Tuesday, October 25, 2011

an ella kate never forgets!

while checking out at the grocery store, ella kate spotted casey anthony on the cover of one of the magazines. she hollers out, "hey! that's the girl we always saw on tv at the beach house!!" ha! back in may, when casey anthony's trial was televised, my sister erin was obsessed with watching it! since we shared a condo at fripp island with the lairseys, that meant that we ALL watched the trial that week and ella kate remembers seeing her on tv.... even after 5 months! crazy!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

like mother- like daughter

ella kate was playing with adalyn this morning, and adalyn was steady talkin', throwing in a few "da-das" and "ma-mas" in between her other baby talk. ella kate said (so sweetly), "momma, everytime adalyn says da-da, my heart breaks a little, cause i feel like she is growing up so fast!" how sweet:) i feel the exact same way!! it seems like only yesterday my big 5 year old was the chunky 7 month old saying da-da:( time PLEASE slow down!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

fun at the fair:)

nana nan took the cousins to the fair this weekend and ella kate and josiah had a BLAST! i was surprised at how brave they were:) miley was a little timid and the only thing that she rode was the stroller! ha! here are a few cute pics...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my cute little nerd:)

josiah "woke" up from his nap one day and brought me this...he likes to copy/memorize words from books that he has in his room. he thinks it is so fun:) and the cool thing is, is that he can point and tell me what each one of those words say. he loves to sound out words and then memorizes them for future reference:) after his nap today, he walked up to my bedroom where i was changing adalyn's diaper and said, "hey momma, i can spell jewwyfish! ... j-e-l-l-y-f-i-s-h!" he LOVES this kind of stuff! it makes us so proud:) his teacher told us that one day at preschool this week, the class played number bingo and josiah was EXTREMELY giggly and giddy! almost foaming at the mouth... he was so excited! ha:)

ella kate wanted me to take a picture of her new fingernails that nana nan got her this week. we have since found random fingernails throughout the house. one in the fridge, in the bathtub, in miley's pancake, in adalyn's hair... you know, the usual:) also.. while getting out of the car one day while it was super breezy, ella kate said to me, "momma, do you feel that?? it feels like christmas cheer!!!" :) adalyn is already 7 months old!! she is the sweetest, chunkiest, best little thing ever!! we all adore her to pieces. we get comments all of the time about her happy and laid back demeanor. she is such a blessing!! she weighs a whopping 18 lbs and started taking some formula last week. she loves to laugh at her siblings and give kisses to daddy. she definitely loves her momma and gets lots of cuddles. she is so close to sitting unassisted, but her big squishy belly just can't seem to hold her up:) i don't think she is close to crawling yet, either. she will occasionally roll around if she wants something, but usually she is content just laying there:) no teeth yet, but she is loving baby food and doesn't miss too many meals:) she sleeps a solid 13 hours at night and takes two 2 hour naps during the day. adalyn grace, you are a pure delight!! we are so thankful for your precious life:)

on a side note... i put a baby einstein on for her this week to see if she would like it. miley walked by the tv and said, "dude.... i'm not watching that!!"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

just a few things...

i don't have any pictures to post, but i do want to remember some cute moments:

*when bill took the girls to see the disney princesses the other night, i asked josiah, "hey buddy. it's just you and me! (and adalyn, but she doesn't count) what do you want to do tonight? we can do anything!!" his response, "ummm.... maybe we can spell some words!" seriously, kid? he ran down to his room and got his magnadoodle, then plopped next to me and started spelling and sounding out every word he could think of:) smarty pants!

*the next day at the supper table, he counted from 1 all of the way to 100!! y'all he just turned 4 in august?? is this normal???

*josiah is also into the weather. my personal favorite is when he looks out the window in the morning and says,"mom, it looks like it will be parts of cloudy today!" (partly cloudy)

*speaking of weather... while in the car this morning, the kids were looking at all of the rain clouds in the sky. at one point, you could see blue sky peeking through the clouds and they got very excited! (i think everyone at the davis house is tired of the rain.) the clouds were spreading more and the blue sky was getting bigger and brighter. then we turned down a road and the sky got dark and gloomy again. ella kate shouted from the backseat, "hey!! did jesus change his mind?? or was that nonny doing that to us??" i asked her what she was talking about, then she replied, "i mean, is jesus making it rain or is nonny up there with him playing a joke on us? i thought it was gonna be sunny!" :)

*lately, ella kate has been talking a lot about nonny and heaven. she wants to know if nonny is older than jesus and if jesus is a cute little baby or a big "daddy". she also thinks it is TOTALLY awesome that nonny gets to hang out with noah and mary and joseph:)

*this was a while ago, but i never wrote it down. while in the drive thru at starbucks one day, ella kate asked me, "why does that starbucks girl have pig hands?" i didn't have a clue what she was talking about until she pointed at their mermaid logo girl... then i immediately laughed!:)

*i should save this for another "redneck" post but since i don't have a picture of it, i'll just go ahead and share.... you might be a redneck if you have had a pair of panties (that are miley's) laying in your front yard for over a week. i am not quite sure why she took them off, or why they are even there, or why they are STILL there (even as i type this). my original excuse was that it was raining and wet and muddy when i first noticed them. but then my excuse turned into that my hands were always too full to go out and take the extra 4 steps to get them. my kids have even played outside and none of them volunteered to grab them, so if you drive by my house and see some lime green polka dot panties laying in the grass by our tree swing, just know that i WILL pick them up soon! (and give them a good cleaning! i am sure that they are all muddy and full of critters by now!)

*the other night we were running late on supper, bath times, teeth brushings.. everything! everyone was sick (including adalyn who had rsv) and it was just a crazy night. i was putting the baby to bed and bill kissed the older 3 and rushed them into their beds. miley got a pouty face and said, "but daddy, we didn't do our botion yet!" (devotion) the kids really enjoy reading a bible story/devotion every night followed by a sweet prayer time. we have to remember what is really important and try our best to slow down... even if they go to bed a little later than usual:)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

photos, photos and more photos...

last sunday afternoon, we went to the park behind our house to play.

josiah and miley had THE MOST fun together with the wagon:)

my cute little helper was catching everything that adalyn was throwing out of the wagon:)and just because i think my kids are kinda cute... here are some more pics...what can i say? the girl LOVES her some peanut brittle:)jump jos, jump!!

and our family fun night wouldn't be complete without a davis dance off...

grumpy gus..

ella kate and josiah often {lovingly} refer to miley as, "grumpy gus". you know... 2 wasn't exactly miley's best age. we saw many, MANY :grumpy gus" moments:) but we also saw some sweet, smiley, "miney moe" moments as well. like this one......this sweet face had just gotten upset about something and was just-a-cryin' and acting ugly. bill told her she needed to sit down on the front porch and when she was done crying, then she could get up. well, a few minutes went by with her sitting on the steps and crying. then out of nowhere i see this face walk up to me and say completely umprompted, "momma, i so sorry i be cried. you give me?" well, OF COURSE i forgive you, sweet girl! i am so thankful for these moments of when i can see the lord doing a work in my babies lives. that very night, ella kate prayed this: "dear lord, thank you for this great day and thank you that we have jesus in or hearts. and i pray for the mean people that don't have jesus in their hearts and i pray that you will just bless them.
amen!" i love these kids.
but oh yeah... back to "grumpy gus" :) she had her 3 year check up this week and had to get a shot and the flu mist. and let me tell you... miley was mad! she wasn't a fan of the flu mist in her nose, but the nurse was really fast and it was over pretty quick. she fussed for a second then we flipped her down to get her shot in her leg. as soon as the nurse pricked her, miley screamed, "AHHHH!!! YOU'RE SO MEAN!!!" she ripped the paper on the examining table and was just plain ticked off! the poor nurse put a band-aid on, but miley was having none of it, so i had to rip it right back off. looking back, it is so funny to me:) ek and jos are so super tender and sensitive that shots hurt their feelings and they end up walking with a limp the rest of the day:) but not miley!! she was not sad... she was as mad as a hornet!! when i got her calmed down, and walked everyone back to the car, miley said, "dat girl was not berry nice, a lot!!" (at all)

Friday, October 7, 2011

you might be a redneck..{part 2}

... if your puppy chews up your extension cord and instead of throwing it away, your hubby decides to use it to teach the kids how to jump rope in the front yard! true story... josiah and ella kate BOTH figured it out and were so proud! miley had a much harder time, but i am sure she will get the hang of it soon. afterall, her momma use to be an all-star on a jump rope team growing up... the "riverside ropers!" now, don't make me go all double dutch on you to prove myself... because i will:) ha!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Miley is 3!!

miney moe is three!! can y'all believe it?!? this sassy thing is growing like a weed! she is so full of life and spunk and definitely keeps us on our toes!! miley is so sweet and cuddly but will snap Check Spellingand drop kick you in a skinny minute:) there is never a dull moment and we can't imagine life without her!! happy birthday, sweet girl!billy d made colorful cupcakes for her preschool class on her birthday, so the night before, he let her try one:) below is mrs. lori, her preschool teacher. miley ADORES her!!! i am so thankful for sweet, caring adults who LOVE my kids:) as if she hadn't had enough cupcakes by now, here she is celebrating one last time:) she made LOTS of wishes:) maybe she wished for some extra sweetness or patience!?! nah... probably not:) she woke up a couple of days before her actual birthday and said, "momma.... i can't believe i'm FREE!!!" (three) so cute... she was super excited to "be a big girl like l-kate".

we didn't have a big birthday party for her this year, because bill's friend gave him some tickets for 'disney's live- 3 classical fairytales' that is here in our area tonight. miley was beyond the moon to "go to disney world and get to see cinderella, snow white and belle". and ella kate was super excited to be able to tag along:) nana nan was originally going to go with bill and the girls, but ended up having surgery this week and was still in pain and feeling pretty uncomfortable. so then i wanted to go, but i have been sick and miserable the past two days, and ended up backing out, but mimi was glad to step up and go! these girls have no idea how blessed they are with a daddy like bill! my heart is full:)