Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Photos from my phone...

Ella Kate thought it would be fun to paint her entire face with sidewalk chalk:)

Billy D and I had our first date in months! I sure do love that boy:)

Ella Kate and Josiah are playing upward sports with our church for the first time. They LOVE it! Miley is too young, but she dresses up and cheers for the, on the sidelines:) EK is cheering and Jos is playing basketball. He is such a ham. He progresses with each game and has scored several points.. (3 in one game!) but he is also hilarious to watch. His hiney is forever itching on the court and he ends up spending the majority of the game time, scratching down his drawers. He was also on the court one night when out of nowhere he ran off into the bathroom to poop. He was gone for 30ish seconds then ran back into place like nothing just happened. Ella Kate is a great cheerleader! My favorite is to watch her do the Pom-Pom dance routines:)

I'm a sucker for those dimples!

Pretty girl!!

Eve and Miley!

Sweet "wise". He loves watching our dogs out of the kitchen window.

Miley kept bursting a boo-boo on her knee, so bill made her a "cast". The kids all signed it and she nursed it for 2 whole days:)

Momma's little Cupid!

Typical look for Adalyn:)

This is how she looks every morning when she wakes up. I have to admit, I tend to look the same way:) poor bill!

Josiah is the youngest student in kindergarten at their school, but he has figured out how to forge his daddy's signature all ready:)

I can't remember if we were in carline or in the parking lot of Billy's work... But Adalyn likes to kick back and relax:)

My view while cooking supper the other night.. Baby on my hip, baby on my feet:)

Bill an Miley went on a date last night and she picked out a special rock for 25 cents at the bookstore. When she got home, she was telling me all about the cross and the heart that were on it. I told her it looked just like the cross that Jesus died on, and she said the heart was because Jesus loved her so much. I told her that he DID love her so much! And he also loved daddy, mommy, Ella Kate ....then she interrupted and said, "yeah, we'll Jesus loves me the muchest!"

Friday, February 22, 2013

playing catch up... yet again:)

 while I was at my sister's bridal shower the other night, bill and the kids decorated mailboxes for valentine's day:) he even took this picture!
 sweet "wise" continues to be the easiest, most laid back little fella:) he has stolen my heart!
 I got the kids dressed one Saturday morning while bill was out of town and told them that they were going to sit on the front porch for me, and give me their BEST smiles!! and shockingly, I literally took 5 pictures and ALL 5 KIDS WERE SMILING IN EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! I had a hard time picking out my favorite... I was so proud of the kids:) bill DREADS family picture time. we usually end up sweating profusely, exhausting our jumping jacks and silly songs and whispering ugly threats to our brood, just to try and get a decent shot. taking pictures of kids is hard.. especially when you have a bunch! but I am persistant and I LOVE how these turned out.
 I love how these pictures show their personalities, too.  miley is a modeling diva, sweet adalyn cuddling up to levi who is being held by his proud, protective Josiah, while ella kate cant figure out if she wants to show her snaggletooth or not:) oh, she got her first big hair cut, too!!

 drum roll please........... levi can sit up!!! hooray!
 miley has beautiful eyes!
 it is no secret that I don't wash my hair everyday. I use baby powder a lot to make it look "fresher". the other morning, miley walked into my room and saw white powder all over my head and gasped, "mom!! you are getting SO old, and then you will die, and then I wont have no parents, and I will have to go live with annie and mrs. hannigan, and that will be VERY bad!"
 the kids LOVE to play this game...
 miley is the fastest pusher.. it is crazy how strong her little body is:)
 however, she is not too fond of riding. it gets her every time:) 
she also is more timid on our tree swing. the other day, ella kate pushed her really high and miley yelled, "no! ella kate!! that is too high! I do NOT want to touch the sky and I do NOT want to go see God!!"
 ella kate is growing up before my eyes! that girl is into my lip gloss every minute:)
 oh, that dimple! I love my jos:) he opened up a bag of Cheetos for adalyn the other day and told me, "i'm the greater-open-it-chipper-ever!"
 sweet ada-line! her personality is shining more and more. she is saying so much and it seems to have happened over night. we are working on her manners but it makes my heart melt when she uses them unprompted. she loves to sing the wheels on the bus and itsy bitsy spider, and she can make levi laugh like no one else:)
 she loves shoes, "chech up" (ketchup), "chin chries" (French fries), hair bows, "bobbies" (barbies), "uh-side" (outside), dancing and swinging:)

Friday, February 1, 2013


The other evening while driving to church, Ella Kate was reading a book in the back seat. "Hey momma, look at this penguin." "I can't right now, Ella Kate. I'm driving." Miley looks at Ella Kate and says, "it's ok, Ella Kate! Mom really CAN see it. Cause one time I drawed her a picture while she was cooking supper and she didn't look at me but she still said, 'oh.. Uh huh! I like it!' "

Ella Kate and Josiah were having a discussion in the backseat when Ella Kate asked, "mom, isn't God the king of the sky?" "Well, God is king over everything, so yes!" I said. She smiled at Josiah and said, "See? Told ya!" Josiah has a dissatisfied look on his face and says, "but momma, I know God is the king, but who is IN CHARGE of the sky?? It's the eagle, right? Eagles are in charge."

Miley loves to smell things. The other day she was smelling her supper and said, "mmmmm... That smells like some goodness!" I got her out of the bath and wrapped a fresh, warm towel around her and she said, "oh momma, this smells JUST like God!!" During her naptime today, she ran upstairs to my bathroom and said she needed to wash her hands. She scrubs and rinses and says, "that's better. I needed to wash my hands very bad. First, they smelled like poop but now they smell like hot cocoa! See, smell them!"

Adalyn is talking up a storm now. My personal favorite is, "Tay too, momma!" And whatever her version is of 'whoopsie daisy'. She loves her "puhple" hair bow and also despises wearing "shocks". (Socks) The other morning she was asking for her "duece" (juice) and "awful" (waffle or any other breakfast item) I opened the fridge and grabbed the apple juice. She shakes her head no and points her chubby finger and says, "no. I want dat one! Dat one, momma" I point to the orange juice and ask her, "this?" She smiles big and says, "Yeah! Yeah!" I say, "yes, ma'am?" She keeps smiling and says, "yeah!!" So.. We'll keep working on her manners:)

Josiah came home from school the other day and wanted to pray for his friend "wilwian. Cause she has a theether." (Lillian has a fever!)

I feel like I need to put something up here about Levi. Not much is new with Mr. Lazy Bones. He is 8 months old and the cutest, sweetest, smiley-est little fella but has no desire to sit up, crawl, rock on his knees or bare any weight on his legs:) he would much rather roll around on the floor, growl and shine us a dimple or two... And I am completely fine with that:)