2009

6mo have come and gone...

well, our smiley miley went in for her 6mo chk up and shots yesterday and did GREAT!! she smiled at everyone and they all just ate her up:) she is our little peanut and measures a bit smaller than our other 2... it could be due to the fact that she was born almost 4 weeks early, but to us.. she is perfect! she weighs 16lb 1oz and is 27in long!! there is no doubt that our babies will be long and tall. i'm about 5'11 and bill is 6'2, so she is looking great! she weighs 2lb less than josiah did at this age, and 4lb less than ella kate!! good greif... i didn't realize that ella kate was such a chunk back then:) but we are thankful for growing, thriving and healthy babies!!
thank you, jesus!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oh yeah... 2 more!!

i forgot these two moments from yesterday..

i had been feeling kinda blah all day and when bill called and said he was going to be late, it just made me blah-er!! so while the babies were eating supper i laid my head on the table and watched them eat. ella kate looked at me and touched my face, "momma, what's wrong? you miss your daddy?? it's ok...he's coming home in a little bit!" sweet girl:)

then, i was getting her jammies ready to put on after bath time, and i asked, "ella kate, don't you miss daddy too?" and she said as innocently as possible.. "no, i just really miss my cup! i fink i lost it somewhere!" gotta love her honesty!!

sweet conversations..

i had some cute conversations with my little 'big girl' today.
i was making some potato soup and had it simmering on the stove, when the microwave beeped letting us know that the bacon was done cooking. i was downstairs playing with the babies and when the timer went off, ella kate hollered, "momma, supper is ready!! it's calling you!!"

she and josiah were playing hide and seek. but when ella kate got tired of looking for him, she cupped her hands over her mouth, walked around the house and said, "siah.... who-who (i think she meant yoohoo!!) where are you?!?" hilarious..

after we put the babies down for bed, i had to run to kroger and get some diapers for josiah. i got in the car and started to pull out of the driveway, when i see ella kate peek her head out of her window. (her bedroom and 2 windows are in the front of the house) anyways, it broke my heart to see her watching me drive away. silly.. i know.. but i was having a moment! so i pulled back in the drive way and went in to go get her and bring her with me! she and i rarely have time for just the 2 of us, so she was squealing and so happy that she and i were going somewhere.... especially at bedtime!! we get her all buckled in and she asks, "momma, are we going to 'scarbucks?" oh, child... i have ruined you!!

when bill puts her to bed, he points to a ginormous mosquito bite on her arm and asks what happened. she goes into this story on how a 'puhkeeta' got her!

i love this child!

Monday, April 27, 2009

make-up artist

playing in momma's make-up is a big no-no here at the davis house! but apparently, ella kate forgot that rule. while i was changing miley's diaper in her room, in walks ella kate acting like everything was normal. i looked at her and asked her what was on her face and she said, "nuffin.."
yep.. looks like nuffin' to me!


josiah and ella kate have a new fascination of bugs. well, not really a fascination, they just are always on the lookout and ella kate comes running if she finds one! there was a gnat in the car the other day and ella kate would holler every time it would fly near her... typical:) however, josiah was not afraid and he thought he found it on his arm. he pointed to a freckle and said, "bug!" cute.
now everyday he finds it necessary to point it out and tell everyone he sees that he has a bug on his arm:) here he is today sportin' ek's shades and stroller... and yes, he made sure that we saw his bug too!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

did i mention bill got us goats??

my husband is pretty random. very thoughtful and generous, but VERY random...last wednesday, he 'surprised' us with 2 baby goats... yes you read that right, goats!! i am not sure if he thought that we didn't have our hands full enough with 3 babies and 2 dogs, so he wanted to add 2 baby goats into the mix.. who are still BOTTLE FED!! they are absolutely precious, but just not for us! the babies love them, though! the day after they got here, ella kate woke up and ran to the window and asked, "momma, where'd my lambs go?" hopefully, they will have a new home this week..i'll keep you posted!

sweet face

miley and i were waiting on ella kate to come home fromschool on thursday and since josiah was napping, i decided to take her outside and snap some pics of that sweet face..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

how precious is this??

go figure... this happened at bathtub time:) i feel like ALL of my blogs are from the tub!!
anywho... ella kate just put her jammies on and i was getting miley dressed on our bed. ella kate LOVES to make miley smile and giggle, so she started playing with her and i pulled out the camera:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

because my's not tired!

almost every wednesday i take myself and the babies to our good friend's house for lunch. she has 3 kids also, so we try and catch up on our girl talk while the kids play. notice i said TRY:) we get a few words in here and there (in between spankings and breaking up fights/spats)... but it is a lot of fun and something we all look forward:) usually,we come home right at nap time and the babies are exhausted.. there is something about playing with other kids' toys and being in a new environment that just wears them out. but, this afternoon ella kate told me, "baby mi-ey and 'siah's gonna go night-night, but my's not tired! i fink i need to play with my toys downstairs." i didn't really care if she napped or not today. usually if she skips a nap, then she is ready to go to bed earlier:) and i love that! so i told her that she needed to be quiet and play, and if she got too loud than i would need for her to go to her room. she agreed, and i went upstairs to our room to check my email. i heard her playing at first, then it got quiet... i mean, really quiet! i went down to make sure she wasn't in josiah's room or doing something that she wasn't supposed to do, and this is what i saw...

sweet sleepy baby..

i love watching our babies sleep.... although, i can rarely go in and peek at josiah anymore. he ALWAYS hears me! ella kate and miley, however, sleep much harder! here is smiley miley during her nap this morning... i'm yawning as i type this...

cold baf-tub..

yesterday was such a beautiful, breezy day! we had a lot of our windows opened in the house, and enjoyed the cool fresh air. ella kate took her usual nap after school and when she woke up, she came upstairs to our room where i was folding some clothes. a big gust of wind came through our bathroom window and startled ella kate. she grabbed my leg and said, "momma, i fink da baf-tub is cold!! see??" she pointed to the shower curtain which was swaying back and forth from the breeze... and since sometimes the wind gets her a bit chilly, she thought the tub would get cold too:) cutie!josiah woke from his nap a little while later, and we went back outside to play. josiah had his trucks and cars, and ella kate had her dancing shoes and stroller... what else do you need?! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

today so far..

and it is only lunch time!!!

josiah and i went out in the yard to play with his cars/trucks. they are his new favorite toys and we are happy that he is playing with 'boy' things:) he rode them up and down the brick wall. cute. he really concentrates hard as he is moving them. they keep him busy for a while now:)we also worked on his colors. green, blue, red and yellow. we are far from perfecting them, but i will make sure i video tape him saying them soon. he really does try hard... and he talks so cute! i brought his lunch outside, but it didn't quite work out that well. he ended up dropping his sandwich on the sidewalk and then smearing into the concrete. lovely. so we went back inside and i made him a hot dog and woke miley up to feed her lunch. after they ate, we went into ella kate's room so i could clean up some of her books and straighten it up a bit. somehow, in the midst of climbing up on her bed looking for something to play with, jos accidentally pressed her barbie to start singing. apparently last night ella kate decided to take her dress off, so josiah has this naked plastic creature with crazy hair singing this ridicoulsly loud song at him and he FREAKS out! i'm talking screaming and scurrying off the bed and running for dear life! HILARIOUS! most sweet moms would comfort their distraught child and hide whatever was scaring them.... but i couldn't help myself!! it was sooo funny and i couldn't keep from laughing. i dont have a clue how she did it, but barbie kept 'appearing' wherever josiah was and would sing and each time it startled him! i'm such a mean mom. i really do love my babies, but i needed that laugh today:) and josiah is no longer scared of her and will pretty soon be singing "connected" with her and ella kate!

after josiah learned to always run from naked girls made of plastic, i started to put some of ella kate's shoes back in her armoire. when i opened the door, there in the middle of her shoes was one of bill's. cute.

it reminded me of a time when she was about 18mo old. i went to the pantry to start cooking supper, and she had put one of her pretend canned goods in the middle of mine:) such a little momma!

by this time, josiah was no longer with me. and that is never a good sign! so, i went to the kitchen and found that he hiding with a little snack.

he loves him some teddy grahams, and so do i:) he actually shared a few with me! then he wanted to share some with baby miley, but instead of giving her a cookie, i put her in his lap for a quick pic!

sweet boy.. and here is one last pic of miley hanging out and smiling:)

overall, a productive morning! lots of laughs and playtime, supper is cooking, house is clean, laundry is done, and now babies are napping! i am off to take a quick shower and look somewhat presentable for when the hubby gets home! ek should be here any minute from school and i am sure she will have something funny to say...

our big kids

my mom and i were talking about how funny it is that bill and i refer to ella kate and josiah as the 'big kids'. for instance, i'll ask bill "to play outside with the 'big kids' while i feed the baby". or he'll ask, "are we going to bathe the baby or the 'big kids' first"?!
it is pretty sad when your 1 yr old and 2 yr old are no longer referred to as the babies... but in actuality, they are babies!! when we talk about them as a whole, we refer to the whole clan as 'the babies'. like, "the babies are sick", or "we took the babies to the park". you get the picture!!
so.. anyways, i am not really sure why i just blogged about this. i guess, it was just fresh on my mind from talking about it with my mom and i felt like sharing! oh well:) now, i am off to play outside with josiah. ella kate is at mother's day out with my mom and miley is napping... maybe i'll get some cute pics of the little booger and blog some more later.... ciao! (isn't that how you spell chow???)

Monday, April 20, 2009


i had just gotten josiah out of the bath tonight and was drying him off. he looked to the side and saw the pajamas that i was fixing to put on him and said, "oohhh... johnnies!" it caught me off gaurd, because he says a new word everyday now! but we do call their pajamas 'jammies', and now our little bubba has renamed them, 'johnnies':) precious. i told him to go find daddy and show him. so, he ran and found bill and pointed to his belly and with the cutest smile on his face said, "johnnies!"
love that boy:)

the little mother has spoken.

bill and josiah were loading up in the car to run to the grocery store. ella kate, miley and i were hanging out in the front yard, enjoying the BEAUTIFUL sunshine. ella kate hollered out, "bye daddy. i love you. be careful and drive slowly!" bill just looked at me and smiled. she has apparently heard someone tell bill that before... lots of times:) then, she leaned into the car and said, " 'siah, you be a sweet boy and obey daddy... ok?" then, she runs back to me and miley who are on the porch and waves bye and blows kisses to them as they drive off! she is growing up toooo fast:)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

my cuddle bug

jos LOVES to snuggle. and be held. and be loved on. and be thisclosetoyou. and to snuggle again. he has been this way since the day he was is sweet. tonight he was my shadow and went everywhere i went. even to the bathroom! where is the privacy?? the alone time?? the chance to breathe BY MYSELF for 2 minutes?? those days are long gone!! atleast for now, anyway:) but, he is a cutie and i love my little cuddle bug. he is the cutest shadow that i could ever have:) here he is at 10 wks old... adorable!

little stinker..

i have said it before, but miley is our little thumb sucker. she also is a belly sleeper and has no problems finding her thumb when sleeping. however, when she is on her back, whether she is in her car seat or swing or laying on her back, she can only find her thumb if she has a blanket. it is so sweet to watch as she brings the blanket up to her rub against her face, all of a sudden she realizes her thumb is there and she goes to town! well, tonight after i bathed her and josiah, i layed her down on the floor with her towel wrapped around her and began to get josiah dried off and dressed for bed. when i look back at her, she has pulled the towel over her face (like a blanket) so she could find her thumb. precious baby. it scared me at first, thinking that maybe she couldn't breathe. so i peeked under the towel, and who is surprised that she was all smiles:)

Friday, April 17, 2009


let me clarify from the last post...
no, we are NOT expecting #4! this is the first april in 3 YEARS that we are not pregnant and we are happy:) we DO want more babies... but we want to space them out better than we did having 3 babies aged 2 and under! i had a 1 year old, and infant and i was pregnant with our 3rd and it was COMPLETELY hard on me! i was an emotional, hormonal wreck... poor bill would look at me the wrong way and i would go psycho on him! haha! we laugh about it now, but this momma (and her family) needs a little break:)

they are all his..

ok, so i have noticed that every new mom brings their baby home and 'picks apart' the features that are hers and the features that are her husbands. you know, for instance the baby has her eyes but has his nose. well, apparently i dont have a baby that looks 'just like me!' and that's ok. EVERYWHERE we go and let me say it again, EVERYWHERE we go people tell me that all 3 of our babies look just like their daddy. which i am not complaining. i think that bill davis is the hottest man on this earth, so i am thrilled that our babies apparently look like him. to me, all 3 of our kids look so different. i think that miley is a blending factor that makes ella kate and josiah look like they could be siblings. she favors ella kate, but has josiah's colorings. but if people know what my parents look like, then they say that ella kate looks like my mom, and josiah looks just like my dad. but to the people at wal-mart and kroger and wherever else we go, they all look like bill. i have even had people tell me that i had nothing to do with them. but, i beg to differ:) i remember the labor and delivery with each little davis, so apparently i had SOMETHING to do with them:) but they ARE our babies and i think that they are perfect and beautiful no matter who they look like. but, i still have my fingers crossed that maybe #4 will have just one feature of mine... :)here are pics of miley and bill from yesterday. she looks more and more like him everyday:)

fun times..

yesterday was ANOTHER great day! beautiful weather, well-behaved kids, my to-do list was all accomplished, and we even had some friends come over for supper... i love days like that:) no one got a spanking all day AGAIN!! whoop whoop!! and my sweet hubby surprised me by coming home an hour early and he had in his hand.. none else, but a CARAMEL FRAPPUCCINO from starbucks (my favorite!) needless to say, we were all in a great mood! having said all of that... i was bathing ella kate last night all by herself. the little two were already bathed and sleeping. (she was up later than usual b/c we had some friends over, and they have a little boy who is her age.. and they played so well together! it was too cute!) so i am washing her hair and we were talking about how much fun she had with brayden. he has a birthday coming up and she said that she wanted to give him a barbie for his birthday, and that he would "yub that":) then out of the blue and completely serious, she looks as me and says, "momma, my's had a really HARD day!" and shook her head like she was exhausted!! oh my.. this child is something else! here is a pic of her and brayden playing last night.. they were precious!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this baby is loved!

ella kate is such a SWEET big sister and helper with miley! and our little bubba has proven that he has a special place in his heart for his baby sister as well:) they are constantly kissing her and making her giggle. miley's chubby face lights up as soon as she sees them... it is the sweetest thing to watch! the other day, miley was in her swing downstairs and josiah had a poopy diaper... go figure! the boy can poop 3 times a day, easily!! anyways, he was getting a little bit of a rash, so i went upstairs to change him b/c the butt paste was up in our room. ANYWHO! long story short... ella kate followed us upstairs and miley was sad that she was left alone. so i asked ella kate if she could go down there and talk to miley and make her happy. she said "sure", then hollered down the stairs, "it's ok baby miley, kk's coming!" (josiah calls ella kate 'kk' now, so that is what she calls herself too:) it's cute!) then she gets down there and i hear miley squeal and ella kate told her, "hey.. my's right here!! my's gonna tickle you!!"
it made me smile! she is one lucky baby to have such a sweet big sister! i just hope that it lasts!! :)

spaghetti picnic night..

so this week has been super busy and it is only wednesday! we have had a lonely supper (without bill) all week! monday he went straight from work to a meeting until 830 or so, tuesday he went straight from work to the hopsital to visit a family until almost 10, and tonight he went straight from work to prayer meeting. until this morning, he hadn't seen josiah or miley since sunday!! busy busy busy! thankfully he stayed home for a bit this morning to spend time with us... anyways, i wanted to spice up supper and take advantage of this beautiful day! so i made some spaghetti and cheesy bread and took it outside:) apparently, the babies forgot ALL table manners ... they were shoving their food in by the fistfuls!! josiah would hold his fork with his left hand, and with his right hand was grabbing the spaghetti and stuffing his face:) miley chilled out on a blanket watching all of the mayhem:)then after they ate, they played tag, ring around the rosie and tickled each other. they got along UNBELIEVABLY well!! it was amazing:) they are so much more enjoyable like that! as a matter of fact, they were great all day..... neither one got a spanking, and that is a miracle in and of itself:) thank you jesus, for the sunshine and sweet babies!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

he really can be a sweet boy!!

look at that sweet face! i promise you that he can be the sweetest little boy in the whole world, but in a split second he can drive you NUTS!! several people have told me that i need to go and get a birth order book. apparently, he acts just like a typical 2nd born child... plus he is a boy, so i can't compare him to our girls! but our josiah william is a super sensitive, strong willed, sweet yet shy little charmer:) i feel bad that he is caught in the middle of the girls. always striving for attention, and falls apart if things aren't the way that they 'should'. he is our whiner/crier... but he also is our little cuddle bug. he will snuggle and let you kiss him all day long... precious! but, if a toy doesn't work the way he wants it to, or if he is overwhelmed by a group of people or change of scenery he MELTS! and i mean, falling to the floor with tears EVERYWHERE! we are hoping that this is just a phase, but the lord created josiah this way for a reason. so we pray that we as parents, will steer him along with wisdom in how we handle/discipline him everyday. he is a special boy and we love our bubba!

Monday, April 13, 2009

i almost forgot!

did i mention that while we were on vacation, i caught my husband in the bed with snow white?? well, i did and i have this picture to prove it! :)ella kate is into princesses right now! she has a cinderella and a snow white princess gown that she wears EVERYDAY! we like to call her cinderella kate:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

which is worse??

which is worse?
the fact that miley is sucking ella kate's dirty toes?
or that fact that i am letting her do it long enough to get a picture??

easter fun:)

the babies have had horrible allergy issues lately. bill took the babies to the afterhours clinic on saturday after all 3 had temps of 102 this week. sneezing and coughing and just miserable! but the dr said it was allergies, and that there was nothing that we could do for them since they are all still small. ella kate is feeling much better and hasn't had a fever since tuesday, but josiah and miley are still a little icky. i stayed home from church with them this morning, but since it is miley's first easter, i still dressed them up and took some pics! we also have had several egg hunts too! and ella kate is so funny... she only gets the pretty eggs! she picks up the pink and purple eggs and leaves the 'ugly' colors for someone else! i have tried all month to convince her that an egg is an egg and she needs to collect them all! and this weekend, she actually got some other colors! we also dyed some eggs this week and the rule was that if you were 2 and under, you had to be naked. i didn't want to ruin any clothes with the food coloring! the babies loved it! they didn't realize how fragile the eggs were, so they were all dropped and cracked within the first few seconds. ella kate wanted to taste the pink one, and about gagged when she bit into it! so, she threw that one to the dogs for them to eat. (they loved it!) then, josiah saw that feeding the dogs looked like fun and decided to feed them a little more eggs! (i can only imagine how gassy they were that night! eww!) although they were naked, they still managed to get messy so we filled their baby pool up with warm water and bathed them right there in the drive way:) it was a fun night! i am sure that i will post some more about our conversations later...