Tuesday, June 18, 2013

levi is ONE!

sweet wise turned a year old and I CANNOT believe it! I know that I say this every year with every baby but... time FLIES by too quickly! I cannot believe that I have been blessed with 5 children and I cannot believe that they are already 6,5,4,2 and 1!!! craziness! anywho.. back to levi. he is still beyond precious. I could eat that boy up with a spoon. he is sleeping great at night.. lays down around 7:30 and gets up between 7:30- 8:00. he naps twice a day and is crawling (still) everywhere. he will finally bare weight on his little chicken legs.. but not for long. he has no desire to stand or even attempt to walk. lazybones:) he is great in the car and he loves to dance to music. he blows kisses, does "where's levi?", waves and claps his hands on cue. he LOVES balls and he LOVES throwing them.. and his cup, and his food, and his toys. (we're working on that!) he enjoys eating raisins, mum mum crackers, any type of fruit (grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches, oranges..), fruit pouches, green peas, hot dogs, gold fish, pasta, carrots, chicken fries.. you name it! he will eat most anything.. but just not a whole lot of it. I have had some kids who will eat all day, everyday and at this point, levi is not one of them :) he loves to sing songs and splash in the tub. he has mastered climbing up the stairs and would play with the refrigerator magnets all day long. he adores Josiah and thinks that adalyn is hilarious! he loves looking out the window at the dogs, but does not want them to come close. he has 4 teeth, curly reddish/dark blondish hair and the biggest, brownest eyes that I have ever seen. his dimples melt me.. I love how content and quiet he is. he loves sucking on his fingers and has just now started to experience separation anxiety. he cries (only for a few seconds) when I drop him off in nursery now. he still has a (fake) bad cough and it thrills him when someone acknowledges it. I love this little man to the moon. happy birthday Levi Nicholas! you are fearfully and wonderfully made and I cannot believe that you belong to me! I cant wait to see what all God has in store for you! you are so precious and I am forever blessed!