Saturday, January 31, 2009

my little speller

so ella kate is our little fruit bug! she loves practically EVERY fruit there is, (josiah..not so much) but right now she is on an orange kick. my dad had given her one at school on thursday, and for the rest of her night she was begging and pleading for an orange. so last night we went to walmart and got some groceries and oranges! the babies and i were waiting in the car while bill was out in the frigid cold loading in the groceries from the buggy(such a sweet man!!), and i hollered out to bill, "hey babe, when you get in, will you bring with you an O-R-A-N-G-E?" ella kate is so stinkin' smart and can already read lips.. so bill and i have reverted to spelling:) ella kate (being as serious as she could be) then hollered back at bill, "hey babe, i wanna H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P too!" of course, bill and i busted out laughing! she had no clue that i was getting her an orange to eat in the car, but she just wanted to fit in and spell something to daddy too:) i love her..

Friday, January 30, 2009

miss thang and her headbands

everyday, and i mean everyday.. ella kate insists on wearing one of those strappy headband things. and don't get me wrong, i don't mind her wearing them, but i do however, mind her putting them on after i have already fixed her hair and we are walking out the door. but she only likes wearing them in the sweatband style, not the headband style , so it looks ridiculous!and now keep in mind people, that ella kate has some crazy hair that takes a while to fix, so you can imagine my irratation when she busts out of her room looking like hot mess. this morning, i already had her dressed and ready to go and she comes upstairs to find me with her bow yanked out and that silly little thing around her head.... geez!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

boys are different..

josiah is an interesting little guy! it may be that i am so used to girls and girly things, that i don't know what i am doing with this boy:) he is just different. for example, we will take the babies to the park in the stroller and when we get there, we unbuckle them and set them free to play, but no... josiah doesn't want to play. he would rather stand by the stroller for 2 hours buckling and unbuckling the seat belt thingy. we have tried physically picking him up and placing him on the jungle gym, but he just comes back down and goes right back to the stroller to concentrate on how that buckle works. it drives me nuts! or even at home, he will spend hours and i mean HOURS opening and shutting doors. i was so nervous that he would smash his fingers, so we put a washcloth or towel over the top of the door so it wont close all the way. but there he is, opening the door and then closing the door, then opening the door... and so on. you can come over to our house on any given day and find random towels or other articles of clothing thrown over the tops of every bedroom door, because no matter where he is in the house, josiah wants to play with the doors. but anyways.. back to the boy stuff. so when ella kate was little we bought her a big bag of mega blocks. (you know.. the ones that look like JUMBO legos?) well, she loved them and she loved to build something and then giggle and squeal as she knocked it down! not josiah.... he does not laugh. i mean, he loves the blocks but he only plays with the single blocks.. not the ones that are rectangular or square with 4 or 8 notches, just the single ones. and he likes to stack those up one at a time on top of each other. but here is the thing. a skinny little tower will only get so high before it topples over, and when it does fall over, josiah FREAKS out! i'm talking, falling to the floor and crying! he refuses to think that it is funny! it is like he is saying, "i'm a failure.. why wont these stay up!!" it's hilarious and saddening to watch at the same time. he is so determined to do it and make a single tower as tall as him, but everytime, it falls and his little heart is crushed! poor thing... one of these days, he will learn. or hopefully laugh as it falls.. but here is a pick of him today with his single blocks in progress..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh, what a night...

why is it that when bill works late, that the kids are acting all crazy?!? i guess they just like to save all the drama for their momma:) ella kate is REALLY trying hard to master this whole potty training thing. some days she does awesome! no accidents, no meltdowns... and other days, she just doesn't care. like tonight, josiah was already in the bath tub and DID NOT POOP!! that was a first:) anyways, he was in the bath tub playing and ella kate was going potty. i was trying to hurry and get them both bathed and dressed in their jammies before miley woke up to be fed. but there is no, i mean NO, hurrying up ella kate. (especially when she is on the potty!) so their she is... stripped down to just her hairbow, sitting on the potty, reading a magazine (i think it was a pottery barn magazine) and just taking her own sweet time! she LOVES magazines, and apparently she loved this one tonight. she kept ooohing and ahhhing over all the toys and telling me that 'so and so' (a random kid in the magazine) was her friend and that she wanted to go to 'so and so's house to play with their toys. sometimes, she even talks to the people in the magazines. like tonight. she carried on this conversation with this little boy who was 'modeling' with one of their toy kitchens. and ella kate was steady talking.. telling him all about her day and what she did, and what she had for lunch. it was getting pretty indepth:) i was begging ella kate to come in the tub, but by that time, miley had woken up and i was trying to hold off on feeding her just yet, so i put her in the bath tub with josiah. ella kate finally decides that she is done and comes to get in the tub, only to see that miley has pooped. EVERYWHERE! why? why does this always happen when i am by myself? so being the excellent mom that i am, i put ella kate on the 'clean' side, get miley out and lay her on the floor, try and scoop out the poop (with our rinse cup) before josiah starts grabbing at the floaties, all to hear that the water is too hot and it hurts her eyes. really? her eyes? she is just standing in this water, but yet it already hurts her eyes? so i tell ella kate to basically suck it up and let us hurry and bathe so we can get out. so one by one they all get out and get lathered up with lotion. i forgot to have their jammies and diapers etc. upstairs with me, so i get miley dressed first while the other 2 run around like wild, naked indians. then, i take josiah downstairs to his room to get him dressed and send ella kate to her room and wait for me to come and get her dressed. well, jos is ready for bed and when i make my way to ella kates room, i see this huge wet spot on her bed! this huge wet spot on her clean sheets that i JUST changed! (i really hate changing bed sheets! maybe i wouldn't dislike it so much if it weren't so stinkin' hard to change cribs sheets. and we have 2 cribs!! the other 2 beds are easy, but i am on a roll so, let me complain:) ) but seriously, what was that wet spot?
i asked ella kate, and she said, "ohh.. i just went pp in my bed!"
"why did you go pp in your bed... that is so yucky!"
"well" she said, while trying to think of a good answer.. "i might fro up!"
"why are you gonna throw up, ella kate?"
"because why?"
"because why..." yes, my child thinks that 'because why' is an actual answer. geez! so needless to say.. that conversation got me far! i have no idea why she did this? she has a potty in her room that she always uses, but not tonight! it took more work for her to climb her naked self up onto her bed and pee, rather than just peeing on the floor!!! but she might 'fro up', so apparently peeing on her bed made sense. which is just so ridiculous to i took off the nasty, wet sheet, loved on her and tried to explain that we only pp in the potty and tucked her in. thankfully, they are already in bed and so am i and it is only 7:20! but hey.. you gotta love'em! the craziness and all:)

we have a thumb sucker..

our sweet baby miley has found a new way to self-soothe... she has turned into a hardcore thumb sucker!! i mean, HARDCORE!! it is like she is sucking her skin off!! you can her her sucking and smacking all the way in the next room!! :) she's not hungry, she just has a mean, powerful suck:) but, i am not really sure how i feel about the thumb sucking... don't get me wrong, i think that it looks absolutely adorable and she also wont have to worry about her brother or sister snatching her passy or us forgetting to bring her passy when we leave the house....but i hear that it is next to impossible to break and i can't help but to think of all the germs that will be on her hands and fingers as she puts them in her mouth! yuck!! so GREAT... more germs and sickies...but hey, you can't keep your kids in a bubble!! and who knows.. this could just be a phase... but here she is in all her cuteness!! i love this baby girl...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

cookie cutter fun times

since the babies have been sick, we have had a lot of sandwiches. i mean a LOT of sandwiches. so tonight for supper, we had yet another.. and i tried to be creative:) bill's mom had given me a box of cookie cutters when we were just dating. she told me that i would have kids one day and i would need them. so i brought them home and tucked them away in my hope chest and never even opened them until tonight. it was a box of 100, so the babies had a lot to choose from. i dumped them on the floor and let them ooh and ahh until they found the perfect one. ella kate picked an icecream cone which she called the "eyes green shop"(icecream shop) and luckily, josiah chose a boy one! he picked out a baseball and bat:) so off to the kitchen we went, to make our yummy shaped sandwiches! and who would've though that they gobbled them up and even asked for more! but since i ran out of bread, i let them make their initials out of cheese slices and they had sooo much fun! when ella kate would cut out a shape, she would say, "oh momma... it's perstick!! (perfect) she also found a tennis racket cutter and said, "hey.. this is your hair ryer!!" it looked nothing like a hair dryer to me, but i just went along with it... here are a few pics :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

sick week

so this week was difficult to say the least. all 3 babies were sick and on antibiotics, the weather was cold and miserable, and i kept feeling like i had bronchitis (although i refused to go to the dr and find out).. anyways, we are all on the mend now and feeling much better! miley had rsv and everytime she would cough, ella kate would run over and pat her saying, "goodness baby mi-ey, goodness!" and josiah was irritable at times when he was not feeling well, and she would say to him, "now 'siah, stop that whining! if you be a sweet boy, my's gonna give you a biscuit." now i dont know where she got that from.. i am sure she has heard someone say something like that before... but i promise i don't bribe my kids with biscuits!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

fun times with the little people!

so tonight, ella kate, josiah, and miley are all sick, and i am feeling a little puny myself!! i hate times like this... but thankfully bill was feeling fine, and was taking care of all of us!! (such a sweet man!) so while bill was making us some homemade potato soup (yummy!!), we were downstairs playing and waiting patiently. ella kate wanted to play with their little people sets that they got for christmas. she was looking for her princess castle, and i told her that it was upstairs in her room and that she could go and get it. she told me, "no, momma.. you go upstairs and get it first, and ella kate stay right here". little stinker... her legs work! but being the sweet mom that i am, i helped her get it while i was taking miley upstairs for a little nap. her castle is really cute.. it plays music, and has furniture, the princess and prince can dance and it even comes with a frog!! well, while ella kate was trying to get the castle arranged like 'so', i saw josiah in the corner trying to set on one of the castle chairs!! now, keep in mind that this is a little people set, so that chair was all of 3 inches tall:) he would place it down in the perfect spot, then hover and squat.... but the chair would never hold him up... imagine that!! but that boy has some strong determination, and he never gave up!! he spent a good 10 minutes trying to set in that little chair:) lucky for him, bill rang the supper bell and it was time to eat that delicious soup at last!! so maybe next time, he will fit in that chair!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

smiley miley :)

well, since i have shared about the other 2.. i want to fill you in on our little 'squeaker' :) we LOVE this baby... all 4 of us! ella kate is quick to tell people that baby mi-ey is her sister and she yubs her!! josiah loves to headbutt miley (lovingly, i might add!!) and open mouth kiss her all over her face. there she is, our sweet baby miley, with drool dripping off her chubby cheeks and her bubba beaming with pride, over his little baby and his ability to "kiss" her so well:) and miley responds to them so sweetly! if either one gets right in her face, she smiles and squeals and you can tell that she just loves them! it is so sweet, there are times i am teary-eyed and speechless at how the lord has blessed us so... we could not have asked for a smoother transition of our new baby. miley is amazing! 3 months have come and gone, and i am a bit sad! with every new milestone that she reaches, i find myself feeling like, 'wait, slow down... slow down.. you are growing too fast!!' i am trying to enjoy every second of her precious little life. i get so caught up in the fact that we have a 2yr old, 1yr old and 3mo old, and lose myself in the craziness of it all... that i have to make myself take a breather and soak it all in!
miley is such an easy, happy, squeaky baby! she loves her daddy and knows his voice, she has the longest, curliest eyelashes we have ever seen on a baby, she loves her swing, loves when anyone talks to her, loves to smile (and she crinkles up her nose when she does..), loves to squeak, loves to eat and loves her bed! she is such a good sleeper... already sleeps 12 hrs at night! (thank you jesus!!) she really is just happy to be here... and we are more than happy that she is ours:)

sweet 'siah!

ella kate and josiah are beginning to have a cute 'buddy' type of relationship these days. when i say that they are buddies, i clearly mean that ella kate is in charge and josiah is supposed to do whatever she says:) sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. poor thing, he really does love his sisters, but he is surrounded by so much girly-ness.. too much at times! just this morning he and ella kate were walking around the house in my high heels!! (bill would have FREAKED OUT!) but she also tries to put her hairbows and necklaces on him and he'll just wear them with a smile... and i know one of these days she will talk him into having a tea party with her. i just hope that i can sneak him one of his toy dinosaurs to crash and destroy her tea and crumpets:) but being the sweet little boy that he is, he will probably propose a toast to her... such a sweet little brother! i remember when he was 11mo old or so, i had left ella kate and josiah playing in her room and when i came back to check on them, josiah was COVERED in stickers! ella kate decorated her little brother and was so proud of it and apparently josiah was too!! he just sat there patiently until she was done! and it was funny the other day when we were outside, she was running across the grass in the front yard and she hollered, " 'siah davis, com'er son!!" and sure enough...his cute, bow-legged little self, toddled over to her... just a smilin'! but don't get me wrong, there are plenty of times where she wants to 'ring around the rosey' with him, or hug, kiss and love him and he will have nothing to do with it or her! he is definetly capable of telling her he has had enough!! and here is a pic of just that....
josiah is our little cuddle bug! he is a true momma's boy and loves being kissed and held and 'babied'. he has a crazy addiction to remote controls and the buttons on the tv/dvd player/radio. all of which are off limits to the kids!! but for some reason, every morning when he wakes up, he 'forgets' that he is not allowed to touch them and EVERY morning he gets popped. he has the most pitiful 'sad' face too. i really need to get a picture of it... that bottom lip comes out and pretty much drags on the floor. if you tell him no-no, you might as well of ripped his heart out and stomped all over it! he is super sensitive, but strong-willed at the same time.. (fun combination.. huh??!) but he is 'fearfully and wonderfully made' and we thank god for this little man!

oh... and did i mention that he loves baby einstein videos?! he would willingly break his neck just to watch one and here is a pic of him doing just that...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

are all of my stories from the bathtub??

i am sure i have said before, that i am one of those moms who bathe their kids every night. bill and i shower or bathe every night before we go to bed, so why shouldn't our kids?!? i'm not really a germaphobe, but i do like for our babies to be clean! clean noses, clean faces, clean hands, clean fingernails... so when i think of all that our babies have come in contact with throughout the day, i can't help but want to wash it all off! so having said that... many of our cute conversations happen in the tub! like tonight... ella kate was looking at our conditioner bottle and was naming all the colors that she saw on the bottle. "wed, gween, byue... momma, say GOOD GIRL!!" (in a super cute, high pitch voice) "good girl ella kate..." i said. however that was not good enough. "no, momma, say GOOD GIRL!" she was wanting me to say 'good girl' in a very high, very dramatic, very enthusiastic voice:) so i did and then she said, "my knows my numbers.. right momma?" well... colors, numbers... same thing!
i know that most of my stories are about ella kate... and i try not be partial, but it is just that she is at an age where she interacts well and talks to you. josiah and miley are loved everybit as much as ek, they are just not vocal.... yet :) josiah is such a cutie! we had chicken nuggets for supper tonight and he had just one more in his hand that he was finishing off. so i let him bring it upstairs with him while they got in the tub. like i have said earlier, that hot bath water makes him go to the potty everytime! however tonight, when his feet hit the water, he started TT'ing immediately. he was still standing and i saw him trying to stick his chicken nugget in the stream, but everytime he would bend to get it in the stream, it would stop... pretty gross, but pretty cute at the same time! and sweet baby miley... we love that girl! she has been then best little addition to our family! she coo's and gurgles all the time and even laughed out loud this week! she LOVES her brother and sister... and as rough as they are with her, she still just smiles!

yub, sweet yub

ella kate 'yubs' everything these days! she and josiah are really into music and dancing, and we have several cd's and dvd's that they sing along and dance to. one of which, happens to be barney! i know, i know... what i am doing.. allowing my kids to watch the big, purple dinosaur.. but they really like him! infact, tonight in the car, ella kate said, "momma, i yub barney! he's sweet!" then she proceeded to say, "i yub boys and girls, i yub da moon, i yub fren fries, i yub jesus... etc" basically, whatever came to her sweet little mind, she 'yubbed!" so, i told her that i loved her.. and she said, "no, my not yub you right now!" i was heart broken!! where did she get that from?!? then she told me to cry, so i played along and whimpered a little bit, and from her little seat in the back, i heard, "it's ok momma.. i yub you! you gonna be alwight!!"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


as i have mentioned earlier... my life is pretty routine! i start my day around 8:30 or 9:00, whenever the babies wake up, feed miley, change a poopy, eat breakfast, watch playhouse disney, change a poopy, lay miley back down, play downstairs, change a poopy, get the babies dressed, send ek and jos to their room to play by themselves, i get a bath and get dressed, feed miley, change a poopy, eat lunch, play some more,change a poopy, ek and jos NAP TIME, one on one with the squeaker, lay her down, i get to relax... (and fold laundry, clean up toys, clean kitchen, etc...) babies wake up, change a poopy, eat a snack, feed miley, play outside, wait for daddy to come home, change a poopy, cook supper (if i actually cook anything..), lay miley down, DADDY'S HOME, eat supper, change a poopy, ek and jos play with daddy, i clean up some more, feed miley, change a poopy, bath time, bed time, take the trash this time, it is 7:30 and i am pooped!! but i then hang out with daddy, go to bed and start all over again tomorrow!
here is a pic of ek during her 'room play time!!" i didn't hear her playing as usual so i go and peek in to check on her...she never falls asleep then, but looks like she was pooped too.. didn't even fully get on the bed:)

Monday, January 5, 2009

today was quite busy..

so today i woke up not feeling quite the best... and i guess the lord knew what i needed to give me a little boost! this morning was rough, i was in yucky mood (so ready for this gloomy weather to pass!!), and the babies seemed to constantly bicker at each other, and sweet little miley, who NEVER makes a sound, was needing some mommy time.. and i just wanted to plug my ears and crawl back in bed!! i was even tempted to stick my babies on the front porch with a sign saying, FOR FREE!! just kidding :) lucky for them, (and me)...i said a little prayer calmed down a bit and was able to have some fun with them this afternoon.. ella kate says the darndest things and makes me laugh so easily:) after they woke up from their nap, the sun somewhat came out, and we were able to go outside and play. we have a ginormous swingset in the back, that my amazing hubby and bro-in law set up last year, but we recently had some trees cut down, and the back yard is atrocious!! so i grabbed a baby doll stroller, some sidewalk chalk and ek's new dora bike and we headed out the front door to play in the driveway! we drew a few scribbles and ek, jos and baby reindeer went to wal-mart and went 'shoppin' at the star'.. it was so cute! josiah apparently pooped b/c i heard ek say, "SHOOO-EEEE 'siah! you stink!!" that was his 3rd one of the day! (and that is normal! ) they were having the most fun playing together.. until a train came!!! we live right infront of some railroad tracks and that thing is SUPER loud if you are outside. and sure enough ella kate had a COW when it tooted his whistle! josiah kept on playing like nothing was going on.. but ek had huge crocodile tears and all. i tried to tell her that the train was nice, and was going bye-bye... that it wouldn't hurt her. it was almost immediately that she took ownership of that thing! soon after... it was ELLA KATE'S choo -choo! she told me that it was sweet and it was pink! then, she was fine! so next time that we are outside and the train comes, i will have to remind her that it is just her sweet, pink choo- choo that is going bye bye!after we played, we came inside to eat supper. bill has a meeting and wont be home til later, so i didn't cook anything... and was just gonna throw something together! i decided to make a fried bologna sandwich with cheetos and applesauce (yummy huh??) so i handed the babies their sandwiches, only to hear ella kate say,"hmmm.. lets see here.." she picked it up and studied it as if it were a foreign object to her. (we have had these several times before) she took a big bite and said, "yum momma!! my yike it! it's delicious!!" so i replied... "oh yeah?? i am so glad you like it! you are so sweet to be eating your sandwich." "no, momma ella kate's not sweet... my's a big girl!!" so we were going back and forth like this throughout supper. josiah decided to shove his whole sandwich in his mouth and it must have hit his hangy-ball or something b/c he gagged himself!! ella kate looked at him and said, "goodness 'siah, be careful buddy! you gonna choke all day!"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

josiah's tub time..

ever since he was a newborn, our sweet little josiah has had a little problem.
everytime...(well, atleast 9 times out of 10),that he gets into our bathtub.... he POOPS! i dont know if the hot water hitting his little hiney just relaxes every hiney muscle that he has, or what... but it sure is disgusting! i am not sure which is worse though..... him pooping in the tub or ek catching the floaties in her little tea cup!! last night, i heard something worse... "EWWW... GROSS.... i got poopy on my finger!!"

Thursday, January 1, 2009

so mature..

ella kate is hot stuff! she somehow thinks that she has it going on... she can be the sweetest, kindest, biggest helper of a kid... but in the next breath she can put you in your place! she is so much lik her daddy.. they make me smile! tonight we went to run some errands and josiah was a little restless in the backseat.. ella kate reached for him and gently said, "it's ok 'siah, we almost there!" sweet girl... and poor little bubba had had enough of that carseat... we had ran errands all afternoon and i dont blame him for wanting to get out! we have a dvd movie thing in the car and it is a lifesaver in moments like that. you can pop in a praise baby, a baby einstein or barbie (yes... our sweet bubba loves him some barbie!!) and all is quiet in the backseat! but tonight, when the movie finished.. i think it was barbie christmas... ella kate told me, "momma... it's over, turn it off!! momma, the movie is over.." we have it plugged in up front next to us, so i reached and pulled out the cord to shut the dvd system down and ek said, "good girl, momma.. good girl!" bill and i just chuckled..

we are so blessed to have such a tight knit family. and our babies loves them so much! my sister lauren is yaya and erin is aunt AIR'n... so cute!! we also have a unk eck (uncle eric), mimi (who josiah renamed nini this week) and a poppa:) they are great!! yaya and josiah have a special bond.. always have, always will!! of course, ella kate loves yaya, but no one loves her more that sweet 'siah! and aunt AIR'n is extra special to ella kate these days b/c she has a cute little accessory.. baby eve!! but it seems like lately, ella kate has felt the need to put yaya in her place. one sunday afternoon at mimi's, ella kate apparently sassed off at me and i was unaware. but, lauren heard it and thumped ek on the head. she looked at her like she had lost her mind and said, "yaya... dont hit the head!!! understand?!!?" and this week, we were trying to round up our brood to get in the car and ek takes a squat in the front yard. you all know what that means....she has on a pull-up but apparently it is too late, so we give her a few minutes to wrap things up:) josiah didn't mind waiting on her, he just ran up and down the sidewalk and tripped and fell, and ran some more.. if we didn't hurry, he was gonna be dirty in no time.. such a boy! so, knowing that, lauren is trying to get her inside to changer her, but ella kate puts her hand up and says something like, "stop yaya, i am POOPIN'!!!"

it's a wonderful life..

last night, bill was at the chick-fil-a bowl watching tech get whooped... and i was at home ringing in the new year with the babies... not really, they went to bed at 7:) anyways, ella kate had gotten this princess inflatable chair for christmas and she was begging to open in up. so i brought in into josiah's room and attempted to pump it up. it came with a little pink plastic accordian looking pump that was very cheaply made and didn't put out much air at all.. the chair was pretty small, but after i saw that the pink pump was a piece of junk, i tried to blow it up myself.. but was getting nowhere. i remembered that bill had an electric pump, so when i found it i decided i would give it a whirl.. i hooked it up and turned it on, and it was much louder than i remembered!! it scared poor bubba to death, he was trying to get away but his itty bitty legs couldn't scurry him out of the room fast enough!! it was so cute that i even chuckled a bit:) i went and found him in the living room and his little heart was just a racing.. poor thing! so i got the chair up and covered in the princess "get-up" and ella kate said, "oh momma, it's wonderful!!" she clapped her hands and started jumping up and down in delight! very dramatic.. but very cute!! her jumping didn't cease though, and within the first 30 seconds, she had busted her chair! i knew that thing was cheap!! but i did manage to get a cute picture..

birthday helper

happy new year everyone!! i cannot believe that 2009 is already here... everything seems to go by so much faster the older that i get! i turned 25 on tuesday and i just feel soooo old! maybe it is because i got married in '05, had a baby in '06, a baby in '07 and a baby in '08... those can take a toll on a person!! :) but i do have an amazing life and the Lord has truly blessed me far more than i could have ever imagined!! i am so thankful!
so with my birthday being this week, bill and ella kate got to spend some special time together. they went on a date to shop for my birthday present, and that girl loves to shop!! she loves walmart, kroger, "bays" r us.. you name it:) but her all time favorite is 'the star'!! oh how she loves shoppin' at the star, which happens to be macys:) bill and i like to take the babies to the mall and walk around. they enjoy people watching and we enjoy just getting out of the house. but everytime we go to the mall, we park at macys and the macys big red star gets ella kate squealing and cheering as soon as she spots it! "hurray for the star!!" so one night i was at home with sweet bubba and squeaker and they went off to find the perfect present at the star.. they ended up buying me this dress that is just so 'me'! i saw it a couple weeks ago and thought that it was so cute, but it was more money than i would spend on a dress for myself, so i didn't think about it again, but my sweet husband did and he bought it! when i opened it, ek was so excited and said, "i got that for you, you look like a pwincess momma!" she is a doll..they also had some special time making me cupcakes.. she is such a helper and LOVES being a bill's little shadow! and josiah and i loved eating the funfetti masterpieces! they turned out so yummy! i had a great bday:)