Friday, February 25, 2011

i can't remember if i shared this or not...

a while ago, ella kate's tummy was upset so she was using the bathroom. i am not sure where bill and the other kids were at the moment, but they weren't around us. i went into the restroom to check on ella kate, and at that moment she said, "shoooo-weeee!! it stinks! i can smell daddy all of the way in here!!!" haha! poor bill... he was actually innocent this time and she was just smelling herself:)

also... speaking of innocence (or the lack thereof..) bill has taught the kids that passing gas takes talent! for instance, josiah let out some air then politely said, "'xcuse me! that was just my talent!!" or when ella kate and bill have spent too much time together, she is always quick to tell me, "momma.. i heard daddy's talent ALL DAY!"

miley has a new cheesy pose/cheesy face when i take her picture. it frightens me a bit because she cocks her head to the side and either sticks our her booty or her hips. i have never in my life witnessed a 2 year old have so much sass and confidence while having her picture made!! wonder who she got that from:)

oh.. and one more thing! all of my kids have had the "s" lysp and trouble with the "r" sound. ella kate and josiah both had trouble with the "L" sound, too. (josiah still has trouble with not pronouncing it as a "W") however, miley adds extra "L" sounds to everything! and she can actually pronounce it right!! her toys get "bloken" (broken) she LOVES going to "pluglix" (publix) and right now she is wearing a "cin-lella dwess" (cinderella). i love hearing her sweet voice:)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daddy spanks harder:)

Bill overheard Josiah and Ella Kate in their room just now... Ek: "Josiah if you hit me with that, I'm gonna tell daddy!" jos: "L Kate, if you hit ME with that, then i'mma tell momma!" ek: "daddy spanks harder than momma.." jos: "ok... If you hit me with that, then I'mma tell daddy!" :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This morning, ella kate and miley were playing dress up in her room when I asked them to start straightening things up. Josiah walked by when ek says, "hey! i gotta fun game that only people with black eyes can play!" jos sticks his head in the bed room and says, "hey!! I gotta bwack eye!" ek smiles and excitedly says, " well then you get to clean up this WHOLE room by yourself!!!" :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

josiah's shiner- day 3

i want to remember how pretty josiah's eye is but the only way i could get him to close his eyes for the pic, was to tell him to make a pouty face:) miley wanted her pic taken, too!
ella kate decided to join in, although she is not feeling well. poor thing has croup:(

Thursday, February 10, 2011

another photo dump:)

poor ella kate loves to have slumber parties with her siblings, but somehow always gets squashed:) although, we have now solved this problem.... with bunk beds!!! my handsome little bubba:)
josiah is not the best at finding lost toys or missing socks, so whenever i help him and find whatever it is he is looking for, he and his sisters get SO excited and cheer for me as if i am 5 years old!cutie ella kate! miley gives the cheesiest smiles is a sweet one:)
we have been having fun riding our new bikes!one night while all of the kids were supposed to be asleep, we heard this little guy in his room singing. we go down there and find him sporting these goggles:)ella kate decided to dress everyone alike in her sweaters one morning. how thoughtful:)
while getting on the car one afternoon, bill spotted a stain on the seat of the car. without thinking he very LOUDLY said, "CRAP!!" and began wiping the seat with a baby wipe. a few seconds went by when ella kate said from the back seat, "dad? crabs don't live in the car, they live at the beach. did you think you saw a crab??" it took us a while to figure out what she was saying. apparently she mistook crap for crabs:)josiah and ella kate were playing tag, when he tumbled and hit his eye on the toy box. the next morning he woke up and his poor little eye was so swollen:( ella kate decided to encourage him and say, "ewww jos!! your eye looks DISGUSTING!" sweet, huh?thankfully, as the day progressed, the swelling went down and it turned a pretty shade of purple:)