Monday, October 28, 2013


Did y'all know that a new addition is coming this spring?

Sweet kids! EK-7, jos-6, Miley-5, Adalyn-2.5, Levi- 17 months

This little cutie has decided to walk! It only took him 16 months:)

Hair brushing train!

Soccer practice!

Homeschool at Mimi's with her glasses:)

Adalyn likes them too!

First shiner.. From King Kong:)

Miley's pajamas of choice this particular night!


EK and Josiah were on the Redbirds and Miley was on the rams! Adalyn was an honorary cheerleader:)

Miley's party...

It would have helped if I would have added these to her bday post..

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Miley is 5!!!

Miley, you are 5!! Can you believe it!?

What a fun little ball of energy you are! You brighten our life with your cheeky smile, and spunky spirit! It's hard to believe you are already a "whole hand"!! You are a lover of purple, sparkles, shoes, bugs, lizards, leaves, the outdoors, barbie, gum and mrs. Lori. You want to be a mermaid when you grow up and you copy Ella Kate's every move. She and Sarah Beth are your best friends. You love to sing and dance and are always putting on a show.. You play amazingly well by yourself and would dig in the dirt or swing in the tree swing ALL day long, if I let you:) you are honest and helpful, sassy and sweet, fiery and fun!! We thank God for your precious life and stand amazed at how He created you to be YOU! Miley, you are special and God is going to use you in HUGE ways. Don't ever change.. We love you all of the way to disney world with 30 hundred cupcakes! (Kiss kiss!) <--- that's her favorite thing to say!

She had preschool on her bday and mrs Lori made her purple cupcakes and bought her this special bday pin. When I picked her up from school, she told me that she had been using this pin all day to out holes in her ears like Ella Kate, but it wasn't working! (Praise The Lord! We didn't need a tetanus shot for her bday!) she had a party at the park with her closest buddies and ate pizza and princess cupcakes!