Wednesday, December 29, 2010

baby kicks

our sweet baby girl is quite the kicker:) i absolutely LOVE feeling her squirm around in my belly.. it is by far the best part of being pregnant! this afternoon, i was lying on my bed with ella kate and i asked her if she wanted to feel the baby move. she put her sweet little hand on my belly and as soon as she did, she felt a very strong kick! the look on her face was priceless!!! she jerked her hand away quickly and i asked her if she wanted to feel it again. she slid off my bed saying, "no thank you, i think i need to go back downstairs now." it was obvious that she was totally freaked out by it:) i assured her, that feeling the baby move is one of the greatest blessings because that means that she is alive and healthy and that she will be here with us so soon. but she was so over it by now, that she sheepishly smiled and kept walking out of my bedroom:)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

check out these sweet miracle babies born on christmas eve:) my sister erin has had some complications with this pregnancy and yesterday, at 31 weeks, she delivered 2 of the most beautiful angel babies:) "clara" bet 3lb 8oz and elizabeth hope "ellie" 2lb 6oz!! what miracles they are!! sweet ellie had emergency surgery this morning to remove part of her intestine and will have an ostomy bag for the next several months, and precious clara is still on a CPAP, but other than that, these girls are doing fabulous!! please continue to pray for them and for erin and her husband eric! they have a long road ahead of them, but god is so good! merry christmas to us:)

Friday, December 10, 2010

bits and pieces

how cute is this little man?? he just so happens to be one of the sweetest, well-mannered little guys that i have ever met:) he is so sweet and kind with his sisters and for the most part, he does whatever they tell him to do! ella kate has even taught him how to call her, "your highness." oh, and he found a black watch of mine with rhinestones all over it and has claimed it as his, "video watch". bless his heart, he wears that girly thing proudly everyday! maybe santa can bring him a boy watch for christmas:)
this little beauty went on a date with her daddy to see the new rapunzel movie "tangled", and immediately came home and asked if she could wear her hair straight so she could look more like a princess:) of course, i straightened it for her, but i am not ready for her to lose her curls just yet! she looks too grown up with straight hair, and it makes me sad how fast she REALLY is growing! ella kate has also had a time with severe chapped lips! it doesn't matter how much/often we apply chapstick, carmex, vasoline, lipgloss, aquafor.. you name it, her lips are always dry, cracked and peely:( bill and i joke with her about how her lips look like barabbas. (do you guys remember him from the movie, "passion of the christ?", well the one thing that stuck out to me when he was on screen, were his AWFUL lips!) now, ella kate will run to me, pointing to her lips and saying, "momma... i need some chapstick! these are barabbas again!!" hahaha:)and miley... sweet "miney" as she calls herself is growing up too fast! she is so much fun, and i have REALLY enjoyed her:) although she has been our slowest talker, she IS saying more and more english these days, and less "german":) she gives the best bear hugs and wraps her little arms so tight around your neck while saying, "i gotchoo momma! i gotchoo!" (i've got you!) she also is a terrible looker for lost things (just like her dad). i will ask her to go find her hairbow in her room and although it is laying on the floor in front of her, she will shrug her shoulders and say, "can't pine it!" (can't find it) she has REALLY enjoyed the christmas season so far. she loves christmas trees and christmas lights and says, "ohhh, so pitty!!" (so pretty) she also LOVES candy canes although she calls them "cane cannies" :) she is not a fan of santa claus and feels the need to tell us, "he not get me!" whenever she sees him in person or on tv:) oh, and one more funny thing that she has learned from her big brother and sister... whenever a toy commercial comes on tv and it is something that she likes, she screams VERY excitedly, "hey! i get my birday! dat miney birday!!" (i want that for my birthday) :) so cute!
i just thought this picture was cute:)i am so thankful for my sweet family!! i love these guy to pieces:)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

yay for snuggies!

what better way to stay warm and cozy this holiday season, then with a $5 walmart snuggie:) our kids are thrilled!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

totally random picture post..

josiah is loving all of the big leaves outside!miley is our little "hoarder". she can't leave her bedroom with out all of her belongings:)ella kate made me a "jewelry salad" with tomatoes, kee-weed, and noodles:)did i mention she was our "hoarder"??
cutie pies..grumpy..

we went to 'lights of the south' with my family and had a blast!a very sweet and generous friend GAVE my mom this cadillac for the babies! they love it!
josiah isn't the best little driver yet, but ella kate is a natural:)i am so blessed!!! i love these faces:)