Thursday, July 30, 2009

silly sayings..

miley had 2 mosquito bites on her cheeks and ella kate said, "that pahkeeta gave baby miley boobs all on her face!!" (boo-boos)

ella kate shared a pretzel with josiah in the car today and josiah said, "tay tu, LK!" (thank you, ella kate) only for ella kate to respond with, "what did him just say to me??"

i was putting more juice in their sippy cups and had left the refrigerator door open. josiah walks up and shuts the door and says, "g'job, si!" (good job 'siah)

i see a trend here...

it may be inevitable that our sweet baby miley will have a head full of curly hair too!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i am having a hard time here, people! i just cannot get back into the blogging groove! i have so many cute things to write and pictures to post... but i just get lazy and slack off! poor little blog!

but real quick... ella kate tried my patience ALL day today! she got more spankings today than josiah... and that is A LOT! i can't even remember what she did in the bathtub tonight, but i had had enough so i told her that as soon as she got out, that she was going straight to bed. i was tired of her being ugly and disobedient! she then looked at me and said, "hey! i got a great idea! maybe i be sweet and obey you and i can watch a movie and eat some cheese!" but it was too late for that... and i was too tired, so off to bed she went!

also.. josiah is talking so much these days! he steps on a toy or accidentally bumps into one of the girls and he goes, "whoops! sowwy (sorry)!" so cute! he also has a passy at night still and he calls it his kassy:) when i get him from his crib in the morning, he takes his passy and throws it in his bed and says, "oh.. kassy, night night!" and when i put him to sleep tonight, he pointed at me and said "IIIIIIIIII UUUUUUUUU!" (i love you)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

my, my, my..

ok.. so after we swam this morning, i brought the kids in for their naps. i dried ella kate off and put one of her favorite dresses on her. only today, it was not one of her favorites. she told me it hurt, and was too tight and yada...yada..yada. but i knew that it was fine, and i did NOT back down!! i told her that she was going to wear it and that it was nap time. i put her in her bed and shut her door.. only to hear her crying and pitching a fit inside. i walk back into her room and see her on the bed naked with her dress on her floor. oh no she didn't!! i spanked her and put her dress BACK on her and told her that if she did that again, i was going to send in daddy to spank her. she then obeyed and went to sleep. after nap time, i went in her room to get her up. when i opened her door, i saw that she was standing there naked. she looked of all smiles and said, "momma!! my don't have to wear that dress 'cause i T'd all in it!" i couldn't believe her. i grabbed her dress and it was totally soaked through! not just a little bit on the hem that naturally would be there if she had had an accident... NO!! she had taken off her dress and laid it on the floor then, popped a squat!!! apparently she was going to show me that she was NOT going to wear that dress after all. and to those of you wondering what happened next, daddy came to the rescue and had to deal with her!! i had had enough!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

here lately..

sweetest baby in the world:) playing tag around the tree! ella kate takes a tumble...
handsome josiah
a dirty face only a momma could love:)
pretty ella kate posed like this on her own:)
pringles are yummy:)
2 cans of pringles can bring so much happiness:)
we have been so super busy lately!! my poor blog has been so neglected:(
the babies are growing so fast!
josiah is a total big boy now that he has a big boy hair cut!
it has really changed his little personality.. we aren't sure if this is a good or bad thing yet! i'll keep you posted:) one thing that is cute about our little bubba, is the fact that he talks all the time now! everyday he amazes me with all that he knows! but, the funny thing is his voice:) he has the softest, highest pitch, minnie mouse voice... it makes me and bill laugh. i will have to record him saying something soon and share it with y'all.... it'll make you smile:) he is a cutie!
miley is still our smiley, sunshiney baby:) every single member of our family is totally in love with her! both ella kate and josiah smother her and can't kiss her enough.. it is sweet to watch. she is starting to pull up on everything! now, when we go get her from her crib she is standing up and smiling:)
oh yeah... she also has 2 teeth!
ella kate is still the same crazy ella kate! she is so mature and grown up for a 2 almost 3 yr old... it amazes me! she is quite the 'mother hen' to josiah, miley and her cousin baby eve. always kissing, hugging and comforting them. although, she still smacks josiah around from time to time. she makes me laugh everyday at what she says. like this morning... i made pancakes and
was bringing them to the table. i made a comment about them being so hot and burning my hands and ella kate said to me, "well then put them down, momma." she shook her head and couldn't believe that i didn't think of doing that myself. excuse me!
ek also likes to make up games for she and josiah to play. one of their favorites is 'rock-a-bye". she hollers out to josiah and says, "c'mon siah lets play rock-a-bye!" and he scurries over to her and knows exactly what they are playing. she sits in a rocking chair and makes josiah sit in a bumbo seat (a stationary infant booster seat). then they start rocking back and forth. although, josiah's seat doesn't rock.. or move, period. so he rocks his head back and forth trying to keep up with her! it is so funny! they just laugh and laugh! i really need to take a picture and post it!
these kids are something else.... but, i am so glad that they are mine!! well, at least today i am:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

watch what you say, daddy!

bill jokes around with the babies a LOT!! too much, at times:) and ella kate repeats EVERYTHING that she hears, which is a lot of what bill says to her and josiah. this isn't exactly a bad thing, except for the fact that ella kate is 2... and some things are just inappropriate for a 2 year old to say! for example, this week josiah was sitting in ella kate's 'place' at the kitchen table. she walks up to him and says just as serious as can be, "hey, beat it kid!"

Monday, July 13, 2009

color, color

josiah is our little artist:) he LOVES to color. he will stay occupied with a piece of paper and a pen for what seems like FOREVER:) ella kate? not so much. it makes me feel bad because he asks to color all the time, and we would if it weren't for miley and ella kate eating them. (yes, i said ella kate. you know how some kids eat play dough or glue? well, ek loves her some crayons! gross.. i know! whats worse is when she comes around the corner looking full of mischief and smiles at me with 10 different colors of wax stuck in her teeth!! ) so while miley napped, we pulled out the 'colors' and went hard at work on our masterpieces. josiah gets so into it, he doesn't make a sound. he just colors away in pure concentration. ella kate on the other hand gets bored with it VERY easily and ends up coloring on my picture! it drives me nuts, i will have worked hard so hard on mine... stayed in the lines, perfected my shading:) and then she comes and either wants to trade pictures, or marks on my masterpiece! she says she is just trying to help me, but i think that she is jealous of my artistic ability:) as a matter of fact, seconds into our coloring tonight she said, "momma! this coloring is pretty hard!"

Saturday, July 11, 2009

my baby boy is a little man now!

bill cut off ALL of josiah's curls today! i am not quite sure how i feel about it. i mean, his hair was a bit out of control and unruly at times... but, now he has spikey big boy hair. it is so cute, but it makes him look soooo much older! i guess that seeing as though he will be 2 next month, he technically is not a baby anymore!! but, he will always be my sweet boy:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

so blessed!

i want to take the time to say how blessed i am! i have an amazing, godly husband who loves me and loves our kids! he works so hard to provide for us and keep us completely satisfied and i am so grateful! we have 3 beautiful, healthy babies who keep us broke, tired and stressed.. yet we are so happy and constantly laughing and couldn't imagine our life without them! they are gifts:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

back in the groove...

i have been so slack here on this poor blog! it is needing some loving, so here goes...

first off, the beach! the girls and i headed to fripp island for the week with my family and left bill and josiah at home. we had a great time, although the beginning of the week was quite rough. we arrived at the beach house to find dead bugs, dirty floors, HUGE cobwebs, blood on my comforter... just to name a few! but we put on our happy faces and made the best of it. ella kate and miley LOVED the sand and built many sandcastles! (although ella kate preferred making mud castles... the ones where you drip the wet sand through your hands) she also made at least a new friend everyday! she is so friendly:) she would walk up to any random little girl with a toy and say, "hey, we can share your bucket! you wanna play wiff me?" so cute.. so innocent. i remember on the first day at the beach, she told me "momma, god made the sand and the waves and all those sticks out there! and god made me to put my shoes on!!" i don't have a clue where that came from. i just went along with it:) and my sweet miley was a doll! she did amazingly well all week. she loved playing in the sand and with all the little crabs! she would grab them in her chubby little hand and try to put them in her mouth!! she also had a lot of fun playing with her cousin, eve. they will best buddies before long! miley is starting to pull herself up now, but doesn't know how to get back down. she kinda hollers out like... hey, what do i do now?? towards the end of the week, she fell and busted her poor little head. but she was a trooper and got over it real quick!

we didn't really get much sleep there, though. ella kate woke up 2 or 3 nights and missed her bed at home. and i think that miley (my baby who usually gives me 14 hours or so of sleep at home) only slept through the night twice!! you can tell that we don't leave home very often... the babies are used to their own rooms and their own beds!

on a funnier note.. ella kate has been nicknamed 'chatty kathy'.. b/c she barely takes a breath in between sentences. but last week she was calling everyone else, "chatty kaffy!" she would also wave her little fist and say, "hey! i gotta nuckie sa-wich for you!" (knuckle sandwich) cute. we went to the little general store on the island one day and there was a teenage boy with her shirt off walking through out the store and ella kate yells, "hey yaya! there's a naked boy!" of course everyone looks at us, and no one thinks she is cute like we do:)

we had fun, but missed our boys like crazy! it was a sweet homecoming!!

oh, well.. i know that i am leaving out so many cute and important things, but i am tired and can't think anymore! more to come soon!

Monday, July 6, 2009

real quick

i really need to blog about our week at the beach last week...what a trip!! i have several stories to share, but that will take entirely too long right now! maybe, tomorrow??

anyhoo! here are 2 funny things that ella kate told me today that i wanted to share..

i usually talk to both of my sisters and my mom on the phone everyday and for some reason today, my sister erin wasn't answering my calls. so i left her a message like this,
"erin! you STINK! why are you screening your calls? yada yada yada..."
when i hang up the phone, ella kate hollers from the backseat,
"momma, was sissy pooping?!?"
i didn't understand what she meant by that, until i realized that i had told my sister that she stunk:) haha

tonight when i put josiah and miley down for bed, i didn't put ella kate down b/c i wanted to spend a little more time with her. so, we popped popcorn and came upstairs to watch something girly on tv. (bill was downstairs watching cops or something of that nature.) we got settled into my bed and turned on the bachelorette:) ella kate asked why daddy didn't want to come upstairs with us and i tried to explain to her that he was watching 'boy' tv, you know.. the manly shows. she asked which one, and i said i wasn't sure. she sat still for a minute then responded,
"i fink i know what show daddy's watching! him's watching the jonah brudders!! (jonas brothers from the disney channel! hey, they are BOYS that are on TV)"
now how in the world does she know about the jonas brothers? we have never watched or listened to them before.. unless, she is right about bill! maybe she and her daddy watch them when i am not here...hmmm.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

my baby is 9 months old!

happy 9 month birthday, miley! my sweet baby girl is growing up WAY to fast! i cannot believe that she is already 9 months old! she is an AMAZING baby and we could not have asked for a better 'surprise' than smiley miley! ella kate and josiah both love her and in return, she loves them just as much! miley is crawling EVERYWHERE and is getting pretty fast, now! she loves to eat and snack on cookies with her brother and sister. she hasn't mastered the sippy cup yet, but there is still time:) she also cut her first tooth recently and is still our VERY loud baby who LOVES to growl:) she seldom cries, but if she does, it is usually over in a matter of seconds! we love our baby miley!