Friday, February 27, 2009

thankful for sleeping babies:)

i never thought that i would ever say this, but i am thankful that bill requires a lot of sleep!! apparently, he has passed down that trait to all 3 of our babies!! they always have been such great little sleepers:) i guess i take it for granted, or maybe it is the fact that i have never had one who wasn't a good sleeper.. so this is all we know! but as i was talking to some of my other mommy friends, they weren't neccessarily in my shoes....
but here is a picture of our sweet baby miley!! she sleeps anywhere from 12-14hrs at night, and still takes 3 one and half to two hr naps a day! although, i am incredibly thankful.... i do wish that her diaper would hold more:) she is a belly sleeper and she wets thru her clothes almost every night!! we put her normal diaper on and then one of josiah's on top of that and she STILL wakes up in the morning with wet jammies and wet sheets!! oh, well... you can't have it all, can you:)


as i may have mentioned earlier, ella kate goes to 'school' (mother's day out) at my dad's church. my mom is the 2yr old teacher, so we send ek a couple days a week and she LOVES IT!! usually, on bill's way to work, he drops ella kate off at mimi's house and the 2 of them will head off to school. well, yesterday bill went by starbucks and surprised my mom with her favorite drink. when mim and ella kate were alone in her car, ella kate said, "daddy got you a drink??? hmmm.. that was very sweet of him!" :)
i love her..

Thursday, February 26, 2009


ella kate is such a little diva! she is going thru a phase right now, where she ONLY wants to wear dresses... no pants, they are not even an option! she only wants to wear her 'dancing shoes' which is what she calls her plastic, dress-up high heels, she only wants to wear her hair a certain way and she has to pick out the bow!!! and about a week ago, she found a ceiling fan pull chain thingy and that is her new necklace, that she wears EVERYWHERE!!! it's pretty ridiculous:) she loves all things girly.... purses, 'trapstick', hats, painted nails.... you name it!! and she even when she is getting ready for bed, she ONLY wants to wear a night gown. not the cute, warm, fleecy zip-up one piece things, or the thermal longleeved jammies... she wants the silky sleeveless 'princess' night gowns!! last sunday night, i was getting her dressed for puggles (her awana program at church), and i pulled out her puggles shirt and some jeans. ella kate had a heart attack! she could not believe that i was being so mean and making her wear something other than a dress! so when i was all finished, i let her look in the mirror and she sad in the gloomiest, most pitiful voice, "my's not a pwincess anymore!!" and then she started to cry. oh my... all of a sudden, her shirt was too tight, her jeans were hurting her belly and her chin started to hurt! but i was NOT giving in:) i can appreciate the fact that she likes to dress in her own way... but she is TWO!!! if i start letting her dictate to me what she is going to wear now, i can only imagine how it will be later! so, i told her that she was going to wear that and that we needed to hurry and get her shoes so we could leave. then, she told me that NONE of her shoes in her closet fit, except her 'dancing shoes' and that they were 'perstick!' but being the mean mom that i am, i didn't let her wear those either! she has plenty of shoes that fit and that would look so cute with her puggles attire, so we put those on.... and she cried again! oh, boy.... the drama!! it never ends:) but my parents have recently told me that they once knew a little girl JUST LIKE HER.... hmmmm:) notice her 'necklace:)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

we love our babies..

bill and i are so blessed! we have 3 healthy, hilarious, 'cutie pie' babies, whom we adore!! so often, i take them for granted. i get so caught up in the day, and all that it entails with 3 babies, but the lord said that, "every good and perfect gift comes from him!" he GAVE ella kate, josiah and miley to us!! they are gifts that we don't deserve.. but i want to take the time to thank god for these precious lives. may we be the parents that he has called us to be and help lead them to the cross! thank you jesus!


this morning as i was getting josiah dressed, ella kate came in to 'help' me! we picked out some clothes and when ella kate saw the finished product, she said, "oooohhh 'siah, you look ADORABLE!! not like dura (dora), but ADORABLE!!"
well put... we think our bubba is adorable.... bruises and all:)

everyone needs a yaya!!

yaya is my sister lauren! she is an amazing aunt! she and josiah are super special buddies and of course miley and ella kate love her too:) now, dont get me wrong.. we love our aunt erin too, but she has a family and other obligations, so we try and squeeze in enough yaya time, before we lose her too!! lauren came over during one of her days off this week and i snapped this picture of her and the babies! we love you yaya!

first shiner..

josiah is now ... a big boy!! he officially has his 1st black eye, (well, technically it is his cheek, but who cares!!) we were visiting our "unk eck" (that is what ella kate has named her uncle eric) at his work, and josiah walked square into the corner of his desk!! that boy falls and bangs his head more than anyone i know! he is such a bruiser and a clumsy one at that.... but he is a trooper! he cried and wanted daddy to make it all better, and then he was back down walking into more doors and walls! cutie pie:)

Friday, February 20, 2009

trying to help

so... it is nap time at the davis house! everyday, from around 1pm until 4pm ella kate and josiah nap. miley of course still eats every 3 hours, so she eats when i lay them down and then she goes down around 2pm until 4pm... ANYWAYS... right now they are all supposed to be asleep, but bill heard ella kate talking and moving around in her room, so he went in to check on her. [now, keep in mind that we are 'working' on the potty training thing. some days are great and some days are not so great! we ran some errands this morning and she TT'd in her poo-yup (pull up) so i changed her and put a new poo-yup on her when i laid her down for her nap just now.] so back to the story... when bill walks in her room, he smacked in the face with this HORRIBLE smell and the sight of his daughter struggling to get her panties up with poo all over her hands. apparently, right after she TT'd in potty and got a clean pull-up on with me, she had a tummy ache and had a messy accident. she tried to take off the dirty pull-up, wipe herself clean with about a dozen wipes and put a new pull-up on. TALK ABOUT A MESS:) thankfully, bill cleaned it all up without a complaint and tried to tell ella kate that momma's and daddy's need to help take off dirty diapers and put clean ones on. i am sure he was having a hard time controlling his gag refluxes as he is cleaning off poo from her hands down to her toes. bless her heart though, she was just trying to help!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

in less than an hour...

it is amazing what all my kids can do and say in no time at all! for instance, if you were a fly on the wall from 4- 4:30 this afternoon... this is what you would have seen and heard....
ella kate got a fun, new straw for valentines and has been dying to use it. with it in her hand she tells me, "momma, my is soooo thirsty!! i might fro up!!" she had a full sippy cup on the counter, but she was SOOO thirsty for that new straw:) i told her i would get her some water that she could drink with her new straw and she said.. "oh... and i'ma need some cheese too!!" so i get miss priss settled and turn the corner to see that josiah has opened up our case of bottled water and lined them all up along the window sill (sp??). he was happy so i left him alone. i thought i would tackle some laundry before i started supper and josiah found him a sheet and put it over his head and walked around the house. that boy... he has a fetish with things on his head!! after i finished folding the mountain of clothes that were on my kitchen table, i decided to get started on supper. i hear ella kate downstairs saying, "baby mi-ey.... where ARE you?!!?" ok, last i knew.. i put her in her bouncy seat with a praise baby dvd. a little concerned with what ella kate was saying, i peeked my head downstairs and see ella kate standing next to a squirming bundle of sheet!!! miley was still in her bouncy seat... she was just covered with josiah's sheet (which he apparently dropped while getting sidetracked with the tv). ella kate just wanted to play a game of "pick-ee-oooo!" miley was sucking her thumb and smiling the whole time:) sweet baby!! i ask ella kate if she can play something else and let miley be alone for a while. so, with that i continue to work on supper and in walks miss priss with her 'dancing shoes' and the sheet over her head! "look momma... my like jesus!!"
"yes, ella kate... you do look like jesus! but, i dont think that jesus wore dancing shoes though..."
"oh, yes him did! him's yub dancing shoes!!"
oh.....well.. i stand corrected!

Monday, February 16, 2009

conversations with miss priss!

*i hear a mumbling voice in the backseat and i thought ella kate was talking to me, so i turn around and say, "huh?" ella kates gives me this look and says, "momma, don't say huh! i's singing!" oh excuse me...

*while looking for her dancing shoes (plastic, dress-up shoes) she askes yaya if she knows where they were. yaya says, "no". ella kate says, "yes, yaya... your know!" later.. yaya finds the missing shoe and gets a "good girl!" from ella kate:)

*today, at mimi's house, ella kate came in the room with something wet and red (like her gatorade) all over her shirt. i asked her what it was and she said, "oh.. i spilled biscuit on me, but you don't want to get it off right now. ok?"

*"momma, i wanna watch snow white and the sen doooors!!"

*while putting the babies down for bed tonight, ella kate comes out of her room after 5 minutes of being in there. she finds me in my room and says, "momma, i just went night-night in my room!" i say, "oh really?" and she said, "don't say that momma, you gotta say good girl ella kate!" "oh, good girl, but lets go back down to your room and go night-night for real".

*in the bathtub tonight, ella kate thought that the water was going to be too hot. but she got in and said, "oh... it is perstick! (perfect) it is not too code (cold) for me!" love her..")

Sunday, February 15, 2009

our little pwincess..

so it is no secret ella kate is into the 'princess' thing! last night we had a valentine's banquet at church and everyone got dressed up. i had gone out and gotten a special dress and when ella kate saw me in it she said, 'wow momma.. you a pwincess!!' sweet girl:) it's amazing what a little make up and change of clothes can do:)
then this morning, i was getting her dressed for church. she wasn't wearing anything new or extra special, but it WAS a dress therefore she WAS a pwincess! she looked in the mirror and said,"ella kate's a pwincess, my need to go tell everyone!" so look out world, princess ella kate has arrived:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i be sweet...

ella kate has been unusually testy today! normally, she is pretty sweet and predictable... tries to push the limits, but almost always obedient... but today she threw me for some loops. she didn't want to share ANYTHING today, and kept throwing her toys. we don't throw stuff here at home, so it was odd seeing her do this! we were playing with the little people downstairs, when she decided to go upstairs to her room to bring out something else. now, we have a rule at our house, that we clean up one set of toys before we bring out another. for instance, if we are playing with puzzles, but she wants to bring out the blocks... then we pick up all the puzzle pieces and put them away before we dump blocks everywhere! and she knows this, but today when i told her that we needed to pick up the little people, she started throwing them everywhere. not neccesarily at me or josiah, but not in the tupperware bin that they belong either. i corrected her and asked her not to throw the toys, but to put them away gently. and this is what she said, "sorry momma, i not fro my toys, i be sweet. my's a big girl!" then i got proud thinking, wow that was easy! i'm doing a good job at this mom-thing!! and i look back at her and see that she's throwing some more.. geez!

our sweet sharing 'siah!!

this afternoon, ella kate, josiah and i were outside playing. we had our usual play items, the stroller, dora (or dura as ek calls her), the bucket, sidewalk chalk... you know, all the neccessities:) well, josiah loves to push dora in the stroller, (i know, i know.. we need to get him a manly wagon or something, but for now he loves the hot pink stroller!).. anyways, ella kate had been pushing it around for a while and josiah wanted a turn. i asked ella kate if she would share and let josiah push it for a while, she snapped back with a disrespectful, snoody little remark! i, in return popped her and put her little hiney on the bricks for a time-out! so now, it was josiah's turn to take 'dura' for a stroll, but he had a hard time listening to ella kate whimper on the bricks so being the sweet little boy he is... he pushed the stroller back to ella kate and plopped down next to her on the bricks, trying to make it all better! sweet boy:)

Monday, February 9, 2009

back to the bucket...

as i have mentioned earlier, josiah likes to wear this purple bucket on his head. it is his new found comfort thing. he goes and looks for it as soon as he wakes up in the morning and he keeps it with him all throughout the day! anyways, it was bedtime and the bucket was in the living room and someone noticed that there was some sort of water in it.... just a little puddle, sitting in the bottom. we had no idea how it got there, but we dumped it out and washed it off and put it back where josiah could get it in the morning. so the next morning came and for some weird reason, bill had the urge to ask ella kate this question. "ella kate, did you TT in josiah's bucket last night?" and with a GIGANTIC smile and completely proud of herself she said, "yes ma'am!!!"
what a sweet sister... wanting to leave 'siah a prize to dump on his head when he wore the bucket the next day:) gross!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

exciting times..

i swear when bill is working late, our kids plan a secret team meeting and plot ways to drive their momma crazy! like tonight, bill didn't come home until 8ish, so it was another long day... and the crazies were at it again!! ella kate wanted pigtails this afternoon and they were anything but cute! but two a 2 yr old, they were "perstick... my's a pwincess!!"josiah had found one of ella kate's buckets from vbs last year and decided to wear it on his head THE WHOLE NIGHT! he was bumping into walls, running into doors, falling down the stairs and yet never took it off. he never cried when he would smash into something, he would just keep banging his head until he figured it out. one time he got stuck in ella kate's room and kept walking into the door, backing up and walking back into the door again. ridiculous! then ella kate was on the potty for what seemed like all night. she would go and then get up, but feel like she had to go again and sit back down on her little pink plastic potty. she stood up one time after sitting there for a while, and the potty was stuck to her hiney and came up with her. then it fell and TT splashed and slushed all in her room. there was however a cracker that she had dropped in her potty during her long visit and josiah had found it after it splashed out and grabbed it to eat it! (very seldom so i scream at my kids, but this afternoon i let out a sound that they wont ever forget!!) i just didn't want jos to eat the TT soaken cracker, but he wasn't close enough for me to grab it from him, so i hollered out.... and he dropped it and cried. poor guy.. all he wanted was a snack!! so little exciting events happened all night and needless to say, i am glad everyone is in bed now! i love my babies, but they wear me out!!!

4 months old already..

where does the time go?? our smiley miley is 4 months old today:) it is flying by, and i am kinda sad!! usually, when one of our babies is 4 months old, i am already pregnant again... but not this time:) bill and i both want more babies, but we are gonna try and space them out a little farther. not that having 3 babies ages 2 and under isn't fun and all, we are just wanting to give momma a little break.. haha:) anyways, back to miley. have i mentioned that she is the best baby EVER??? well, she is:) the lord has blessed us with 3 amazing babies and we could not have imagined a greater love for our children!! we pray for them daily, that the lord with call them to himself and that they would have a passion and desire to serve him with everything that is in them! and the lord has instilled in miley such a sweet and calm spirit that just melts the heart of everyone who 'meets' her! she is so quick to offer that crooked little smile to anyone who talks to her, and she is starting to talk back with her sweet coo's! she loves to laugh at her daddy, and doesn't miss too many meals:) she is still on good ol' momma's milk, but i am getting the itch to wean her off soon. we are going to introduce some rice cereal this month, and i am sure that i will have some cute pictures to share! she has got big, blue eyes and dimples like her brother, and a head full of dark hair like her sister... both of whom she LOVES!! here is a little pic of our growing baby girl trying to find her thumb:)

my big girl

as i have mentioned earlier, we are really working hard on the potty training with ella kate. she was supposed to be napping just now, and i heard her in there talking to herself. so i opened her door and this is what i found.. and sure enough she had tt'd in the potty!! yay!! that is 3 times in the potty so far today, and i am so proud if her!! on a side note, i wanted to share with you a cute thing she has been saying lately. i was reading one of my many parenting books, and the author was expressing the need of encouraging your children. they said that for every negative thing you do or say to them (like if they disobey you and you have to correct them) that you should praise them 10 times more!! i had no idea how hard that would be! and they said not to praise their beauty or cuteness, but more so their positive actions. so i have desperately been trying to praise her more. i will say, "oh ella kate thank you for being such a big helper by putting the toys away, etc... " and everytime, she'd say, "momma, my not a big helper... my's a big girl!!"

Monday, February 2, 2009

mr. softy

i can already see that josiah is going to be a 'softy'. or atleast, he will be for a little while.. he has started showing so much compassion for his sisters, that i just want to cry as i watch it. he adores miley and cannot refrain from kissing her and touching her and patting her.. etc:) it is so sweet. as soon as she wakes up from a nap he runs to her and loves her (head butts her, but in an ever so sweet way!) he is going to be the best big brother to her! and he has recently shown a lot of mercy towards ella kate. if she gets in trouble and gets a spanking and sent to her room, he waits by the door to be the first one to hug her and make all better. or if she gets sent to time-out, he will try and go with her and sit right by her side:) it is so sweet! he is such a sweet boy and is growing so fast! he will be 18 months old this month!! we love our sweet 'siah!