Tuesday, March 31, 2009

well, we tried!

bill recently bought josiah a lawnmower to push in the front yard in hopes that he would give up the hot pink baby stroller. however, today while we were outside playing, the lawnmower wasn't complete until he had some sort of 'baby' on it to push around! so what do you do??

Saturday, March 28, 2009

rainy days..

i am very much the type of person whose mood is affected by the weather! if it is beautiful and sunny outside, then most likely i am a happy girl! on the other hand, if it is dark and gloomy... then i am dark and gloomy too!! i wish that i wasn't that way... i wish that i loved the rain as much as my sister erin does, but i dont! i especially dont like it when we are cooped up in the house all day either! there is only so much to do with 3 babies ages 2 and under! there are only so many puzzles, coloring books, and imaginary games that we can play... before we are all ready to pull our hair out!! and i HATE when i feel like the babies have been in front of the tv for too long!! even if we aren't watching 'tv', but are watching videos like baby einsteins and praise babys... it drives me nuts!
ANYWAY... josiah and miley were napping this morning, so ella kate and i were hanging out and she wanted to watch the little mermaid. she really hasn't seen any of the disney movies before, besides tinkerbell - which we LOVE!! i grow up watching all of them, but now as a mom, i see so much in them that i dislike! why are there so many EVIL people and wicked stepmoms in them?? geez!! i am not ready for ella kate to be exposed to all of that just yet... so, anyway...back to this morning! we were downstairs in the living room, while the rain was pouring down and ella kate turned to me and said, "momma, i fink i hear da' funder rollin'!!" it was so cute!! but who says that?? bill and i don't say, "hey kids.. listen to the thunder ROLLING!" no.. we say, "hey kids, do you hear the thunder?!" it cracked me up, so i called my mom and asked her if they talked about 'rolling' thunder at school and she said no... so i don't have a clue where this girl gets her stuff! maybe she has heard garth brooks' song, "the thunder rolls", but i dont think that she has heard that song with me or bill.... oh, well! she is a smart little stinker.. thats for sure!!! and she definetly keeps us smiling!

Friday, March 27, 2009

little miss sunshine:)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

who knew???

sweet josiah is 19 months old and probably says a handful of words: momma, daddy, byebye, shoe, yaya... you know... the important ones:) ella kate was saying all kinds of things at this age, but i know.. i know.. each child is different!! and boys are even MORE different:) well, this week i realized that josiah knew how to count... and i got a cute video of it to share! so, i guess the little booger knows more than we all thought!!

5 month comparisons:)

here is a collage of all 3 babies wearing the same santa hat at around 5 months... see any similarities??

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

daddy's girl..

for as long as i can remember, bill has always been the one to tuck ella kate in bed at night. if he is home, he will put her down... and that is they way that ella kate wants it! if he has a meeting or something, she will read books in her bed until he gets home to tuck her in. it is so sweet! he loves that special time with her! they cuddle and laugh, and read and pray together... she loves her daddy! last night, when he was putting her down, she looked at him and said, "daddy, you're my daddy!" apparently, she likes to remind us who we are:) then she smiled and said, " and, you's a sweet boy!"
he couldn't help but laugh out loud.. she is such a cutie!

Monday, March 23, 2009

stop, baby!

bill loves kissing and tickling the babies! it starts out as a tickle match, and then he lets them catch their breath while he smothers their faces and kisses them all over! the babies LOVE it! it was ella kate's turn, and she was giggling and cackling like crazy. when she had a chance to move her hand free, she gently put it on bill's cheek and pushed his face away while saying, "stop, baby.." it was hilarious!! that girl is a hoot!

Friday, March 20, 2009

oh my!

miss priss is 2 going on 16!! just now, she informed me how she needed a purse with 'sumpin' in it. no toys, no baby 'fings'.... only mommy 'fings'! (things) so i rounded up some old starbucks and brusters giftcards, a dollar bill, some 'trapstick', random keys, a half empty bottle of body splash, and i can't even remember what else! but, to ella kate, it was 'perstick'! (perfect) she has on her 'sleeping booty' dress, dancin' shoes and has her new 'mommy' purse... she is ready to go!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

daddy is home!!

praise the lord that daddy and yaya made it home safely from mexico!! i dont know how much more ella kate could have taken without bill! she loves her daddy!! josiah was a little apprehensive at first, when he saw bill! he would just smile from a distance... as if he was thinking, "why are you all of a sudden back here?? i was just getting used to you being gone!" ella kate however, wanted to tackle bill as soon as she saw him pull up the driveway! she didn't want to go back to sleep, in fear that he might be gone again in the morning! and of course sweet miley, greeted him with what else..but a SMILE!! bill was sooo glad to be home, and we were sooo glad that he was!! it still feels as though, we can't get enough of him! he got home super early sunday morning, went back to sleep until lunchtime, we had church that night, came home, went to bed and then he was back at work on monday. i wish that he could just take off a week and let us soak up every drop of him that we missed last week!! josiah cried and cried this morning when bill left for work... it was like a scene from a movie, where the kid is latched on to his daddy's leg in tears and the daddy has to peel him off! it was really sad! so, bill is taking off work tomorrow and we will have a fun-filled day with him! i am so thankful that bill is a family man! he loves me and he loves our babies, and i couldn't ask for more!!
last night when bill got home from work, we loaded up and went to the park. ella kate was looking a hot mess!! she, of course, had on a dress with her dancing shoes and her hair was out of control!! several ladies were laughing at her on the jungle gym... she was climbing and running and jumping in those high heels!! she definitely can walk in them as well as she could any other shoe! the babies had a ball playing, and were sad that we had to go! we swung thru dairy queen on the way home to get a blizzard, and that immediately cheered them up!! so, we got home and unloaded the car and bill was starting their bath. ella kate was eating her ice cream while sitting on the potty... go figure:) bill was bathing josiah and i was getting miley undressed for the tub, when we heard her say with a deep breath-like sigh, "OOOHHHHHHHH ELLLLLLA KAAAATE!!" i look at her and she has spilled her ice cream all down her legs. it was the funniest thing that she talked to herself like that! she must have heard someone else say that before...

Friday, March 13, 2009

let's see here..

i really wish that i had my camera! the babies really did some cute things this week, and i was unable to catch them:( oh well, i guess this is why i have this blog.. to be able to write it down and remember it forever! i just wish that you could see what i am fixing to talk to you about:)

we really, and i mean REALLY miss bill! ella kate has woken up all but one night since he has been gone, crying for him!! i try and explain to her that he will be here in a little bit, but then she wants to sit on the porch and wait for him!! so sweet.. he has no idea how loved he is! at the mention of daddy, josiah breaks down in tears. bless his heart, he is only 18 months old.. but he knows someone is missing and he wants his daddy home! sweet miley has been wonderful.. but who's surprised?!?! we love that baby! she has made this week easier for me by offering me a crooked little smile with a crinkled up nose, everytime that i look at her! so precious! the other 2, although are incredibly confused and sad, have been unbelievably testy!! they constantly pick at each other, and whine and cry at the smallest thing! and ella kate, who is usually pretty obedient, has been pushing the envelope a bit!! praise the lord that bill will be on his way home tomorrow!! but, i do have some cute stories to share..
ella kate went to school on thursday and when it was over jos, miley and i went to surprise her and pick her up. my mom usually brings her home, but we were out that way running errands, so i decided to swing by and get her! i left the babies in the car and went to playground where ek's class was to get her! she ran up to the fence and said, "momma! you are my momma!!" just incase i had forgotten:) " my josiah and my daddy are waiting for me in the car!!" my heart broke... "no, baby! josiah and miley are in the car, but daddy is still in mexico!" she looked at me like i was silly and said, "no, him's in the car and wants to see me!" so needless to say.. she was upset to see that i right. i kissed her when we got to the car and she said, "momma, your nose smells like a frachachinno!" there is no fooling her:) i had swung by starbucks to get me a drink before i picked her up! she was pretty upset, but i found a sucker in her back pack and gave it to her in hopes that it would make her stop crying! who knew that lollipops can make you forget about your daddy?!? so, we get home and get everyone unloaded and into the house. i was going to lay josiah down for a nap. i put miley on ek's floor and asked if she could 'babysit' baby miley for me, while i changed josiah's diaper and put him down. what i saw when i got back to her room was PRICELESS!! miley was on her back and ella kate was facing on the floor on her belly. she was steady talking to her and touching her face and saying, "i'ma gonna getchoo baby mi-ey!" miley was in awe... sweetly smiling at her and cooing back. ella kate got up and said, "i be right back, baby mi-ey, my's gotta get my dancin' shoes!" she ran over to her closet and switched out her shoes and came back to her sister who was looking for her while she was gone:) i really wish that i could have gotten it on camera! after that, i found an old cinderella costume and brought it to her! she said, "that is ADORABLE!! it's sleeping booty!!" she put it on and told me, "daddy's gonna yub it and say my's a pwincess!!" she does this new thing everytime she puts a dress on. she neals down and looks at how the dress poofs out around her and then gets up and twirls around. such a girly girl! normally, she would nap after school too, but since she was having hard day, i decided to let her watch a movie instead. i told her that i would put barbie on and for her to come downstairs and watch it after she went potty. i also wish that i had a picture of what she looked like when she came downstairs. i will describe it as best as i can.... she had on her blue princess dress with her fusia dancing shoes, a new burgandy purse that her nonny had given her, a pink, straw easter hat that her nonny also gave to her, a dora purse on the other hand and last but not least.... her ceiling fan pull-chain necklace!!! she was a sight for sore eyes:) i love that girl!
she also made me laugh several times today too! she was listening to the song, i can't remember the name but it goes.. 'the foolish man built his house upon the sand..' and she was really in to it. when the song ended she looked at me and said with a smile, "oh... that was GREAT!" she also, this week, has renamed my sister erin to 'sissy'.. although, with her lysp it sounds a little different when she says it:) so today we got to go to erin's house for a little bit, and when we left and pulled out of the driveway, ella kate told me, "i yub thithy!"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sweet conversations...

we had an amazing surprise today!! bill was able to borrow someone's satellite phone and call us from mexico!! it has been incredibly difficult for ella kate to be away from bill, and even josiah is having a hard time not seeing daddy:( but, it was great to be able to hear his voice and to talk to him for the few seconds that we had! ella kate was near me and i knew that she would want to talk to him, so she got on the phone and in the sweetest, most pitiful voice she said, "hey daddy! my's here with momma.... you gotta COME HOME, daddy!!" talk about a tear jerker!!! i could hear bill getting choked up on the other end of the line! it was the sweetest thing! i didn't tell her to say that... she just spoke from her heart! sweet girl:) i know, he really misses us, and we cannot wait for him to come back home, too!
he took our camera with him to mexico, so i have been completely lost without it this week! i take pictures of the babies EVERYDAY!! but our camera also takes video clips, so i thought that we could surprise daddy with little video clips that we could record in advance, and he could watch while in mexico missing us!! so last week, i recorded little messages from the babies, as well as just everyday little things that i knew that he would miss! for instance, josiah and i were playing outside and he was wearing what else, but his bucket! so i taped him walking around, babbling to anything that would listen, all while wearing the infamous purple bucket:) then, i recorded sweet baby miley "talking" well, actually it is more like "growling" in her bouncy seat, and of course i got some sweet smiling moments! ella kate and i actually left messages, like we were talking to him and asking him to come home. we told him that we loved him, and missed him and then ella kate sang several songs to him! it was funny, because ella kate, in one video clip, was like, "daddy is here, he not go bye-bye!" i tried to explain that he WAS leaving and that we were trying to talk to daddy like he was already in mexico... but, you try explaining that to a 2 yr old!!! she was so confused, but just went along with it:) so needless to say.... we want our daddy back home!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

miss priss

i just remembered a story that i wanted to share...
saturday morning, i was getting the babies dressed. as i have mentioned earlier, ella kate ONLY wants to wear dresses... but she has several cute spring outfits that i want her to wear. so i pulled an outfit out of her closet and started getting her dressed.
i put her top on, and she goes, "uh-oh!!! momma, this is A SHIRT!!"
"i know it is a shirt, ella kate. little girls can wear shirts, too!"
"no momma, my needs a dress!!"
she was devestated that i was making her wear a shirt and some shorts, she wanted to wear a dress so badly! it didn't matter that it was pink and pretty, nothing is as pretty and 'perstick' as her dresses:) but, i did not give in!! well, i did let her pick out her shoes... which were her plastic high heel 'dancing shoes'! so, she wore that outfit and looked adorable:) she wasn't happy about it, but she did look adorable!!

my little man

poor josiah is SURROUNDED by girls:) between me, my sisters, my mom, my grandma, ella kate, miley and his cousin eve, the little guy doesn't stand a chance!! luckily, the 3 men in his life, bill, my daddy and his uncle eric, all have very strong and dominant personalities and a huge power of influence!! i like to think though, that having all these girls around will help him be an amazing husband and daddy one day!! he will know what girls like and what they don't like:) it makes me smile to think about him growing up one day! he is gonna be a little heartbreaker with those big ,blue eyes and dimples:) i love that boy!
anyways, here is a picture of him and baby eve riding together in a single stroller at my mom's house! eve was sitting in his lap, and he liked kissing her head and touching her sweet face... it was precious!!
(sorry that the picture quality is a little bad, it is from the camera on my cell phone.)

we miss daddy..

daddy left super early saturday morning for mexico and wont get home until super late next saturday night. we all miss him terribly! anytime josiah hears the front door open, he runs to it and says, "daddy! daddy!" but gets disappointed to see that it is someone else...ella kate loves when daddy reads to her and tucks her in at night, and i simply just don't do it right! she cried for him the very first night, and i thought to myself... 'this is going to be a loooooong week'. but, however... things are not that bad! ella kate woke up this morning around 1am and came upstairs to my room. she looked and saw that daddy was not in the bed and asked, "momma... where's daddy?" half asleep and dead tired, i told her that he was still in mexico, and she said, "oh, ok..... well then, i'ma need some cheese!!" dear lord... this kid ALWAYS wants cheese! so i got up and walked her back downstairs to her room and told her we could have some cheese in the morning, but right now it was time to go night-night. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

everyday attire..

so josiah still loves the bucket! it is almost a guarantee that he will 'wear' it everyday:) just like we put on his pants and his socks.... he puts on his bucket!! he actually can wear it and maneuver very well now! he can go up and downstairs, drink his cup, read his books and do puzzles ALL while wearing his new hat:) here are some pics of this morning while we were outside playing! we love our bubba!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

stepping on frogs..

ok, who is surprised that i have another funny bathtub story?!?! well, if any of you know the davis'.... we are sort of a gassy family! (we, meaning, bill and the babies!!) my sister lauren, was telling me of some friends who have taught their little girl a cute phrase to say when she passes gas, and i thought that we could try it with our babies!! so tonight, all wet and lathered up, ella kate passes some pretty loud and humorous gas in the tub. i thought that now was a great time to introduce the new 'saying'!! so i asked, "uh-oh ella kate, did you step on a frog??" (i am laughing as i type this!!) she looks at me like i have completely lost my mind and says, "momma... there are no aminals in da baff tub!! that was just my hiney talkin'!!" and she goes on about her business!!
she is so stinkin' cute!!

5 months old!!

wow!! miley noel is 5 months old today! where does the time go?? she is still just as sweet and precious as she was the day we 'met' her! ella kate and josiah are still in love with her and surprisingly, extremely sweet and gentle with her!! ella kate loves talking to her and making her smile, josiah loves kissing her and poking her in the eyes. he is learning where is eyes, nose, mouth, etc. are and tonight, he found mileys mouth and apparently her hangy-ball thing too!! his chubby little finger was in her throat gagging her!!! oh, brothers!! i am sure he will do worse, one of these days! but we are thankful for our smiley - sunshiney- baby!!! happy 5 month birthday!!

here she is and an outfit that her great grandma nonny gave her.... :)

she was all cute and posing, then she toppled over!! it made me laugh... :)

songs of truth

this week while i was feeding the babies supper, i went upstairs and started their bath. they were both eating yogurt in their seats, and ella kate started singing, "oh, be careful yittle eyes whatchu see, oh be careful yittle eyes whatchu see! for da fodder up-a-bub, uh umm... well, be careful yittle eyes whatchu see" :) it was so cute and we are just learning the song, so i surprised that she new as much as she did! i ran back upstairs and turned the water off, and what i heard next really stopped me in my tracks, "oh be careful yittle heart whatchu trust...." and she kept singing. my eyes weld up with tears! it was the absolute sweetest thing to hear, yet it is so TRUE!! our children these days are bombarded and overwhelmed with secular/sinful influences and they need to gaurd their little hearts and be careful who they trust!! little kids are like sponges, soaking everything in and what better way, then to fill them with the TRUTH... even in songs!! so that was a sweet moment that i wanted to share.... oh, and just a side note... josiah is not quite ready to handle yogurt by himself! however, who is surprised that ella kate " was 'all cream' and did not make a mess:) "

Sunday, March 1, 2009

big girl

the other night i was changing into my pj's. ella kate was my little shadow and was hanging out in my room with me. as i put on my comfy pants, she looked at me and said, "momma..... you got big girl panties on?!?! ohhh, GOOD GIRL!!!"
she can always make me smile:)