Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clearly.. I have been busy..

How in the world, have I forgotten my poor little blog? It's not that my kids no longer do any cute/funny/mischievous things.. It's an everyday occurrence around these parts:) I guess I have just been relishing in the sweet moments of my little family this summer, without a care of whether or not I will remember the hilarious incidents of my day. And sadly.. I am sure that I can't remember all of them! However.. King Kong (Adalyn) has had a rather spunky day.

This morning, she was outside playing with the big 3 when she ran back into the house crying, "momma, dat bug scare me and I say AHH!" :) Ella Kate told me she saw a beetle in the mulch. She also pitched a royal fit after lunch when Miley and Josiah ate the last two gingerbread men cookies. She kept crying and begging for her "boogey man!" :) she is talking SO well and I love how she enunciates certain words/sounds. She blames every thing on "lee-wise". EVERYTHING! She also makes sure that we "yook" (look) at her in the car while she sings and dances. Adalyn LOVES Barney and loves it when Ella Kate caters to her every need. She is growing up so fast.. They all are!

They had a blast making cupcakes for July 4th. It worked my nerves a bit when they were spilling flour everywhere and crunching egg shells in the batter, but I am trying to calm down a bit and let them help. After all, that is the only way they will learn:)

This has been the rainiest summer that I can remember.... And I am not at all complaining! It has kept the temperatures cooler and our grass watered:) the kids and bill enjoyed playing in the rain some..

We also had a week at the beach with my family. 18 people in one house.. 10 kids all 6 years and younger:) it really was great! I miss it already!

Ella Kate was a big helper! She enjoyed tending to all of the babies and playing with the big girls! She also braved the big waves with poppa and the aunts:)

Josiah learned how to "surf" and LOVED riding in the waves:) He was a calm and quiet addition.. Loved feeding the deer.

Miley brought home 1 million seashells.. I am not lying. She searched the beach everyday for more treasures. She even hid a hermit crab in her suitcase..

Adalyn liked building sand castles with daddy and playing with "Eddie". (Ellie) those two are best buds. She also loved riding the "car car" (golf cart) every night and feeding the deer.

This little fella ate more sand, sticks and seaweed that I would have ever thought possible. But he was AMAZING! He crawled all in the waves completely fearless and smashed sandcastles like nobody's business:) what a joy!

I love these babies!

This was the last picture of Miney moe sucking her thumb! I am so proud to say that she quit!! All by herself:) she even has a new mermaid barbie to prove it!

Fripp Family 2013