Thursday, June 30, 2011

sweetest little guy..

tonight while we were eating supper, bill had some music playing on his ipod in the background. one of javier colon's (the guy who just won the voice) songs came on and bill said to josiah, "hey buddy, i want you to sing just like this one day. ok?" jos smiled a cheesy smile and said, "no daddy (although he pronounces it like da-yeey), i wanna be wike you! i'm just gonna be a daddy!" :)i also wanted to add that i took the babies to "pluglix" (publix) today and before i even got in the door of the store, i had what seemed like 17 different people say, "oh, bless your heart!" or "you sure do have your hands full!" :) two people completely moved out of the doorway when we were walking in and another sweet man chased me down to give me my shopping list that i dropped in the parking lot:) it must have been senior citizen day today, too. there were sweet elderly people EVERYWHERE! josiah took it upon himself to say, "hey!!" to every old man that he saw. most of them didn't even hear him, so he started grabbing them on their rear-ends trying to get their attention. i was mortified. but they seemed to like the attention from this cute little fella, so i tried convincing myself that it made their day. we also ran back to the store tonight and he was "friendly fred" again. waving and say "hi" to EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON. i whispered to bill, "why does he feel the need to speak to everyone in the store?" josiah apparently heard me, because he answered me, "i'm saying hey because everyone wuvs me!"


i thought that this would be easier, but i probably should have made 5 different blog entries.. oh well!!

here is miney moe... she is two years old and has been my first child to COMPLETELY fit the bill. i don't even want to speak the name "terrible twos" over her, but she definitely keeps me on my toes!! she is full of life, smiles, and giggles... but she can also get into more trouble than ella kate and josiah ever did:) on this particular day she found the band-aid box! i was busy cleaning bathrooms and she walks in all proud of herself and covered in handy manny and strawberry shortcake! "my boo-boos not hurt anymore, mommy!" i have to be honest, though. i did contemplate yanking all 17 of those band-aids of slowly and painfully to teach her a lesson, but instead i asked jesus to forgive me from my ugly thoughts and i let her sport those stylish things for a couple of days. hi mom:)
adalyn and daddy talking about their day. and i had to throw this one in here b/c i want to remember that adalyn has won the award for the "davis baby who spits up the most!!"and i HEART this sad face:o) 9 times out of 10, she makes this face with no sound and no tears!

here are some of my sweet jos.. because i think he is the cutest little boy alive and for the fact that he doesn't get near enough camera time:) some more of miley.. who is naked because she "poopied in her pannies"... yet again! ((sigh)) she has been my hardest to potty train, too! good thing she is so stinkin' cute!

guess who is smothered... uh, i mean loved...SHE IS!! and adalyn is one patient little booger! these kids drive my bonkers when they are constantly in her face, but she just lets them do whatever they want. and occasionally she will give them a crooked smile or two:)

miley LOVES playing with her doll house. she will stay occupied with it for hours!! ( well, maybe only ONE hour, but she still loves it! ) this is how she had it set up when i walked in her room the other day. i love how everyone has a chair:) then she wanted me to take a picture of her baby:) bill and i took the kids to a restaurant downtown for some yummy dessert this weekend. they were in HEAVEN with the huge, delicious cakes. the girls got strawberry, bill got red velvet and and josiah got chocolate. i am aware that miley has mad scientist hair in these pics, but she had just woken up from a nap and she insisted on wearing this headband. listen people, i am choosing my battles with her these days:)

is my baby seriously about to be 5 YEARS OLD this summer?? geez.. it goes by so fast! i am so blesssed! buddies..

and i will leave you with this....

miley is supposed to be napping so i peek in to check on her and see this.. she has crawled up into ella kate's bed, found a random hat and is playing with her barbies. ((sigh))...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

army cars and bad guys..

on the way home from vbs this afternoon, we saw a train of military vehicles driving down the road. the kids got excited and immediately wanted to know what they were. i told them that i thought they were army cars. ella kate then asked me what did army people do. i honestly had no clue what/how to explain this to my 4, 3 and 2 year old. so i said the first thing that popped into my head.

me:"ummm, they are here to keep us safe and protect us from the bad guys." ?!?

ek: "huh?? you mean there are bad guys in this world?!?" such sweet innocence.. i love it!

me: "yes.. there are bad guys everywhere!"

ek: "well, what are there names?"

me: "uhhh, i am not really sure what there names are."

ek: "ohhh.... i know a bad guy!! and his name is....... barabbas!!"

me: (trying not to laugh) "yep! barabbas was a bad guy!"

ek: "and i know another bad guy, too! ...... the grinch!!"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

date night with miney moe:)

last night, ella kate and josiah went to a sleepover with some sweet friends. (thanks jenny!!) although miley was a bit bummed about not being able to go to "klaitlyn and nafan's", we ended up having THE best night with her! miley doesn't get to spend much time one on one time with anyone, so she definitely got the royal treatment last night:) bill and i took her and adalyn to the mall to walk around. she LOVED throwing pennies in all of the fountains and could have sat there and watched the "boo-ful fountain" (beautiful) all night. the 3 of us then shared some chinese food and she got her very own drink from razzberry cool! she thought she was hot stuff:) after we ate, we walked around some until miley spotted the mechanical rides. she begged and begged to ride the horse and train, and several people around us were cracking up as she yelled, "get up horthy!! get up!!" (gitty up, horsey!) followed by a "weeee hi!!" (yeehaw) she is quite possibly the CUTEST 2 year old on the planet!! we love our miney moe!! although i do think bill is ready for her pea size bladder to get a bit bigger. we were at the mall for about an hour and we went to the potty 4 times:) when we left the mall, we decided to swing by starbucks. i had a giftcard, so we shared a frappuccino and she picked out a pink cake pop. she said it was "so nummy!" (yummy) and after another potty break, we headed home:) i am so thankful for this precious girl, and even more thankful that we got some sweet, special time with her!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

little momma's, nonsense and such...

gahh.... have i mentioned that i am totally smitten with this baby?? it is hard to believe that she is 12 weeks old! time flies when you are having fun:) she still makes us work hard for those sweet smiles but when you are lucky enough to get one, it will no doubt make your day!! adalyn is such an easy and content baby. doesn't require much at all:) she is such a good sleeper/napper! she and josiah have this in common. she probably sleeps 20 out of 24 hours a day. 12 of them being at night!!! twice this week i had to wake her up after 13 hours of her being asleep... and i only did this because i was in pain:) she also has found her thumb a few times and goes to town sucking on it... super sweet!
our sweet adopted nana lives down the street and she watched adalyn for me one morning so i could run to the grocery store with just my big kids. i had forgotten how easy it is to only take 3 to the store, as opposed to 4:) even though the baby is super easy when we go places, it was still nice not having to lug the carrier around, or even getting the kangaroo pouch out to wear her. we just ran in and ran out.. easy peasy:) as soon as we drove off from nana's, josiah said "momma, i very miss our baby! can we pwease hurry!!" how sweet! he ADORES that girl! then when i was loading up the groceries into the car, his "very" talk continues.. "momma, can we PWEASE go to target? i very wuv target!!" :)i was in the kitchen this morning making breakfast and i could hear all 3 kids playing in the girl's room. miley was whining about something and jos said, "miley! are you whining? whining won't getchoo nuffin!!" then ella kate chimed in, "yeah miley.. you know what all of this whining tells me?? it tells me that you need a nap!!" hehe... i have got a bunch of little momma's round here:)and speaking of a little momma... ella kate walked by our den and saw a few dominoes scattered all over the floor. she hollers out, "josiah!! miley!! get in here and clean all of this nonsense up!!" i laughed as i saw them both come in, say "yes, ma'am" to her and start cleaning:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

pool talk

while adalyn was napping the morning away today, i decided to hop in our kiddie pool with the other kids. miley was playing with some barbies while ella kate made a boat with some tupperware to float her princesses and josiah was busy shooting everyone with his water guns. i was leaning back, relaxing with my eyes shut when i heard josiah say, "l-kate, can i pwease have a turn? i very don't have a boat!" to which ella kate responded, "well sure... if you can ask me with a very not whining voice!"

what in the world?? what is up with this "very" talk!?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

we're back!!

we just came back from a week long vacation at fripp island with my family!! we had a blast!! ella kate has mastered swimming (all by herself) and can swim perfectly as long as she wears her magic goggles (face mask!!) josiah is a pro at jumping the waves, and miley is the bravest little booger when it comes to deep water and big waves! she gets knocked down and goes under, only to pop right back up, smile and do it again:)

many sandcastles were built, pretty sea shells were found, new friends were made, 'blueberries' (deer poop!) were picked off the ground, lots of deer were fed, many alligators were watched, golf carts were ridden daily, kites were flown, masterpieces were drawn with sidewalk chalk, ice cream sandwiches and popsicles were devoured, beds were shared with cousins, skin was sun kissed, hair was braided, hands were held, laps were full, mexican train was played every night, laughs were shared, stories were told, giggles were heard, MEMORIES WERE MADE:)
it is no secret that cooking isn't my strong suit!! i try and try, but 9 times out of 10, i fail:(
while we were at the beach my sister erin (sissy) and i would cook every night, or really she would cook and i would watch:) well, last night while we were eating supper, ella kate looked at me across the table and said, "i sure do wish you were sissy!" i looked at her and said, "oh yeah? you wish sissy was your mommy?" she smiled and looked at her plate and said, "i mean, i still think you are pretty! but........ sissy can REALLY cook GOOD!!" :)

all of my kids LOVE adalyn!! i mean, really.. they adore her to pieces!!! but, josiah with his sensitive, tender little self has a special bond with the baby:) he is constantly telling me, "momma, i didn't get to kiss the baby yet!" then he hovers.. uh, i mean kisses her all over her sweet little face:) and he does this every 30 minutes or so! it drives me bonkers and i feel like i am constantly saying to him, "kiss and get out, buddy! kiss and get out!" but he genuinely LOVES adalyn and it really is sweet:) this sweet thing REALLY makes me work hard for her smiles:) she and ella kate are similar in this area. jos and miley would just give there smiles away to any and everyone who glanced there way. and although, ek was just as happy and content, she and adalyn aren't as generous with their smiles:) this morning she wouldn't eat b/c she wouldn't quit smiling at me, so i grab my camera and all i get is this.....

(sigh)... oh well! maybe this "hard to get" attitude will serve her well in the future:)