Saturday, July 24, 2010

bits and pieces..

*whenever miley walks into a room.. any room.. she feels the need to say, "my churn!" (my turn) oh, the joys of being the youngest and learning to share! :)

*josiah realized tonight that, "i wike peppa-no-nees." (i like pepperonis)

*a BIG, nasty roach was in my house the other day. gross!! i am COMPLETELY terrified of those disgusting creatures! i was trying to work up the nerve to get close enough to it to put a cup on top of him until bill got home from work. my poor husband... we had about 11 trees cut down a couple of summers ago, and by doing so, we created a HORRIBLE roach problem! bill would come home from work and find 7 cups strategically placed on the floor, covering up bugs! i can't get close enough to them to kill them, so i usually find a spray of some sort(believe it or not, febreze works great!) and squirt them until they slow down enough for me to cover them up. i get the willy's just talking about it. ANYWAY.. back to the bug... ella kate could tell that i was struggling with having to cover him up so she pats me on the back and says, "it's ok! you can do it! you are a big momma!!" :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

new pics:)

big muscles and big boy underwear!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

we need to get out more:)

a group of middle school aged boys were walking through the neighborhood with their skate boards, long hair, and skinny jeans. ella kate got excited, pointed to them and said, "hey look! there's some rock stars!"

i only have ONE baby in diapers!!

that's right folks.... this handsome little man is officially potty trained!! woohoo!!
i do have to admit that i am a bit sad at how this is yet another sign of my "babies" growing up too fast. but at the same time, i am looking forward to saving some money:) we have had at least 2 in diapers for 3 years! josiah was born when ella kate was only 11 months old, so we can't remember what is is like to only buy diapers for one cute little hiney:) we decided to have a little photo shoot while josiah was on the potty the other day:) we are all so proud of him and he seriously got the hang of it SO much faster than we had anticipated! it took almost one whole week.. but after about 4 or 5 days, he was in big boy underwear ALL day, EVERYDAY! we love you josiah:)

i do feel the need to share a funny, gross little story, though. josiah sits on the potty facing backwards, so he is "riding it like a cowboy" :) so yesterday, he was going potty, and i watched him put his hand into his pee stream, then put his fingers in his mouth to taste it!! what!?! why are my kids like this!?! apparently, it didn't taste good because he made a yucky face and said, "momma, i needa wash my hand!"

Friday, July 9, 2010

i needed to smile..

and my babies keep me smiling:)
miley is a stinker! she is changing so much and growing so fast! she is saying new things everyday and her budding personality is getting BIGGER and sassier.. oh my! she dumped out an entire box of nilla wafers the other day. i was actually sitting there by her when she did it. when the box was empty, she looked up and saw me looking at her and said, "what?" as if saying, 'what are you gonna do about it? i'm too cute for you to fuss at me!'
she is also starting to call for me in the mornings when she wakes up. i normally wait until i hear her stirring or playing in her crib before i go in and get her, but lately she has been wanting me to come faster. she starts off with a sweet, "momma!" then it gradually (in a matter of seconds) gets louder and sterner... "momma.... momma.. momma... MMMMAAAA!" that's right, having to wait 5 seconds is way too long for my little princess, so she shortens my name to 'ma'. i go in there smiling and singing to her, but all i get in return is a crazy haired, chubby-faced cutie with her hands reaching out for me whining "get out!" so i pick her up, only for her to want to get down and find her "juice, 'siah and L-kate." :)
josiah is in the process of potty training. he is doing SO much better than i anticipated! all week, he has been wearing big boy "unna-wear" and only had maybe 3-4 accidents ALL week! yay 'siah:) he is getting so big! he kept telling me, "momma, i go TT and i get woody! not buzz year, but woody!" this boy loves him some toy story and thought that going to the potty was a good enough excuse to get a prize. sadly i had to tell him that all he would get would be an m&m, but he didn't seem to mind:) poppa and mimi actually surprised us tonight and bought him a "woody" for going potty all week, so he was VERY excited!
i also wanted to share with you a few animals that i LOVE to hear josiah talk about. he has a sweet little accent, but i can't figure it out. it definitely isn't southern, but it is cute! for example.. he LOVES "fink aningos" (pink flamingos), "toy-tles" (turtles), "boyds" (birds) and "koo-wah-wahs" (koalas)! how cute is he?
ella kate is still giving her share of funny stories. the day after we found out that we lost our baby, my sister erin found out she was having TWINS!! i was trying to explain to ella kate that sissy has 2 babies in her belly that are going to grow and be her new cousins. then ella kate smiled and said, "sissy, when you're gonna have these babies, you gonna have a chicken! and it's gonna tell you that you have these babies!" ***crickets chirping*** we had no idea what she was talking about! erin and i just looked at each other confused. then it hit me that ella kate was talking about a STORK! haha... we have a neighbor with a stork in their yard, and last week i was explaining to ek that it meant that their family had a new baby boy. haha.. that still makes me smile:)
i love these kids...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


ok, so i have written and deleted this post 17 times. i can't figure out what i want to say or how i want to say it.
bill and i lost our sweet baby this weekend. sad, sad day! we also had an early miscarriage in april, but no one really knew about it. we had 3-4 positive pregnancy tests then a couple of days later i started bleeding. so when we found out this time around, we wanted to wait a couple of weeks and make sure everything would be ok before we announced it. but, as soon as we did, we miscarried again. however, we can rest assured that the Lord has a plan for us. He has our precious family in the palm of His hand and promises to never leave, nor forsake us!
i am reminded of a verse that my sweet nonny would always quote.
john 14:27 "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid."
i am thankful that we do have a peace that we will meet our sweet babies one day! although it doesn't take away from the fact that we wanted to meet this baby on earth, we will meet him/her in heaven!
i told ella kate that our baby was in heaven and this was a snippet of our sweet conversation:
ek:"momma, why did our baby go to heaven? i don't want her to go to heaven! is she gonna come back?"
me: " Jesus was ready for our baby to go to heaven. and no, i don't think she is coming back, but i promise we will see our baby one day!"
ek: "is nonny holding our baby in a rockin' chair up in heaven?"
me:(with tears) "absolutely! i bet she is rocking our baby and kissing our sweet baby right now!"
ek:"how did our baby get to heaven? did Jesus come down this paff (path) and then into your heart and then got our baby out of your tummy, then gave her to nonny?"
me: (smiling) "uhh... something like that!" :)
i LOVE her innocence! obviously, josiah and miley don't have a clue about what is going on. but ella kate does, and she is asking a LOT of questions! we are praying for wisdom and guidance for her tender little heart.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

something that i don't want to forget, but then again, i really do!

i am not sure if i should even share this with you guys, or not! i have gone back and forth for about a month, about whether i should share this particular story on the blog. and although i really don't want to, i am afraid that i will forget it later on and then i will be sad. so here goes..
a little over a month ago, it was nap time. ella kate is starting to out grow her naps, but i am making her stay and rest in her room. well, this particular afternoon she kept knocking on her door telling me that she needed to go potty.... only, she didn't have to. she was just looking for an excuse to come out of her room. so i got tired of all of that nonsense and put her old plastic potty in her room and told her that if she needed to go to the bathroom, then she needed to use that one and quit knocking on her door. ok.. that worked. no more knocking from her. when nap time was over, i went and got everyone up. i went to ella kate's room first. i opened the door and saw her dancing and jumping on her bed. i looked down at the potty and saw it full of poo... gross! i guess she needed to go afterall. i took and dumped the potty and cleaned it out then came back to her room where i saw some smeared poo in a couple of different spots on her carpet.
i said, "uh-oh, ella kate! what happened here? did you accidentally step in it?"
she sheepishly looks at me and says, "momma, it was an accident and i won't ever do it again! are you gonna spank me?"
i looked at her and then the carpet, and then back to her, "no, i wont spank you. but tell me what happened here, ok?"
she looks down at her feet and says, "momma i wont ever do it again, ok?!"
"ok, ella kate. i believe you. did you step in it?"
she wants to cry, but doesn't and says, "no, ma'am. i put my fingers in it."
my jaw dropped. "WHAT?!?! ella kate that is so nasty and we do NOT touch our own poopy, or anyone else's poopy!! ok? now let me see you hands."
she shows them to me and they are spotless. my heart is racing! i look around at her white bedspread, and clean clothes to see what she wiped them off on.
so i asked her, "what did you wipe them off on? how did you get them clean?"
still very concerned she said, "momma, i wont ever do it again! ok?"
"ok, ella kate! just tell me!" i never would have guessed what would have come out of her mouth next....
"i licked them!"
what?? she LICKED them?!!? oh my!
then she had a smile on her face and felt the nerve to tell me, "and momma, it wasn't gross! it didn't even taste like poopy!!"
why? WHY? why is my 3yr old GIRL so curious about bodily functions!
so gross!
sorry i shared it, but now, i will have it forever on my blog:)
it's a good thing that she is so stinkin' cute:) although, i have to admit that i didn't want to kiss her for a couple of days afterwards!

play time..

how cute are these kids?this picture above cracks me up because i just screwed miley's lipgloss top back on and she was begging me to "o'PEN it!" she sounds italian when she says open:) she puts all of the emphasis on the "pen" part!

josiah is wearing his shoes on the wrong feet, 99% of the time:) but atleast they are between the right toes this time! normally, they are between his 2nd and 3rd toes!

oh, i love a rainy night!

we have been getting some thunderstorms here lately... and i love them! ella kate is not a fan of the "funder rollin'", but she is getting better:) last night while it rained, ella kate and i curled up on the couch and watched tinkerbell! this wild thing, had TONS of energy and was jumping on the bed, falling off the bed, climbing back up on the bed, and repeat!
this cute little man had his "noculars" and stayed in front of this window to watch the rain fall. he kept saying, "hey guys! i see sumpin'! (something)"