Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our life through photos

..........................COULD HE BE ANY CUTER????..........................

We enjoyed a fun market downtown one cool morning.

Halloween 2012 (4,5,18mo, 6, 5mo)

Behind the scenes of the decorating:)

Dopey has found out he likes to suck his toes!

Each of our kids sponsored less fortunate children for Christmas. We were provided with a book bag, and the kids were each given the chance to buy things that they thought their little boy or girls would like. It was so fun! We even laid hands on the bag and each kid said a special prayer for that specific child. This will be a tradition we continue forever!

Sweet Hilley cousin babies. Levi 5 months, Coleman 10 months. Sweet, sweet!

All of the Hilley cousins.
Ellie, Miley, Levi, Eve, Coleman, Josiah, Adalyn, Ella Kate, Clara Bet.
Pure madness with 9 cousins born in 5 years.. But they will always have a buddy.. Or an enemy:)

Our mornings still involve sweet Bristol. She and Levi will be getting into trouble together in no time!

And we were "spotted" at the fair? The first family portrait in a long time:)