Friday, June 26, 2009

out for a bit..

in the morning, ella kate, miley and i will be leaving for fripp island! it is my family's vacation which happens to fall on our church's VBS, so bill and josiah are going to stay here for that and have some special bonding time:) we will miss our boys terribly, but are looking forward to a week of R & R! i am sure that i will have some cute pics of the girls in the sand and water, so i will be sure to post some as soon as we get back! stay tuned..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

big momma

these days we are trying to teach ella kate to say, "excuse me" when she interrupts us while we are talking. so tonight at the dinner table while bill and i were trying to catch each other up on our days, she kept saying, "daddy! daddy! daddy!"
so bill told her jokingly, "no you need to say excuse me, big daddy! people call me big daddy!" she smiled and said, "you's not big daddy.. you's my daddy!"
it was cute. then she proceeded to tell him about her falling down the stairs, her coloring all over her arms with marker, and anything else exciting that happened during her day here at home. when she finally took a breath and let someone else get a word in, bill began to finish telling me about his day, and almost immediately she wanted to interrupt us again.
she said, "momma! poppa calls you katie. your name's katie!"
bill then chimes in, "no, her name isn't katie, it's hot momma!"
ella kate sits there for a moment then smiles and busts out with,
"no! her name is BIG MOMMA!"
we are working with ella kate on memorizing psalm 23
so far, she only has the first 2 verses... but hopefully she will know it all by her 3rd bday!
we'll keep you posted:)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

singing in big church!

today the preschool aged kids got to sing in big church! ella kate and josiah happened to be in that group too, and they did sooo great! bill and i sit on the front row, and i just knew that as soon as they saw us, they were going to break down and cry... but they didn't! they just smiled and sang like they were supposed to! as a matter of fact, as soon as the kids got on stage, ella kate hollered out to bill (who was out in the audience), "daddy! i'm gonna sing for YOU!!!" it was cute.. they did such a great job and we couldn't have been more proud! the pics didn't turn out very well at all. i guess the lighting in the church messed with the flash of my camera. but i do have a few pictures that are dark and grainy.. so here they are!

happy father's day!

we love our daddy!
we have had a wonderful father's day and have done our best to cater to and love on bill! ella kate was so sweet to remember this special day, and as soon as she woke up this morning she ran to hug bill and said, "it's happy fodders day today, daddy!" sweet girl:) we made a calender of pictures for bill's office and i am really pleased with how it turned out. each month has different pictures of him and the babies, and more importantly.. he LOVED it! he has been taking it with him showing it to anyone who will look. he is proud of his babies... and we are proud of him:) we also had lunch with my dad today and surprised him with a new mouse pad for his office. only, it is not just any mouse pad... it is a collage of pictures with him and ella kate, josiah and miley through the years. ella kate was excited to give it to him and made sure that she told him happy fodders day, too! we are so blessed to have these wonderful daddy's in our life and we are so thankful for them today and everyday:)
poppa and all 4 grandbabies:)
josiah 22mo, ella kate 2 1/2, miley 8mo, and eve (my sister erin's baby) 10mo
lauren, me, dad and erin

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ho-hum, just another day..

not much was going on at the davis house today. i got a lot of cleaning done, but nothing extraordinary. i made spaghetti for supper tonight, and the babies gobbled it up! they love that stuff, and i love feeding it to them b/c it gets them good and full. i think that this was the first night in a long time that ella kate hasn't said, "momma, i need sumpin' to bessert!" (i need something for dessert) so, her belly must have been filled up:)
after supper i stripped them down and put on a baby einstCheck Spellingein dvd so i could clean up the disastrous kitchen! baby einsteins are, in my words, heaven sent! i love them and think that every mom of small children should own one. or nine:) it gives me a guaranteed 30 minutes to clean, take a shower, do some laundry or have a little breather all without a single interruption! hallelujah:) i know one of these days, i am going to want to remember what my living room looked like while a baby einstein was playing, so i decided to take a pic! sweet kiddos.. it is like they get sucked in:)
i think that miley is trying to cut her first tooth, so this is the new face that we always see:) her sucking in her bottom lip..after the kitchen was clean, i pulled out some pipe cleaners and thought the ella kate would like to make some sort of creation with me. a friend of mine also has a 2 yr old girl and recently told me how they like to play with pipe cleaners, so i thought that i would give it a try.ella kate wasn't crazy about them, but josiah LOVED them! he would bring me one after the other and say, "circle! circle!" i would make a circle and he would put it around his ankle like an anklet... hmmm, what would his daddy say?! anyways, it was cute and he had fun:)ella kate was running around downstairs like a mad man! she was so hyper and silly, i dont know what got into her!! here she is making her ducky say, cheese! after i took the pic, she looked at me and said.."momma, the ducky can't really talk. i's just pentendin'!" (pretending)
smart girl, huh?
then she wanted to play the face game. this is her happy face...her mad face..her sad face (she calls it her crying face)...her silly face..

and her shy face! does she look shy to you??

sweet kids! we are ready for daddy to come home from work:)

we love to swim:)

we have really been working on our swimming skills so far, this summer! the babies are like fish:) ella kate will jump in off the diving board, although she refers to it as the 'dying board'. hmmm:)
josiah loves the water too! he walks of the steps and gets those legs a'working and says, "kick!kick! kick! kick!..." it is cute to see:)
miley will float around in the pool too, although she is just as content to sit on a blanket or her swing and chew on some toys under a shady tree.. and possibly take a nap with bill on the hammock:)if any of you have some little ones who are unable to swim on their own.. these swim suits are AMAZING! $10 at kmart:) we have tried EVERYTHING from life jackets to swimmies to floats.. and the babies still kept going under water ... until we got these things! now, they can swim the whole pool all by themselves with no help! (of course, we never leave them unattended and someone is always in the pool with them.. ) but, it makes going to the pool with 3 little ones under 3, so much easier and more fun:)

and this one cracks me up! you all know how much josiah loves my sister lauren (yaya), well, this is how poor yaya gets a tan when josiah is around:) oh, to be loved!

i wish i had a picture..

ella kate woke up looking a hot mess this morning, so i did my best to pull her crazy hair out of her face and into bun on top of her head. she ran to the mirror and said, "OH MY WOOD! (word) my hair is crazy like YOURS, momma!"
gee, thanks:)

Friday, June 12, 2009

oh my..

she never ceases to amaze me!
ella kate had just woken up from her nap today when she said to me with her head hanging down low, "momma i was just lookin' out my window, cause i GOT'S to get out of here!!!"

amen girl! you and me both:)

sweet bubba

josiah is going thru a cute phase right now. if he sees anyone with food, he wanders over to them and with a cute little smile he says, "bite"? so, you share a bite with him and he goes along his merry little way:)
also, he talks a little backwards. for some odd reason, he has yes and no confused. you could ask him, "josiah, do you want a sucker?" and he would respond while nodding his head up and down, "Naw". or you could ask, "josiah, do you wanna go bye bye"? and he would run to the door and say, "n' ma'am" oh-well! we know what he means:)

here is a picture of our little bubba today decorating our front door with side walk chalk.. the quality is poor b/c it was taken with my cell phone, but he's still a cutie!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

talking to herself

ella kate has been having the cutest conversations lately... with herself! she will ask herself questions, and then she answer's them. tonight, this is what i heard:
"i want sumpin.."
"well, you can have some cheese and gatorade if you be a sweet girl!"
"i'ma be a sweet girl, cause my's not crying!"
"good girl ella kate, you is being a sweet girl."
"do you want circle cheese or rectangle cheese?"
"i fink i want circle cheese."
"oh, me too!! i want circle cheese too!"
"oh, ok! you can have circle cheese!"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

girl time:)

ok... with the boys at 'work', i asked ella kate what she wanted to do. we could paint our toe nails, read some books, bake something, color or paint, or we could go outside and swim. to my disbelief, she chose the last option. i wasn't going to argue though... i'll take a shot at working on my tan any chance i get! so i gave her a special pink candy, then we changed into our 'bay-dee soups' (bathing suits) and headed out the door. ella kate is so sweet with miley and had a blast letting her splash around and make a mess in the pool. she was shoving every toy available into miley's face, just in case she wanted it:) what a helper.. here are just a few pics of the girls.

working with daddy

bill decided to take josiah to work with him for the morning. i love that his job will allow him to be flexible like that, and the babies love it even more. josiah was so excited and was at the front door waving to me saying, "bye-bye'th! iiiii uuuuu!" (yes, this child has a bit of a lisp too, so that is his version of bye bye's, i love you.) what a cutie.
ella kate was a bit distraught that she was not able to leave with bill. she kept saying, "no daddy. you can't yeeb (leave) me!" she is a great little actress, however there were no tears. so the boys left us and i could tell that ella kate's feelings were really hurt. i asked her if she wanted to watch barbie and this was her reply: "yeah momma! now that's what i'm talkin' about!!!" oh my. i cracked up hearing that... and needless to say, she is no longer sad, but is indulging herself with barbie and cookies:) we might bake something or do something girly and special later on, so i will keep you posted!
here was cute little bubba ready to work with daddy:)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

just another day..

today was one of those days where we all stayed in our pj's and just lounged around. it was fun, relaxing and well-deserved:) i pulled put an extra crib mattress and let the kids go wild. they were jumping on it like a trampoline, doing flips and working up a good sweat! ella kate even took it upon herself to stand at the 5th stair going up and jump all the way down to the mattress. dare devil:) she was so cute.. she would stand at the top and to get every one's attention she would clear her throat and say, "ahem! gentlemen and 'siah... watch ella kate jump side to side!" apparently, that was what she thought she was doing.. it was cute.
then it was lunch time, and i called them to the table. josiah comes up wearing ella kate's pink straw hat (which has come unraveled so much, it looks so silly). he is too much.
ella kate raises her hand to say the blessing and this is how it goes,
"dear god, fank you for dis food and fank you for momma, and daddy and my dogs. fank you for dis blessin'....aaaaaamen."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 years and 3 kids later..

today is mine and bill's 4th anniversary! i love him more now, than i did on june 4, 2005! he is an amazing husband and unbelievable daddy! i am proud to call him mine:)

the view behind me

i looked behind me tonight in the car and saw three cute little heads. thank you jesus for these little ones you have blessed us with. we don't deserve your goodness!

and also, it looks as though josiah is scowling, but he really was happy.. i promise! i guess the light on the flash was too bright.. and you also can't see miley's cute face but you can see the top part of her sweet head! i love our babies:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sidewalk chalk creations

the babies LOVE coloring... whether with crayons, markers (which they have only used once) or side walk chalk. josiah will be concentrating so hard as he draws a bazillion tick marks all over the driveway or bricks. today i was helping ella kate write out her name, then she wanted me to make a rainbow. i thought i did a pretty good job:) naked josiah (who was airing out a bad diaper rash) was covering our bricks with chalk and when he was done, he decided to come and check out the beautiful rainbow. he stood there smiling at it and TT'd right on top of it. now it has a smeared effect in the middle. lovely:)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

miley is on the move:)

our baby girl is crawling... she will be 8 months old this week!! where did the time go?!