Friday, October 30, 2009

need a little space..

i was just informed by ella kate that "she needed a little space"!!
well, don't we all:) now keep in mind that this child is 3!!! we are surely in for it:)

this also happens to be the child that ate supper around 5 one afternoon, and when bill came home around 6 and warmed up his plate, she ran to him and said, "daddy, can you share wiff me... cause i didn't have supper ALL week!" oh, the drama! she tried to pull one of these on her mimi recently when i dropped her off after lunch to play. she told mimi that she "didn't eat lunch all year and her tummy was talking for food!" so 2 string cheese sticks and 2 "horn" dogs later, she was happy... that bottomless pit:) and yes... i hate that she calls corn dogs, HORN dogs... gross!

my mom got josiah a spider man costume today and he loves it! finally, a MANLY, boyish dress up outfit all for him!! it is the black one, with built-in muscles... so cute! only... when he put it on he said, "oh 'siah so pretty!" uh-no buddy.. you are rugged and strong! not pretty:)
then when we got home and woke up from naps, he wanted to put it back on. he ran into ella kate's room to get some "dancin' shoes" (plastic high heels) to complete the look! i offered him his cowboy boots instead!! hey- i'm trying:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


miley is screaming in the living room with ella kate and josiah nearby. i was in the kitchen cooking supper and asked, "ella kate! whats wrong with baby miley?" ella kate's response was, "oh! her's just having a hard day!" bill hooked up a new sprinkler to the water hose, to see if it would reach a certain part in our yard, he turns around to mess with the spicket (sp??) and when he looks back, he sees ella kate completely dressed and soaken wet, running though the sprinkler. i wonder if this is why my kids get sick??ella kate's new favorite item of clothing is her "sleebs". (aka: tights) she wants to wear them everyday with everything! and i have no idea why she calls them that:)

josiah went to church with yaya (my sister lauren) and while he was in the nursery, he decided to play dress up with the other kids... only he chose to wear a victorian style, long sleeved red dress:) he cried when they made him take it off! most people would be worried about this.. including my dad and husband... but the way i look at it is... he is the only boy in our family, ella kate dresses up as a princess EVERYDAY, miley wears tu-tu's and so he thinks he is just one of them! if we had boy "dress up" clothes like a fireman or super hero, i am sure he would loved those! so.. my dad is getting him some for christmas:)

speaking of firemen... yesterday at school, some firefighters came in their truck to talk with the kids. ella kate told me in the car, when i picked her up,"momma, i was not liking those fire fire's(firefighters) today! they were too noisy!!"

yaya got ready for church on sunday and josiah walks in and says, "oh, my yaya! you booooful:)"

as much as josiah and ella kate bicker... they really do love each other! when josiah spent the night away with yaya this weekend, ella kate called him and told him she loved him. she kept telling me we needed to go and pick him up because she misses him! and EVERY morning when i go and get josiah from his bed, he looks for ella kate and says, "g'mornin L Kate's".

and to share a little something about miley.... she has been the absolute best baby ever!! but, we are seeing a fire-y streak in her these days! bill laughs and says that she reminds him of my sister, erin. she is easy going and happy until you tick her off:) it takes a lot to get her upset, but when she does... she blows the top off:) so anyway.. miley "thinks" she is outgrowing her morning nap. i, however, think she is entirely too young to skip her morning nap:) but lately, instead of sleeping, she throws EVERYTHING out of her bed and onto the floor.... including toys, babies, blankets, sheets.. you name it! and after her crib is empty she is either doing one of two things: 1- holding onto the sides of her crib and jumping and babbling VERY loudly or 2- standing up and slapping the wall with her chubby bare hands as if she were playing the bongo drums:) she is a mess... a very noisy mess! but either way, she is happy and not fussing.... and NOT sleeping!! so i leave her in there:)
oh! and ella kate has been into rhyming things lately. like there is a sweet little girl aubrey, who made ella kate a necklace at church one day... only, ella kate calls her arby:) so the other day while wearing the necklace, she goes, "hey momma.. look! arby and barbie.. their the same!" then she goes around the room and makes up words to rhyme... "cup and bup! 'siah and tiah! baby miley and smiley! sleebs and neebs! (my favorite!)"

Monday, October 26, 2009

how old are they?

i took the babies to the store the other day and someone asked me how old they were, and without skipping a beat i answered, "1,2, and 3".
and it wasn't until i said it, that i thought.. wow! they are growing up soo fast!!
they sure are fun.... and cute:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

tutu cute

i took some pictures of miley for her "12 month photo shoot" and they turned out so cute:) she is getting too big!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

just pix..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


...why can i not get into the groove, again? i have gotten sooo slack with the blog and with taking pictures... this is so not me!!
maybe it is because miley has croup now and josiah had to leave mother's day out early today because he is sick... AGAIN! my poor babies can't catch a break! i went to the dr this morning and asked him why my kids kept getting sick... he encouraged me and said that kids ages 4 and under are the most susceptible to catching any bug going around.... and the fact that i have 3 kids ages 3 and under means that i should just get used to having the sickies!!! uggh... i am going on about an hour of sleep, today! poor miley had a rough night last night, which means momma had a rough night, too!! i just pray that she gets better, soon! i miss my smiley girl... i am not used to having her cry all day and all night!
on a sweeter note... josiah is the sweetest boy around! the other day, i was getting ella kate dressed and josiah walked in and said, "hey LK! you booful! hey momma... LK's a kwincess!" (princess)
love him:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


while leaving the mall the other night, ella kate hollers out from the back seat, "hey momma!! look!! there's PS KIDS!!" i turn to see what she is talking about, and laugh when i realize she is pointing at chuck e. cheese's. this is so funny to me, because 'chuck e. cheese is a proud sponsor of PBS Kids network'.... and she actually remembered that from tv:)

me oh my...

we went to go check on the babies after they fell asleep last night and this is how we found ella kate and her room.... completely destroyed!! apparenty, before she passed out on the floor, she decided to give her babies a bath in her kitchen sink, like mimi does:) cute girl!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

good for some laughs...

bill, (shirtless) giving ella kate a hug saturday morning was told, "daddy, you smell HORRIBLE!" hehe

while "resting" in her room after school yesterday, ella kate took it upon herself to reorganize her furniture. not really, but that it what it looked like when i went in to get her. i had just cleaned her room that morning while she was at preschool and as soon as she got home, it turned into a disaster area!! so i made her help me clean it up, this time.
i opened her armoire to put her shoes away, and laughed at what i saw "hiding" in her closet.... a can of cheddar pringles!! i don't have a clue how or when she got them, but she was hiding them in there for a late night snack, i suppose!

i got josiah up this morning, and laid him on the floor to change his NASTY diaper and put his clothes on. he looks next to him and sees what i am about to change him into, "hey momma! dat's josiah's diaper?? its booooful (beautiful)!!" this boy has been around too many dramatic princesses:)

josiah loves to play peek-a-boo with miley and eve. only he calls it, "key-bow"..... cute! i remember when ella kate would call it "pick-ee-oh"... they grow up too fast!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

josiah talks:

i nub mickey nouse! (i love mickey mouse)

how'bout pah-sicle.... (can i have a popsicle)

moh klees (more please)

'siah school, get pack pack... (i want to go to school and get my lunch box)

i watch max and roofy.. ( i wanna watch max and ruby)

hey LK, a ring a rose (hey ella kate, let's play ring around the rosie)

'siah go tt (meaning... i want to sit on the potty, but i am not going to do anything but smile at you)

'siah go poopy.... shew- eee!! (meaning... i stink!!)

this looks painful!

i walked in on ella kate trying to potty train her baby. it's a good thing that "real" people don't have to be that flexible to go potty:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sweet 'siah..

josiah has been a super sweet boy these days! i just love his cute dimpled face:) i was cuddling him on the couch and said, "josiah are you momma's sweet boy?" he smiled and said, "i yaya's seet boy!" he spent the night this weekend with his BFF, yaya (my sister lauren) and she has been all that he has talked about! he sure does love his yaya:) and as a matter of fact, if he is talking to her he will address her saying, "hey my yaya......." it is cute!
he recently saw a bruise on my leg and said, "oh! momma boo boo! i so sowwy!" then he kissed it and made it all better! sweet boy:) as soon as i thanked him, he put his chubby finger on it and mashed it and laughed... then it hurt again:( boys will be boys, i guess!


my sister erin has baby girl, eve who is 8 weeks older than miley. i started watching her last week, so erin could get a part time job at an elementary school here in town. eve and miley play really well together, and i am sure that they will be partners in crime.... soon:) ella kate and josiah also love baby eve... and she enjoys laughing at their silliness and i love to hear josiah call her baby "eeeb". when i picked up ella kate from mother's day out yesterday, she was surprised when she saw eve in our car. "hey! who got baby eve to us?" i told her sissy (erin) brought her over. then she replied, " her is ALWAYS wiff us, can we just keep her??" it was cute.. then, yesterday as she was watching a christmas mickey mouse dvd, she says, "hey momma! sissy and unk eck (uncle eric) have one of those baby christmas eve's, too!" she cracks me up....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

miley is ONE!!!

how in the world is my baby a year old, already???? it makes me so sad, time goes by too fast! a year ago today, miley noel davis was born 4 weeks early weighing 7lb 13oz and was 20.5 in long! i prayed and prayed for a bald baby, yet miley came out with TONS of dark hair.. she was our hairiest baby:) she has been the absolute BEST addition to our family. so content and happy... almost always smiling:) now, don't get me wrong.. she does have a fiesty streak:) she will go days without fussing or making a peep, but then one day someone or something will tick her off and she lets it all out! if ella kate takes her toy on the wrong day, she'll explode and shake her hands in frustration... no tears, but she means business!! it scares ella kate when she does it... she usually gives the toy back to miley and then runs away:) miley is pretty easy going, and LOVES her daddy and ella kate! they always can make her laugh:) she loves josiah, too.. but he hasn't quite figured out how to entertain her in laughter! she loves playing with her cousin, baby eve. they are 8 weeks apart in age and i am sure that they will be the best of buds as they grow up! miley is starting to babble some, too! she loves to drop (throw) a toy and then say, "uh oh!" she also has the sweetest wave as she says, "bye bye!" a few of her other words are the normal.. mama, baba, dada and the typical "growl" that she has always done! she also, is a GREAT mimic-er. if bill makes a sound with his mouth, whether it is a click, smack or gurgle... she can mimic the exact same sound.... with a smile:) miley is also standing and has taken a few steps, but i am not encouraging or rushing the whole walking phase.... i am content with her just crawling:)
we love our baby girl and are so thankful for her precious sweet spirit! i know the lord has a great plan for her life and we are looking forward to it all unfolding:) happy birthday smiley miley!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

pumpkin picking fun...

look at these cuties! we had so much fun picking out our pumpkins and mums this afternoon! the babies had a blast looking at all the fall decor:) we ate hotdogs and boiled peanuts and took a ton of cute pictures! i'll have to post them later! we are about to decorate our front porch with ella kate while the little 2 nap!!
happy fall y'all :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

what a day!

today was crazy! i can't even remember what all happened or where to start!
but here are a few minor situations:
josiah went to the kitchen table and pulled a chair up to the counter to get into the new halloween candy.. spilling the jar and candy corn everywhere! we had to pull our stove out and clean all the ones that went in between the cracks. nasty.... there was more than just candy corn back there! we should pull that sucker out more often to clean!!
but before all of that... i took the babies to target which is where we bought the candy. all 3 babies were in the buggy.... miley was in the front and ella kate and josiah were both standing up. i was stopped in the middle of the cosmetic aisle, just browsing... when josiah toppled over the side of the buggy, landing on his head then flipping over on his back. apparently he and ella kate were tickling each other and she accidentally pushed a little too hard:( thankfully, no one was on our aisle or saw it happen!! but they did hear him cry and cry and cry and cry!! poor buddy... i am sure that it hurt, but he is so tough!

when we got home.. we all made our way inside. josiah was the first to the door and i was right behind him, hurrying to lay miley down for her nap. ella kate was lagging behind and shouted out, "hey guys!! wait.. wait!! did you forget it was all about me??" i dont have a clue where she heard that from... and sadly, she is completely wrong!! :)

later today.. i had supper cooking on the stove. bill was on his way home from work and i was going to take the trash out. the babies followed me outside! they will take any opportunity to play or ride their bikes.. even 2 minutes:) when i headed back to the front door, i saw this HUGE locust grasshopper thing... sitting there, looking at me! i HATE bugs... especially big ones! i asked ella kate and josiah if they would go and get it for me and both of them chickened out!! i tried to put my brave face on and shoo it away, but as soon as i got close to it.. it moved a little towards me and i FREAKED OUT!! i think i even squealed a little.. and i hate that! i really dont want to put fear in my kids, but i just couldn't bring myself to move it!! i am such a loser! thankfully... after 30 minutes, one of our neighbor buddies drove by and i waved him down. he laughed as i asked him to remove the monster off my porch:) but he was blocking the only unlocked door into my house and i just new my supper was burning!! so thank you bryant!! you saved the day today... and gave bill the day off:)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


isn't this new fall weather AMAZING??? i love it, and the babies have thoroughly enjoyed playing outside more:) i feel like we wake up, eat breakfast, go outside and play, have a picnic lunch in the driveway, NAPTIME, then wake up and go back outside and play until daddy comes home, eat supper, load up in the wagon and go for a walk, bath time, then bedtime! that has been our routine for most of the week and I LOVE IT! if the babies are lucky and if i am feeling up to it, i will try and take them on a wagon walk by myself in the mornings... but pulling 80+ pounds in a little red wagon is tough stuff:) but i managed to do it twice this week, and one day ella kate saw a kiddie slide in our neighbors front yard (they have a one year old little girl),
"hey momma! look at that slide of there..."
"i see it! i think it's ansleigh's slide.."
"oh, i love ansleigh! she is so cute, i could just slap her up!!"

the other day in the car, josiah was coughing up a lung in the backseat (not really, but that is what it sounded like)... ella kate looks at him and says, " 'siah don't cough on me! i'ma get sick again.. go cough somewhere else!"
poor little guy, can't get any sympathy!