Saturday, May 21, 2011

stepmudders, donuts and sass!

i just walked into the girl's bedroom and heard josiah telling them a "ghost story about mean stepmudders". i don't have a clue where they get this stuff from! but now, as i type this, miley is the "stepmudder" who is chasing ella kate and josiah around the house while all 3 are screaming and laughing!

also.. last night i was bathing the baby while bill was outside eating krispy kreme doughnuts with the other kids. josiah came upstairs to use the bathroom and told me, "momma, can you huwwy (hurry) and wipe me before da girls(meaning ek and miley) eat all da doughnuts!" :)

after bath time, i was feeding adalyn and bill was trying to braid ella kate's hair. apparently it wasn't the way that she wanted it to be because she said, "uhh... dad? i know you are getting old and maybe you just can see that good anymore. or.... maybe, you just can't remember how to do it!" :)

look at this sweet bundle of CUTE-NESS!!! smiling at miney moe:)
and this, my friends, is an everyday occurance! my sassafrass lives a hard life:)and one more pic of my growing baby girl:)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

mimi is OLD!

sometimes grandma's can make kids a little hyper... especially their name is ella kate! we have asked her over and over again to settle down some whenever she is around the grandparents. for some reason she is wanting to pull on, jump on and tackle them (in love). well, today was no different! my mom was sitting on the floor and ella kate was behind her, hanging on her neck. i gave ella kate the 'look' and said, "ella kate, what have i told you about mimi??" she said, "what?!? that she is getting really, really old??" bahaha!!! i smiled and said, "yes! she is getting old and when you hang on her like that, you could hurt her!!" my mom looked at me with a pouty face, so i reminded her that she didn't want them to climb and be rough... right??? she chimed in and said, "right! because i might break!" then, ella kate felt the need to say, "yeah!! you might DIE!!!" :)

also.. we got a treadmill recently and the kids LOVE to run on it. josiah can actually sprint on that thing!! it is hilarious! he can get those little legs just a going:) miley told me today that she wanted to "eppersize" on it. (exercise)

and who can resist this sweet, smiley face?? i can't believe she is 2 months already!! here are my other cuties today! excuse miley's wad of gum:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

painted finger-toes!

my girls and i just painted our "finger-toes" today. (that is what miley and josiah call fingernails/toenails:) )

ek had been begging me for the past few days to paint her's and the baby's. somehow the color red was chosen (after i denied green and purple polish), so poor adalyn's toes look like they are bleeding!! oh well, it was a memory made and ella kate and miley had a blast helping me paint those chubby piggies!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

look at this chubby cutie! sweet sisters
everyone loves a fake smile:)note to self: corndogs are not the best choice of food for a picnic

oh, and did i mention that my baby girl graduated k-4?? geez... time flies!!

i also wanted to share a few funny bits:

josiah was crawling up to the top bunk which is now ella kate's bed. she wasn't happy about it so she said, "get off my bed, siah! my doll is up there and she does NOT like boys!!"

josiah has a new saying which was so cute at first, but now is getting on my nerves! when he is trying to get our attention whether it is to ask us something, or wipe his hiney he now LOUDLY says, "pssst!!" he does it until we acknowledge him or look his way, then he proceeds with what he was wanting to tell us:)

on mother's day ella kate looked at me sweetly and said, "momma, i don't think you are mean at all! i think you are as sweet as a unicorn!" which was sweet to me, because ella kate loves unicorns! then miley chipped in, "momma i fink you a HIPPO!!" now, i am sure she meant that as sweet as possible!

Friday, May 13, 2011

just a few special traits..

it is no secret that bill and i are CRAZY about our kids! we think that they are quite possibly the cutest and sweetest kids around:) but when i sit and think about them, i realize how they are each so unique and special. so instead of focusing on their obvious qualities or characteristics (talkative, whiny, dramatic... you know!) or even focusing on some of the negative ones, bill and i thought of some special traits that God has blessed them with at their ages now. i know that as they grow up, they may change some but they might end up being the exact same. so here are a few words that come to mind when bill and i think about our sweet babies...

ellakate at age 4: helper, protector, thoughtful, artistic, giving

josiah at age 3: tender, loving, simple, quiet, smart,

miley at age 2: sassy, fun, animated, entertainer, cuddly

adalyn at age 7 weeks: easy, content, sleepy, kissable, snuggly

look who is smiling fun is this?? here are my babies at 7 weeks old:)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

sweet 'siah..

i asked miley and josiah if they were enjoying their popsicles today. miley looked at her red one and said, "nummy! mine's straw-bee shotcake" (strawberry shortcake) josiah looked at his green popsicle and said, "mine's de-wicious!! it tastes wike PEAS!!"

apparently he couldn't think of a more appetizing green food:)

i walked by his room this afternoon to see him sitting on the floor playing the game 'pretty pretty princess'. his back was towards me, so i stood their and watched him for a minute. he was wearing the crown and already had on the necklace, bracelet and ring. i smiled when i saw him flick the spinner and say, "yay!! i get my earrings now!!" bahaha... have i mentioned that this sweet thing needs a brother?!!?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

our cute baby..

the other day, ella kate was holding adalyn (while sitting on the couch!). i was sitting there beside her, watching her lovingly stare at her baby sister when she said, "momma, our baby is so cute! i could eat her for lunch!" :)