Friday, April 30, 2010

the girl has got some serious hair:)

i just over heard ella kate saying, "see 'siah?? this is what poopy is supposed to look like when it is in the potty!" .... this cannot be good!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


miley loves headbands. and she loves to wear them like this..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

gummies and other funnies:)

one morning last week, i had miley and my niece eve in the car with me. we had just left target where i had bought some fruit snacks (gummies) and other random necessities:) i gave each of the girls a pack of gummies and started driving back to the house when i hear miley say, "oush!(ouch) stuck! oush... stuck!" then i hear eve saying, "hey my (miley)! a gummy... a hair!! hey my!" i turn around and see that miley has a slimy, red gummy stuck in one of her ringlets. it is dangling on the side of her face, right in eve's view and eve is reaching for it to eat it! but whenever either one try to pull it out of miley's hair, it is so sticky and tangled that miley's poor little eyes start watering in pain as she says "oush!!" :) if any of you know eve, then this will be even more hilarious because the girl LOVES to eat! she doesn't miss too many meals OR too many snacks, for that matter! and there was a "snack" stuck in miley's hair that she wasn't going to let go to waste:)

**miley is really starting to talk a lot! i was drying her sweet little face off after her bath one night and she pushed my hand away and said, "oush! da nose!" (ouch! my nose!) apparently, i was rubbing her face a little too hard!! she is also starting to call for her brother and sister! their names are "sigh" (josiah) and "cat" (ella kate) :)

* one of josiah's favorite prizes are blue raspberry ICEE's from target. he says they taste like "blue-MERRY muffins!" he also can write every single letter of the alphabet! he is our little brainy boy... a pure genius:)

*ella kate is still keeping us smiling too. every time we get in the car, she asks if we can "blow her window down!" she means roll her window down and even though she can't quite lean forward enough to push the button to do it, she has mastered the art of using her long, cute little toes to "blow her window down" :) she also has a little bit of trouble with her "F" and "V" sounds. for instance... she will say this "ather we take a nap, we hatha go get groceries!" cute huh??

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

we're still working on this slumber party thing..

ok.. so you heard how disastrous our first night was with ella kate and josiah's slumber party, and it HAS gotten a little better! the second night they finally went to sleep around 9:30pm and slept until 7am or so.... better, but still not our usual 7pm to 8am bedtime routine:) tonight, it is 8pm and they are still awake. we laid them down at 7pm and they were so quiet!! i just KNEW that they were asleep! i peeked my head in the door and saw the 2 of them sharing a twin bed, playing with barbies:) haha! i kissed them again and told them goodnight. about 20 minutes later, we heard some banging around so bill got up to check on them. he opened the door to see josiah lying on the floor on his back with NO DIAPER on, ella kate sitting over him telling him to stop wiggling, while trying to put on a new diaper. haha! bill told her that she didn't need to change diapers without his or my help and her response was, "but 'siah told me he pooped!" she didn't want to share her twin bed with a poopy boy:)

Monday, April 19, 2010

slumber parties and such..

this weekend, josiah got some new twin beds for his bedroom (thanks erin!) and i told him and ella kate that they could have a slumber party when we got them finished. ella kate got VERY excited and went upstairs to go and get her slippers for the "slipper party". i told her that it was a SLUMBER party, which meant that she gets to sleep in josiah's room for the night in one of his new beds! she said, "is it kinda like a camp-out? because i might need to get my 'noculars so that me and 'siah can look for munsters! because i am still just a 'little bit little' and i don't like munsters, but maybe tomorrow i will be 'too much big' and i wont be afraid anymore!"
... umm yeah, whatever that means:)
my poor josiah was even more confused! he said to me, "oohh... a party for mine? oohh, ok! can i hab cake ice-cweem a wittle bit?" i told him it wasn't a birthday party, it was a slumber party and that they are just going to go to sleep in his "new room". with a puzzled look on his sweet face he said, "oohh... can i juss hab cake a wittle bit??"
by then i gave up and let bill take over and try and explain it! needless to say, we all got very little sleep! they have never really slept away from home OR ever shared a room, so they were very excited!! i think they finally tuckered out around 10:30pm (after many threats and spankings) only to wake back up at 4:00am to start playing again!! ((yawn))... which would explain why we are all crabby and tired today!!


ella kate was just a few days shy of being 3 years old when my grandma, nonny, suddenly passed away 8 months ago. however, ella kate still talks about her as if we saw her yesterday. i love how she still has memories of her sweet great grandma. she was the best:) ella kate recently asked me if she could have a picture of nonny to put on her nightstand, so that "nonny and God could watch over her and not let her have hard days (bad dreams)!" of course i said, YES:)

i miss my sweet nonny so much and would give anything to talk to her again or give her a big ol' hug! apparently, ella kate does too! yesterday she told me, "momma i prayed, and prayed and PRAYED that nonny would come back home! is she gonna come back home soon, because i really, really miss her?!"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

look at these cute little faces... well, ellakate wouldn't smile... but she is still a cutie:) with daddy..
with momma..
look at my sweet little thumb sucker:)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


ella kate and i were saying our prayers tonight before bed. this was her sweet prayer:
"thank you god that mimi gave me icecream and coke today, amen! but, i wasn't supposed to tell momma about the coke! :)"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

dancing shoes and abrahams

baby miley has finally mastered walking in two "dancing shoes".
she no longer clanks around the house in just one... but a pair:) i love those sweet legs in heels:)
one night while i was at bible study, bill made cookies with the babies. ella kate and josiah insisted on wearing their "abrahams". (aprons) cute, cute...

josiah was splashing in the bathtub (which is a no-no in our house). i had my back turned putting towels away so to get his attention, i called his name, "josiah?" he replied, "what, baby?" :)

we love crushed ice here at the davis house:) ella kate had a cup of it outside and was sharing some with miley. when the cup was empty ella kate brought it to me and said (talking about miley), "momma, that girl loves her some ice."


last night bill and i took ella kate and josiah outside to play with some sparklers in the driveway. i was trying to take pictures of them, but with the flash on, this is what it looked, i tried to hold to flash down and the very next second of ella kate twirling her sparkler, i got then i wanted to give it a try...then the babies put theirs together..then my creative hubby had to show off and he made me this:)

Monday, April 5, 2010

easter aftermath

my mother in law was the easter bunny this year and got the babies some really cute things for their baskets :) they each got build-a-bear animals... the girls got bunnies and josiah got a duck. josiah loved his "nock-lars" (binoculars), miley loved her mickey mouse figurines and ella kate loved her easter stamp. she loved it so much that she woke up this morning looking like this..

how it ended up in bed with her last night, i haven't got a clue.. i remember putting that stamp along with her bubble necklace that they each got, way up high on her dresser. she came out of her room during nap time yesterday and said, "momma.. something spilled in my room and made a big wet mess. it WASN'T my bubbles and i DIDN'T do it, but i need a nah-kin (napkin) to clean it up. it's very sticky!" i gave her a towel and she went back into her room and shut the door. her bubble necklace is now empty.. but she didn't do it! oh well... i am choosing my battles. so, back to the stamp story. i cannot get this ink off of her poor little face. i have tried several things, but the smeared pink ink looks like she has rubbed her face in poison ivy or had an allergic reaction to something. she keeps looking in the mirror asking, "whoa! why does my chink (cheek) look like that?" i tell her that it isn't just her chink, but her nose, chin and eyes! stamps are not for your face! oh well.. at least it is spring break and we have no where to go! hopefully it will wear off soon:)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter- He is risen!