Friday, September 30, 2011

photo dump:)

are these not the cutest lil' legs??? not to mention the extra full diaper that is busting out of her outfit:) i love this man..
i love this baby, too..i think we might need a bigger swing:) josiah made him some antlers:)

notice my sweet ella kate's fashionable socks and gold shoes?? they seem to match perfectly with her '2 sizes too small' dress:)

we love pushing our younger siblings in the stroller:)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

sweet jos and some other random bits..

for our nana nan's birthday, we all went and ate at s&s cafeteria. it was apparently kids night and there was a clown doing face painting. as soon as my girls got a glimpse of the clown, they went BONKERS and screamed bloody murder. however, our brave josiah was super excited to become spiderman!! look at this handsome fella:) he got this mustache from the quarter machine at publix for being a sweet boy!

his pre-k teacher, mrs. tk, sent me this picture of him on the playground and i LOVE it.. and him:)
this was on my phone from a while ago, but here are ek and jos comforting each other during the "fire" at the japanese restaurant. sweet, sweet...bill and jos went "hunting" the other weekend. they were wanting to shoot turtles (how mean is that??) jos came home ALL excited that he got to shoot a gun AND get his very own red powerade:)off the subject here, but ella kate made me a coupon the other day for milk:) i wish i uploaded a pic of this, but jos did a little project about his hands at school. they traced both hands and then said what their hands could do. for instance, they can drive a car, build blocks, make a sandwich.. you get the picture?? well, i wanted to cry when i saw my sweet jos' picture that said, "my hands can hold babies!" could he be any sweeter?

after he kissed adalyn for the upteenth time, he said "our baby is the BEST baby ever! can we have 10 more babies??"

while at walmart the other night, miley had to poop. so i take her to the restroom and after 10 minutes of her just sitting there, i said, "hurry up, baby!! we got to go!!" she cracked me up when she responded with, "uhhh mom, don't freak out!!" then she proceeded to trip over her own feet and ended up falling on her bare bottom on the nasty walmart bathroom floor. eww.

we were needing to leave the house one afternoon so i asked ella kate if she was ready to go. with a BIG sigh and LOTS of sass, she replied "i'm as ready as i'll ever be."

it was nap time at the davis house and i was calling all of the kids to go potty and get in their beds. jos was (of course) kissing and loving all over adalyn. when i told him he needed to go take a nap, he asked, "can i kiss her a wittle while wonger?"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

i need to keep my eyes on her!!

((oh my sweet, sweet ella kate!! where have i gone wrong?!?))

this afternoon, ella kate, adalyn and i met with my friend cynthia for lunch. we had some coupons for some free pizza and were in need of some chit chat! (by the way, we had 2 small cheese pizza's, 2 soft drinks, a water and 2 ranch dipping sauces and only paid $1.07!!! AND we had leftovers! i love me a good deal!!) anyhoo... while we were there, cynthia had given ella kate some purses that her girls don't use anymore. ella kate was thrilled and was playing with them while cynthia and i were catching up. well, right after we ate, we went to pick up josiah and miley from preschool and she was so excited to show them her new purses. she showed jos a purse in the backseat. "that's cool, l-kate! what's inside??" he said. ella kate opens the purse up and says, "well, i gotta straw, a napkin, some knives and forks and some rocks!!" i turn around to see that she has ACTUAL silverware from the restaurant and decorative pebbles that were on the patio that she stuffed into her purse!! what in the world??? looks like we will be making another trip to mellow mushroom tonight to return these items to their rightful owner!

blue skies!

look at this!! isn't it just beautiful?? this is mine and yaya's favorite color blue sky! it makes me so happy!! i wish it made this hot mess happy... but "her was habbin' a hard day!!"

this cooler weather has given me "fall fever!!" i can hardly stand it!! we have been outside running and jumping all day, everyday! we have even eaten lunch/supper outside!! while josiah was at preschool one morning, the girls and i headed outside for some fun! they loved jumping high like "super girl!"

they also LOVE playing "angel". i am sure it has a proper name, but that is what they call the game where they fly in the air on my feet:)

i didn't want josiah to feel left out, so i made sure i got some pics of him when we picked him up:)

adalyn enjoyed playing "angel" too!
thank you jesus for this amazing weather!! we needed a break from the unbearable heat!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


* at ella kate and josiah's birthday, (i STILL need to upload pics from that!) miley was watching them open their presents. after each one was opened she would sweetly say, "ohhh, dat's berry niiiiice!!" (the 'nice' was pronounced as southern as it gets!)

* she woke up from her nap one afternoon and asked, "momma can i hab a "fro lup?" i was only half listening, and completely confused, so i asked her, "what? you need to throw up??" she replied, "no a FRO LUP!!!" ella kate walks by and without skipping a beat she said, "mom, she wants a fruit roll up."

*she was looking at her naked rear-end in the mirror today when she said, "momma, i got a big, BIG hiney, just like YOU!!!"

*tonight after their bath, bill was brushing miley's hair. these curly headed babies get a lot of tangles, so hair brushing isn't a favorite past time here at the davis house! anyway, while bill was brushing , miley said, "look daddy! i not crying!" bill replied, "i know! i am so proud of you! you are so tough!" she smiled and said, "i BERRY tough!"

Sunday, September 4, 2011


the kids have been at it again, and i want to remember the things that they say:

*jos and ek went to the dentist for the first time last week. ( i know, i know.. i am probably the ONLY mom on the planet who had a 5 year old that had never seen a dentist before..) anyhoo... they did GREAT!! i was so proud of them! jos was completely confident and sat up in the chair all by himself, just a smilin' and showing off his cute dimple:) at one point, the dr (who was a male... and AMAZING by the way) said to jos, "hey! these teeth are perfect!! are you sure you didn't buy these from target?" josiah was a little confused and replied, "uhhh no ma'am. i fink dare mine!" (i think they are mine) cute boy! ella kate did great too, although she tends to need a little more assurance. at one point she cried, but it was so quick and she got over it really fast! they both left with great checkups and perfect smiles:)

*i have been reading a book about the 5 love languages of your children. my kids are so alike, yet completely different, so i think it is really important to figure out the best way to love and communicate with them individually. one night after supper, josiah was sitting in bill's lap eating a popsicle. i watched him and thought about asking him what made him happy. i was thinking that he would say something like, 'sitting in daddy's lap or momma reading a book to him, or going on dates with daddy' but instead when i asked him "what makes you happy, bud?" he replied, "mrs. tk!" (his teacher at preschool and ella kate's bff) then he said, "and it makes me WEALLY happy when mrs. tk wets me go to treasure box!!" :)

*we were on our way to our friend's baby's first bday party. ella kate was looking at kendall's invitation that had her picture on it. after staring at it for a while, she said, "kendall is so cute! i wish our baby was that cute!!" true story. kendall is a beautiful baby:) during that same car ride, ella kate saw that i wasn't wearing my swim suit and asked me why i wasn't going to swim at the party. i told her, "i can't swim today. i have adalyn and i will most likely be sitting in the shade with her." her response was, "well, can't you just call nana and ask her to keep her this afternoon so you can swim?" me: "well, i would ask her, but she has already watched adalyn twice this week so i could take y'all to the dentist and go see mrs. ashley's new baby. so i think nana might need a break." ek: "well, you really should call her! she wont mind! she LOVES our baby!" :)

*i was painting the girls' fingernails one afternoon. i told them to hold still and wait for the polish to dry. after a few seconds, miley said, "i'm so firsty for my fumb, momma! is it dry now?" she loves sucking that thumb!!

*josiah is hungry. all. day. long. it drives me bonkers! he wakes up asking for bre-past, then the vicious cycle of meals/snacks begins:) while we were in the car, he asked me for a snack but i told him he would have to wait until we got home. his response, "i'm so hungry! i asked you a million times last year!" ??? don't have a clue where that came from!

*miley (as usual) woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, so she was super grumpy and whiney. while i was bathing her and ella kate tonght, miley looked at me and said completely unprompted, "momma! i so sorry i was mean at ya today! i not ever do dat again. ok?" it was so sweet:) then ella kate told me while she was holding adalyn in the bathtub, "momma, when adalyn was born, i was like, oh my word! this is the cutest baby!! ...even if she does have a hairy hiney!"