Monday, December 29, 2008

our first hair cuts!!

ella kate is almost 2 and 1/2 and has never had a haircut or even a trim!! with her hair being so cute and curly, you can't really tell that she needs one! but i straightened her hair a week or so ago and saw how uneven it really was. i meant to trim the ends then, but ran out of time.. so i staightened it again and cut it myself. it looks pretty much the same, but to me, her hair looks even curlier than it used to! she was so cute after i cut it.. she looked in the mirror and said.. "ohh.. i like a pwincess!!" josiah had his 1st haircut a couple days after ek's. bill, however, didn't trust me to cut his:) bill didn't even want to have it cut... period. but apparently, he had had enough with people saying he looked like a girl and it NEEDED to get cut, and i am sure he got tired of coming home from work to see josiah toddling around the house with a ponytail:) so, we had a sweet friend from the church volunteer to have us come to their salon to get his first cut. i was sad and worried that we would cut off all of his curls and he would no longer look like a baby, but the end result is GREAT! he looks so handsome and still has his little curls. and when we got in the car after leaving the salon, ella kate told him.. "good job 'siah!! you got your hairs cut!"

i need to write this stuff down..

ella kate is constantly saying the most hilarious stuff and i keep telling myself to write it down, write it down, you are gonna forget it so write it down! and here lately, we have been so out of it and busy that i can't remember what she has said and no, i haven't written anything down :(
but tonight we all loaded up to run to sam's to get some toilet paper and other necessities... the babies were in the back seat still buckled while we were waiting on daddy to find a 2-seater buggy. while we were supposed to be waiting patiently, ella kate was sick of it and kept asking questions in a whiney, irritating voice. i, being the all-star mother that i am, was tired of hearing it and said, "ella kate, chill out girlfriend!" she sat quiet for a few seconds then responded, " i not your girlfriend, and i not chill out!" oh well... so speaking of patience... looks like mom needs to work on hers as well:)

oh yeah.. i also wanted to share a christmas moment! ella kate was the official present opener at my parents house! she just walked around to everyone and started unwrapping their gifts! ( BIG helper..) so bill (my bill, not my dad bill) wanted to get my mom a kitchen aid mixer this year so my sisters and eric all chipped in and we got one. she has been wanting one forever but would never buy herself one, so bill decided that christmas time was the perfect time to get it. anyways.. so it was my mom's turn to have her presents opened so ek hopped over and started ripping and tearing the paper away. we all new what it was, but we said, "ek, ek what is it??" and smiled and said, " mimi you got a coffee maker!!" we all busted out laughing! she is so stinkin' cute! i still have no idea how she even knows what a coffee maker is... bill and i dont even make or drink coffee!!

christmas is over...

ok i dont even know where to start... christmas has come and gone and honestly, i am kinda glad. this christmas was pretty difficult for us. having 3 babies ages 2 and under is challenging, but having them during the holidays or any other time of year where you travel and are super busy, is even harder. plus, to top that off my mom had pneumonia and we also had some sort of stomach bug! no fun!! so i am looking forward to our days slowing down a bit and us getting back into our routine. i am stickler for schedules... i like for the babies to eat at the same time everyday, nap at the same time, run errands at the same time and go to bed at the same time... and they are so used to doing the same thing everyday that when we stretch and miss a nap or have a late meal... they are NOT happy campers! but we did make the best of this christmas and we had as much fun as possible!! ella kate was sooo very cute opening her presents!! she got excited over every little thing! josiah was a little different. we had to open his presents for him and once he saw the first toy, he sat down to play with it and didn't really care about the others! and miley, well, she pretty much napped through the whole thing... newborns are so easy:) but we did manage to get some cute pics!

Friday, December 19, 2008


bill and i have always hated to hear kids say MINE!! i know that all kids go through the phase of not wanting to share, but we wanted to try and prolong and prevent our babies from saying that as long as we could. however, our efforts were fruitless... well sort of! if josiah would grab something from ella kate, we would correct him saying, "no, no 'siah.. that is hers. etc.." and vice versa with ella kate. so now, when josiah or any other friend for that matter, comes and tries to take something from ella kate, she says, "NO!! it's HERS!!" and even being the sweet big sister that she is, if someone is taking something from josiah she still says, "NO!! it's HERS!!" and snatches it back to give to her bubba! so whether it spelled M-I-N-E or H-E-R-S .. it basically means the same thing! so we have some work to do.... :)


this morning ella kate was playing with an old pair of bill's binoculars. it was so cute because she thought, for some odd reason, that they were a camera. she walked around the house taking pictures of everything:) what was even cuter, was that she had the wrong side up to her eyes:) so here she is standing in front of me wanting to take my picture... "momma say CHEESE!!" "cheese!! " i say, giving her a funny face. she put the 'camera' down and clapped saying, "YAY momma!! you said cheese... you get a M&M!" now, i dont know where she got that from..i have NEVER bribed our kids with M&M's to get a cute smile out of them! i have threatened to beat them though, but never an M&M.... NEVER! :)

but speaking of M&M's.. she does get one everytime that she goes potty. it is pretty cute b/c she has one potty in her room and one in our bathroom, so she has the freedom to 'go' even during her nap time. she will sometimes potty all by herself and tell us that she needs an M&M, and of course we have to hunt down which potty she used... just to make sure that she is telling the truth:) however, one day, i went into her bedroom while she was snacking on a box of raisins, only to find that she had dumped the box of raisins into her potty and was eating them out of the 'big bowl'... lovely! so maybe we should keep potty's in the bathroom only... oh well!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

what a hoot..

i was at our sunday school christmas party tonight and we all started sharing funny stories of our kids. i got to telling some of the sayings of ella kate before i started this blog and i wanted to share them on here. my sister lauren and i were playing with ella kate one afternoon and we were both kissing her on either side of cheeks. we were going to town just kissing all over her face when she said... "Stop, girls, stop!" :)
as i am writing this, i just remembered that i wanted to share another bathtub incident:) tonight i bathed them extra early before we dropped them off at our friend audrey's house, so we could go to our party. i have mentioned earlier about ella kate's love of 'pretend' play and josiah has started to catch on to it. the davis kids dont have normal bath tub toys. they have pieces of a tea party set, a loofa, a teenage mutant ninja turtle, a set of rubber keys, a plastic foot, a random building block.. you get the picture. so with these odd items, you could see how a game of pretend could be easily played:) tonight, however, they were making edible items like popcorn and gatorade. ella kate will tell me what she has made, and hold it up for me to smack my lips and act like i am eating it. josiah had one of the tea cups and held it out for me to taste and i said, "oh josiah.. it is so yummy!! is it apple juice??" of course, he just beams and is so proud of himself for playing the game. all the while ella kate has this blank stare and says to me.. "no momma, thats not apple juice!! it's just hot water!!"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

another no daddy night..

so tonight i was a loner again... but had many smiles brought to my face from my crazy babies!! ella kate is in the process of being potty trained and for the most part she does great... so after waking up from her nap being dry, i decided to put big girl panties on her! she wanted to be a naked girl (meaning no clothes, only panties) and asked that josiah be a naked boy too! so there they were running around being naked kids when i heard miley squeaking in her bed. it was time for her to eat, so i left the babies playing with blocks downstairs and headed up to my room to feed the squeaker:) they usually follow me around if i have miley with me, b/c they love her so much and are constantly kissing her. (well, josiah's way of kissing, is a gentle head-butt, but you get the picture). so i sit down on my bed and ek crawls up and tries to squeeze in my lap next to miley. her panties are completely soaken, and i ask her, "ella kate, your panties are wet.. where did you go TT?" and she does the cutest thing EVER... she puts a finger up to her jaw/chin area and starts tapping it and says, "hmmm... let... my... think". it was hilarious:) "my go TT downstairs by the christmas tree." and sure enough there was a puddle on the carpet. that kid is so funny. bill and i laugh because she talks either in 3rd person or she says 'my'. she will say ella kate do that, or josiah push my. her latest saying is so sweet... she will walk around the kitchen saying, "ella kate NEED sumpin". very dramatic... i dont have a clue where she gets it:) oh yeah, and tonight while josiah and ella kate were in the bath tub, i decided to 'dunk' miley in again and wash her off! they did much better and didn't splash her this time! josiah was, of course, squealing with delight that her foot accidentally brushed against his belly and ella kate grabbed her hand and shook it saying, "hey baby miey... nice to meetcha!" i love those babies!!

where is my helper?!?!

ella kate is usually my big helper.. especially since bill has been super busy at church. there are nights that he leaves before they get up in the morning and comes home when they are already asleep. so, that leaves me at home ALL day with the babies and NO car!! but ella kate has really enjoyed helping momma out. i have found that if i give her a specific task, like, go and getting baby miley a diaper or a passy, that she will do it and be smiling the whole time:) when she does what i ask her to, she likes to give me a hug and tell me that she is a 'sweet girl' :) what a cutie! so last night was another 'no daddy' night and i told her that momma was tired and i was gonna need a LOT of help... she just smiled:) it was getting close to supper time and i had just finished feeding miley. i sent ella kate to baby miley's room to get me a diaper and i went downstairs to the kitchen to put josiah in his seat to start eating leftover pizza (yummy!). ella kate was taking an awful long time so i called for her, and in return i heard a muffled voice on the stairs saying, "my make a mess, momma". i smiled at what i saw!!! i guess even the best helpers get a little distracted at times:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

sweet lil' squeaker

have i mentioned that we are in love with baby miley?! she is such an AMAZING baby and we are so blessed that she is ours! i feel that the lord blesses us with sweet babies, b/c the older siblings are still babies as well! ella kate and josiah are 11 months apart and josiah and miley are 13 months apart... and they were all surprises!! but bringing baby miley home was such a smooth transition, no where near as hard as adjusting to 2 babies, and she has been a joy ever since! she is so stinkin cute and chubby and squeaky! we actually call her squeaker! she is the happiest, yet noisiest baby! she is noisy awake, asleep, eating, smiling, breathing... you name it!! it makes me laugh just thinking about it!! we love our little squeaker!

straight haired princess

ella kate has beautiful spiral curls that get commented on almost everyday! we love it, but it seems as though her hair never grows. all of her little buddies have longer silky hair so i decided to put the hair dryer and straightner to ek's kinky mess and see what it would do! when she saw herself in the mirror, she said.. "ooohhhh i look like a PWINCESS!!" so funny!

side saddling 'siah:)

our sweet bubba 'siah (as ek calls him:) )LOVES to ride on the power wheel 4-wheeler! my parents actually bought it for ella kate's 1st bday, but she was always to scared to get on... but not him:) he goes full force into anything in his path!! (such a boy!) but here is the thing that gets us... he wont ride it like a 'normal' person!! he either side-saddles or rides it backwards!! if you try and put him on the 'normal' way... he simply gets off and gets back on the way that he wants to, and begins to plow into the walls or his sisters... whichever comes first:)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

breakfast table talk

this morning my sweet husband woke up first and decided to make some yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast. (i know.. he's great!) so, we all settle in our seats to enjoy the gooey deliciousness...when ella kate out of the blue looks at bill and says, "daddy... you got boobies??" (now keep in mind that it is still morning and all of us are still in our pajamas. bills pjs, however, consist of gym shorts... nothing else.) so bill is cutting up josiah's cinnamon roll and replies without really acknowledging her.."no, daddy's dont have boobies." well, this was not the right answer according to ek, so she firmly says, "yes daddy... you got boobies. thems right there on you!" (pointing to his bare chest) "and my's got boobies too.. see??" and she pulls her nightgown up over head! so yes... everyone has boobies!

Friday, December 12, 2008

quite the imagination..

ella kate has got a big imagination and i LOVE it:) it is so cute to watch her play "pretend". whether she is cooking or playing with her babies or talking to people that no one else can see.. (yes.. i am afraid that she will be one of those kids who has an imaginary friend that will need to be buckled up in the car, and have his/her own place at the dinner table.. etc. i can see it now:) ) anyways.. one night she was in her room supposed to be going to sleep.. we had already done our 'routine' with her...which consists of: praying with her, kiss her and put her in her bed and allow her to read a "few" books before she drifts off to la-la land, however sometimes she has plans to do otherwise. this particular night was one of the otherwise:) i had laid her down and left her reading some books. i came back upstairs and was feeding baby miley and getting her ready for bed. while i was up there.. i could hear that ek was not in her bed and was banging around in her room, being awfully loud. i let her play a bit more so i could finish with miley and then i would go tuck her back in. i wish that i had a picture of what i saw when i went into ella kates room. it was a DISASTER!! stuff was everywhere and in the midst of the mess.. i saw MISS THANG! she was standing there in her nightgown, with her straw easter hat on, wearing purple high heel dress up shoes, carrying a purse, pushing a baby doll in her stroller!! she had the deer caught in the headlights look as i say.." ella kate.. it is night night time! you are supposed to be in your bed!" without skipping a beat she says as cute and as innocent as possible... "momma... i was just going to walmart!"
that girl is something else!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hide and seek

tonight while bill was at church, i was home with the babies. miley was napping and i had just got done bathing ek and siah. we were in her room and i asked them if they wanted to play a game. she got all excited and said "yay!! a game.. lets play hide and seek!" ok, i had no clue that she even knew what that game was... we have never played it... she must have learned it from school! so anywho.. i cover my eyes (peeking just a little!) and start counting to 10.. sure enough she scurries away to go find the perfect spot.... and when i found her i couldn't help but get the camera and chuckle! i love that kid:)

after hide and seek, she and siah were going to make me some cookies. however, ella kate sometimes has a lysp at the end of some words.. so tonight she made me cookieth:)

duh mom!

last week sometime, i was bathing ella kate and josiah in our bathtub. i had the brilliant idea to 'dunk' baby miley in and rinse her off too. when i did, ek and jos got so excited that they started splashing and they got some water on miley's face. i told ella kate that she needed to apologoze to baby miley and tell her that she was sorry. she looked at me like i had lost my mind and said so 'matter of fact-ly'... "momma, baby mi-ey can't HEAR us!!!" apparently since babies don't talk, they don't hear either...

meet the crazies..

well, lets see.... our big girl is ella kate and she is 2!! if any of you know my husband.. you know that she has so much of his personality that it is scary!! she is such a hoot!! a typical 'wild card' so to speak.. you never know what she will say next:) but she keeps a smile on our face.. her innocence is precious! our son, josiah, is 16 months... he is quite the charmer! with his curly hair, big blue eyes and dimples.. he can win anyones heart! (especially my sister lauren... yaya is wrapped around his chubby little finger). his little personality is changing a bit here.. it could be that he is trying to figure out where he stands with his 2 sisters, but we definetly know that he is a strong-willed little booger and what he sets his mind on - is what is he gonna do! he's a sweetie! and then there is sweet baby miley! she is a doll.. and we just love her to pieces:) she is 9 weeks old and a happy girl! she is quite content to be in her swing and throw a crooked smile at you every now and then! we thank the lord for this sweet baby!

'siah and baby mi-ey, as ella kate so sweetly calls them, have got big shoes to fill in the funny business... ella kate is hilarious! just this week she was looking at the pictures on our fridge and said, "baby eve(my sister erin's baby) is so CUUUUTE!!"

and i said, "she is so cute, and baby miley is so cute too!"

then she said, "no... baby mi-ey's my sister!"

oh well baby miley... momma thinks that you are cute!!

what am i doing??

well... it looks as though i have officially lost my mind. as if having 3 babies ages 2 and under isn't crazy busy, enough... you can add 'blogger' to my list of responsibilities:) my friends and family have encouraged me for a while now to start a blog... and since my 'babies' are growing up and developing personalities, i decided why not?? most moms scrapbook beautiful photo albums of their kids or have detailed baby books of their growing progress, but i have found myself not really 'good' at that, so i am gonna give this a shot. this is a great way to remember and share the cute and funny things that my babies are doing... and if any if you know my cutie ella kate, then you know the entries will be coming often!! i get so caught in the moment of trying to 'survive' and get through the day, that i often ignore the cuteness that is around me:) they are only little for so long and then they will be gone, so i am gonna try and enjoy these moments... even if they make me pull my hair out in the end:)