Friday, January 31, 2014


We got snow!! The big kids were thrilled and would have stayed outside playing in it all day. However, we don't own any snow clothes so they were soaked to the bone after 10 minutes.. So we had to keep taking breaks to throw their gloves and clothes in the dryer.

I am horrible about having my picture taken with the kids. We have tons and tons of the kids with bill (because I am always behind the camera!) so before the snow melted away, I set the self timer on the camera and took one of me, the kids and our snowman:!

It didn't start snowing here until well after the kids bedtime, but bill promised the big kids that he would get them up whenever or started. They were so excited!

The next day, when the babies got to join the fun.. We realized Levi was not a fan! At all. He kept falling, and wouldn't keep his pink gloves on and was just all around confused about what was going on. What can I say? He's a southern boy:)

Adalyn LOVED it! She squealed and ran and sang all of the songs from Frozen, but then got cold and was ready to come back in by the fire:)

Aunt Jenna got one of the kids the game Twister for Christmas and we finally got around to playing it and it was a HUGE hit! With all 5 kids:) check out the cute hineys in the air!

A few random quotes that I want to remember:

While I was putting Adalyn's jacket on, she reached behind her and said, "hey! I gotta neighborhood on dis jack!" ( she was referring the the hood on her jacket!) then she noticed the other kids hoodies and said, "hey guys! You gotta neighborhood, too!"

I was bathing Miley in the tub and she kept leaning her head back while I was rinsing her face. I told her to be careful leaning back because I didn't want to get water up her nose. She looked at me just as serious as can be and said, "momma... I'm a mermaid. We don't get water up our noses." Duh! How could I have forgotten!

My kids have stinky feet. Not really Ella Kate.. But Miley and Adalyn's little Mary Jane shoes are "horrifying" (Miley's favorite word to use when something is bad!) They both hate socks, and since I don't force them to wear any, it is really my fault that they need some odor eaters! I was changing a dirty diaper when Adalyn squeezes her nose and says, "ewwww!! It smells like sneaky foot in here!" Makes me laugh every time. She says 'sneaky' instead of 'stinky'.

I overheard this conversation between Ella Kate and Josiah the other week while I was cooking breakfast.
J: "what is that smell? It smells awful!"
E: "it smells like burn... Mom must be cooking again."

The next day I heard a conversation between a certain 2 sweet girls of mine.
"Do you want me to choke your neck again?"
"Well, then leave my stuff ALONE!!"

I made the kids some chicken fries for lunch one afternoon and Adalyn and Levi were sitting by each other just a talking.
Adalyn: " Him, you eating your chickens?"
Levi: "uh-huh."
Adalyn: "Good job, Him! Are day spicy?"
Levi: "uh-huh."
Adalyn: "It's ok, Him. You a good boy."