Friday, February 24, 2012

My kids were eating pasta salad for lunch when jos asked where noodles come from. Ella Kate looked at him and said, " from butter, onions, broccoli, and cheetos!" sounds healthy to me:)

They watched Bambi for the first time today and when his mom died, they all 3 sat there on the couch looking like they were about to cry. It was so sad!! Then EK looks at them and said, "it's a good thing no one shot OUR mom!!!"

Friday, February 17, 2012


I was helping Ella Kate and Miley clean up their room the other day when EK looked at me and said," thanks! You're really fast! You're a big momma!" I think she meant to say big helper or at least that is what I'm telling myself:)

Jos told me one morning this week, "hey momma, did you know after we have baby Levi, we're gonna have anudder baby girl?!?" is this prophecy? :)

I told the kids that they could pick out a snack from the pantry. When ella Kate saw that miley had a fruit roll up, she said to me, "momma? Can she on earth have that??"

Adalyn drank an icee from a straw the other night at sam's! I feel like my other kids were 15-18months old before they mastered the straw!!

Miley was outside playing when I saw her over by our fence. I called for her and she came running to me saying,"I was just checking on the dogs... But they're not ruffin'." You know... ruffin, barking.. They're the same thing:)

Can I just brag on my kids for a moment?? I know I tend to look at all of the things my kids do wrong and focus on them. For instance: the disobedience, the lying, the sneakiness, the whining.... You know... Sin! Which we all struggle with! Well, the other night I put a 20 minute cartoon on netflix for the big three kids so I could go and feed adalyn and lay her down. Jos asked if we were going to watch another show when this one went off, but I told him no. It was going to be bed time and I wanted them to get some sleep. So I run upstairs and feed adalyn, put her down and come to my room to use the bathroom and brush my teeth without an audience:) I come back downstairs to see the tv off and all of the pillows picked up and put back in their places on the couch. I go to Josiah's room to see him already in bed with his lights off, and when I go to the girls' room, I see both of them in bed with their light off and their fan turned on! Miley was under her covers reading a book and EK looked like she was already asleep:) I was so proud of them!! I kissed them all and thanked them for obeying momma and I told them that I couldn't wait until daddy came home so I could tell him, too! I had a few hard days last week when I would go to my room and just pray and cry! I felt like such a failure as a mom! It felt like all I was doing was getting on to them and disciplining them every minute. I was exhausted! Bill and I have high expectations and we want our kids to behave, but I tend to forget that at the same time, they are kids... Little kids who need a patient and forgiving mother!! It is a challenging task, being a momma, but i wouldn't trade this calling or these kids for the world!! Please Jesus, help me be the best momma I can be!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

just some pics..

since our computer was stolen, i haven't been able to upload any pics to my blog. so unless i am on bill's ipod or borrowing a computer, (i am currently on my mom's) i can't update it. but, i have a few recent pics from my phone that i uploaded so.. here is our latest trip to publix:) my kids love that place!next is our sweet baby boy, who at 22-23 weeks already weighs a pound and a half!
next up is sweet adalyn from behind:) she has got the cutest backside i've ever seen!!just feeling the breeze..pajama day at preschool! (miley didn't have school that day, but she wanted to wear her pj's anyway!)pinterest helped me with our valentines this year and i think they turned out adorable! the kids had a blast getting creative! so fun..

Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Miley..

I was soaking in a hot bath this afternoon while bill was playing a game with the kids downstairs. Just as I was closing my eyes and sinking deep in the bubbles, I hear a little whisper say my name. I look up and see a naked Miley sheepishly looking at me asking, "momma, pie get in the baff tub, too?" (can I) ((sigh))... "sure, come on in!" I mean, what mom ever gets 5 minutes to be in the bathroom by herself?! :) she smiles big at me and I tell her, " I love you, Miley! You're my buddy!" she's still smiling at me when she replies, "no, I'm just your kid!"

I caught her with my lotion yesterday. She was smothering and rubbing her little body when she looked at me and said, "what?? I gotta baby Levi in my belly and Him's fixin to come out!"

She was playing house by herself when she ran into my room and said, "mom, I can't find my dad anywhere! All him do's is watch tv and say bad words!"

Friday, February 3, 2012

Miney Moe

Miley sneezed super loud and hard in the car today then said," woah! It just rained in here!" :) thankfully it didn't rain on me in the front seat!

Miley was so proud of Ella Kate for being "stupa star" at school the other day:) (super star) ek and jos had a hard time not giggling every time miley would say "stupa" :)

With her pretend wand, Miley has been "spelling" the house with a "bibbily, bobbily, boo!"