Thursday, December 29, 2011

merry christmas!

is it just me, or did christmas fly by this year? i didn't take a million pictures this year, because i simply didn't have enough hands. trying to hold adalyn and help her unwrap something, making sure that i can 'ooh and ahh' over everything that the other kids got, trying to open my own presents, as well as video tape the whole madness... left me a little short handed to take the pics that i usually do. but we still had an amazing christmas!! we spent the night with my parents on the eve of christmas eve:) we rented a 15 passenger van for the whole entire family to go and look at christmas lights.. it was a blast!! we got back to mimi and poppa's house, bathed the kids, got them situated with a movie, laid the babies down, then all of the adults played a game called, logos. so fun!! woke up the next morning on christmas eve and all of the kids opened presents!that night we went to nana nan's and papa's house to have another christmas! the kids are spoiled rotten....

all of the cousins:) we came home that night, went to bed and woke up to a very small and very sweet christmas at our house! i am so thankful for my little family! it is moments like these, when the evidence of god's goodness is overwhelming! i am so undeserving, yet the lord sees fit to bless me still!! in the midst of all of my ugliness and sin, he loves me. thank you jesus!! thank you for loving me, and for coming to earth on christmas, to be born in a manger, to live among us and to wipe away the sins of the world. may we never lose sight of what christmas is all about!

sweet ada-LINE:)

that's what her poppa calls her:) and let me tell you, this hunk of love sure is sweet!!she had a great first christmas! although she was completely oblivious to what was going on, she did enjoy eating the wrapping paper and playing with the sticky tape:) miley gave her a makeover for christmas.. i am sure this was the 1st of many! adalyn has also taken a liking to some barbies.. or rather their shoes, jewelry or any other small part that she can cram into her mouth before one of us snatches it out. squinkies, however, are her favorite. we had never had squinkies before until christmas, and now i know why:) all of my kids love those things, but adalyn acts like a squirrel with nuts and tries to stuff her mouth with as many as possible!

she also is getting more and more mobile. she has crawled on all 4 a couple of times this holiday season, but then she tires out and has to lay her head down and take a breather:) ha! like mother, like daughter!! i can't believe she is 9 months old already!! she hasn't had her check up yet, so i'll have to update her stats later:)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

more pie, krystals and sparkles..

tonight we loaded up in the car to look for some more christmas lights. i had been wanting a cookie dough ice cream cone from baskin robins for the past week, so bill took me to get one and he got some krystal burgers for him and the kids. we pulled into the parking lot and he said, "alright, who wants a krystal?" all 3 chimed in, "ME!!!" however, when miley got hers, she looked in the box and said, "hey this is not a krystal... it's a hangerburger!" (hamburger) bill told her, "that's what a krystal is... it's a hamburger." miley was fine with his answer and took her 'hangerburger' back to her seat. after a few minutes, we hear her ask, "hey daddy, pie have anudder sparkle??"(can i have another..) bill was so confused... "what??" she replied, "a sparkle, daddy. pie have anudder sparkle hangerburger??" sparkles.. krystals... they're the same, right? they are both shiney, sparkly and apparently yummy to a 3 year old! ha:)

how could i have forgotten the pie???

last night when i blogged about miley and her cute sayings.. i TOTALLY forgot to add one of her favorite things to say... "pie". it is so cute and every time she says it, bill and i smile at each other. she uses it to replace, "can i, or may i"... for instance,

"pie sit in your lap?"

"pie have some more cookies?"

"pie get in your bed?"

"pie wear these shoes?"

i love it:) and it will be a sad sad day when she quits these cute little sayings!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

few more pics..

christmas 2011

i love my sweet family:) the kids wrapped up bill's present all by themselves and they even wrote his name and all of their names on the package with a sharpie:) they were SO proud!!we took the kids to a place called lights of the south last week and they LOVED it!! we have been several times before, but it cracked me up how they kept calling it "south of the lights." :)


*miley, adalyn and i drove to pick up the other 2 from preschool one day. i always try to squeeze them as soon as i pick them up and tell them how much i missed them while they were at school. however, this particular day miley was quick to chime in and tell them, "well, I didn't miss nobody!!!" sweet thing.. ha!

*miley was waiting for yaya to come and pick her up for a sleep over date. while looking for her out of her bedroom window, she says, "i love yaya! her's so CUTE!" :)

*miley, adalyn and i met my sisters and the twins for lunch one afternoon at moes. miley told me that she was finished with her burrito, so instead of letting it go to waste, i took it upon my pregnant self to finish it for her:) she didn't seem to mind, until bill came home from work that night and she immediately told him, "daddy, momma ate all my food and it really BREAKED MY HEART!!!" oh dear...

*i came into the kitchen this afternoon to see miley and josiah quietly crouched down in front of the open fridge. they know that they aren't supposed to help themselves to snacks without asking first, so i was proud of miley when i heard her whisper to josiah, "i fink we can't have nuffin!!"

*miley asked if she could watch a movie tonight, but bill told them that it was time for bed. she came to me and told me, "when daddy do's that, it makes my feelings not good!" poor deprived child:)

Monday, December 5, 2011

the naughty list..

while baking gingerbread cookies tonight, josiah snatched a cookie cutter out of miley's hand. she glared at him and said, "hey! you took that from me!! that's not berry nice!! you're on the 'nonny' list!!" (naughty)

after ella kate got dressed this morning, josiah looked at her and said, "L-kate, you look so pretty! you're just growing up too fast for me!" :)

bill was going to work one morning when miley hollered out to him, "bye, babe! i love you!"

ella kate got in the hot bath tub tonight and said, "oh yeah!! this is what i'm talkin' about!!"