Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Silly girls

I had the absolute BEST day with Miley yesterday. She was amazingly delightful! The big kids were at school, and the babies were easy, so she and I got to spend some much needed quality time together.

She was very helpful and quick to obey. (We have been working on first time obedience with all of our kids, but it is especially hard for Miley.) We ran to Kroger to grab a few groceries and she was in charge of giving Adalyn and Levi puffs. (Baby snacks) She held onto the stroller perfectly and never once complained about her legs breaking or being too tired to walk one more step. (Again.. This is HUGE for Miley!) Then, we went to the self check out and she scanned all of our groceries. She was so proud of herself. We dropped some brownies off at daddy's work and Mimi's house, then we headed home. She helped watch Levi while I changed Adalyn's poopy diaper and laid her down for a nap. Then, she waited patiently me for me to feed Levi and lay him down, and finally she and I got to make some yummy treats. Chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles. She was in heaven!

Next, we snuggled up in my bed and played a game on the iPad until it was time to get the big kids from school.
While watching Tangled with Miley this morning, she tells me, "momma, rapunzel has the cutest face! I wish you had that cute face."
Last night, Ella Kate asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. (She has asked me this several times before, but never likes my answer.) I told her that I just want to be a mom, and she quickly offered, " well, there is a lady at my school who makes snow cones but she doesn't want to make them anymore so maybe you can get hired to do that! You used to want to be a snow cone maker when you were a little girl.... But, wait... Who would watch the babies?? Maybe, you could just make them here at the house." :) That girl... Always looking out for me! Ha!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Talents, byes and baby carriers!

While I was straightening Ella Kate's hair in my bathroom the other day, she was talking to me through the bathroom mirror, " mom, did you know that this hand has TWO talents?" She is raising her right hand at me. "Oh, yeah?" I ask. "Yes, ma'am. I can write and snap with It. But, THIS hand (raising her left) doesn't have any talents."

Adalyn loves our cell phones. She calls them a "bye". She is a sneaky little booger and grabs the "bye" and scurries off before we snatch it back. Just last night, I saw where she had taken a self portrait on my phone. Hilarious. She isn't even two yet! The times, they are a changing!

While unloading groceries the other night, I asked bill where Levi was. The other kids were helping unload all of the bags from the car, but I didn't see Levi anywhere. Just then, bill turns around and shows me how he stuffed Levi in his sweatshirt. When you run out of hands, you get creative:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I decided to make a conscious effort this weekend and feed Levi baby food/ rice cereal 3 times a day and would you know, he slept over 10 hours that night! Poor little guy WAS hungry! You would think that after 5 kids, I wouldn't hate the baby food phase as much as I do... But I guess I better suck it up! Especially if I am wanting to sleep at night again:) sweet boy! He never fusses or seems hungry during the day, but after all of these sleepless nights out of nowhere, I knew it had to be something!

I also wanted to remember a conversation Ella Kate told me she had with her teacher a few weeks ago: "momma, mrs. Kroger didn't even know I had another baby brother! She said, 'wow! You have 5 children in your family? Your mom sure is a GREAT mom to stay home with all of those children.' But i just smiled at her and said, yeah... she tries her best!" :)

Here is a picture from my birthday this weekend!

Having small kids sure does make birthdays super special! Bill took them to the dollar store and let them pick me out a few surprises including: a pizza cutter, Gatorade, a back scratcher, Heath bar, Cheetos to share with them:), Tupperware, hair clippies and a pink sweatshirt! They were so excited and so proud of their gifts!

Bill wanted to take me to the movies and out to eat, but I couldn't do it. First of all, I am so cheap. It is a total rip off to go to the theaters now, and I could not enjoy myself knowing that we wasted that much money. Besides, everything eventually comes to redbox and we can rent it for a dollar. Secondly, you don't really have people begging to watch your kids for you when you have 5 of them so small:) we only have a couple of people that we feel could handle them all without it being overwhelming or stressful. They are GREAT kids, (don't get me wrong) but there are a bunch of them, which makes it hard to get a sitter. Splitting them up and finding a couple of people to watch them, didn't sound appealing either. And besides.. We never leave them. Like, ever! We will have plenty of time for date nights when they are older and don't need us as much. We enjoy spending time with them, and miss them the second that we are apart. So we just ordered Olive Garden to-go and had a fun family night playing board games:) I loved every minute of it!

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