Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i am in another blogging funk... sorry guys! i can't seem to get back in the swing of things, but here are a few more random bits:)

* i found out that josiah can sing the entire kari jobe album! he started singing "revelation song" in the car and then continued to sing every song that came on after that! love him:) oh, and please note that when i say he is "singing".. i mean that he is making a "joyful noise" in a monotone voice! ha

*ella kate was in the bathroom when i saw her unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper. i told her to roll it back up and only use a small amount, because if you use too much toilet paper then you are wasting money AND you are wasting trees! her face changes as she put her hands up in the air and in a VERY dramatic voice says, "WHAT?!?! toilet paper comes from trees?? that is RE-DIC-A LOUS!" . . . she makes me smile:)

*miley's personality keeps shining through more and more. . . her facial expressions are hilarious:) i wouldn't be surprised if she ended up having a bigger personality than her sister, which might seem impossible, but spend a few minutes with miley and you will see what i am talking about! she is a cutie:)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


*last night after bath time, while brushing ella kate's hair she says, "ouch!! momma you just brushed my BRAIN!"
how in the world does a 3yr old know what a brain is? :) oh, the drama!
*yesterday we were outside drawing with sidewalk chalk, when josiah starts writing some letters. this little boy amazes me... i don't know where he gets his smarts from?! :)
he drew an uppercase and lowercase M, F, G and S!
*this morning i was outside playing with miley and she points her chubby finger to the sun and says, "wook! a moon!" :) now, granted she was wrong... but i was so proud of her b/c she can only say a handful of words! i wonder if she will be like josiah in a sense, where she overnight has a huge vocabulary?? i remember when jos was 19 months old and only said about 5 words, then the next day counted to 10!! on the other hand, ella kate talked so much, so soon and has never quit:) every baby is different!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

1st day of spring!

to celebrate the first day of spring today, we filled the kiddie pool with warm water and let the babies have a pool party:) they had a blast!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

spring is upon us!

it is absolutely beautiful here in augusta!! 75 degrees with sunny blue skies:) i actually took it upon myself to get the babies in their easter outfits and take some pictures. sunday mornings are already hectic and having a photo -op is clearly out of the picture! but, if we wait until after church, then most likely the babies will have wrinkled, messy clothes and i am pretty sure both of the girls will have afros! everyone loves to touch their curls, and i don't mind it but after the 87th time of someone trying to run their fingers through their tresses, everything gets a bit frizzy and out of control! here are some of the cuter pics from this afternoon:)ella kate was in a particularly chipper mood this morning. while we were outside playing, josiah got his big bouncy ball stuck under the van. without hesitation, ella kate throws her arms up in the air and screams, "i will get it 'siah! super-ella kate TO THE RESCUE!" it was quite comical:) after she saved the day for josiah, ella kate went back to her baby doll stroller where her "holly hobby" baby was waiting. this doll was given to her by nonny and it is very old and appears to have been loved a lot! it is one of ella kate's favorites, but she can never remember her name. this afternoon she asked me, "momma, what is my baby's name again? hobby lobby?" she is so funny:) josiah was busy most of the afternoon looking for flowers for me:) they were actually the yellow and purple "weeds", but flowers just the same! he always smiled so big as he brought me another bouquet.. such a sweet boy! miley... oh, miley! that girl is something else:) she has a shoe fetish right now and is constantly trying on whatever shoe is laying around. she also says "sowwy" (sorry) a lot! it is one of her new favorite words.. and i am not sure if it is because we make her say it quite often for beating her siblings up, or if she just likes the word:) she is a cutie!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i love my little family:)

it is so easy for me to get lost in our day-to-day routine of poopy diapers, sippy cups, runny noses, boo-boos and nap times, that i tend to forget how RICHLY BLESSED i am! if i take a moment and look around me, i find myself awestruck at the lord's provision in my life:) i don't ever want to take for granted the gifts that i have in my sweet and handsome husband who adores me and my beautiful babies that we love so much!

Monday, March 15, 2010

random bits..

these are just a few things that are cute and i don't want to forget:

*ella kate was looking for her "prince charmie" :) (prince charming) i told her that josiah could be her prince, but she responded with "no.. he is just a 'siah!"

*have i mentioned that ella kate pronounces baby miley as, "baby mally"?

*josiah asks for "melk" (milk) all day... EVERY day!

*daylight savings has messed up ella kate and josiah's bedtime routine. she asked me tonight why she had to go to bed when it was still early?! :)

*it never fails that when ella kate shows josiah something, (whether it be a picture that she colored, a new outfit, or her painted toenails), he ALWAYS responds to her with a sweet and excited, "ooohhh! that's boo-ful LK!" now, how many 2 year old little boys do you know that respond to their sisters like that?

*miley LOVES josiah and is constantly trying to kiss him and hug his neck. however, he usually ends up crying and in a headlock:) that's my girl!! she is a brute! ha:)

*miley was playing with a baby doll today and ella kate told me, "that was my doll when i was a little girl". i wonder how old she thinks she really is?! :)

*josiah feels the need to spell EVERYTHING that he sees. if we are in the car and are stopped at a red light, josiah will be in the back seat spelling out restaurant signs and billboards. smart boy:)

Friday, March 12, 2010

little miss sunshine:)

we love our smiley miley:)
she has been such a fun and easy baby.. we are so thankful! ella kate and josiah were both easy babies too, but miley is just different. i think it is because she is so independent and requires very little (if any) attention. she entertains herself, wants to feed herself, reads books by herself.. you name it:) she is just so easy! ella kate and josiah are both more sensitive and require me to be a little more hands-on... which i love.. but it is definitely nice not having to be "needed" by all 3 of the babies ALL day long. most days, miley is like a breath of fresh air:)
she is into a new phase right now which is so sweet. she LOVES this certain baby doll of ella kate's which miley has taken over and calls, "bebe". bebe goes everywhere with miley. in the car, in the highchair, in her crib, in her stroller... everywhere! bebe even waits on the bathroom floor while miley takes a bath:) i love it.. i was afraid that she was going to be our "tomboy" because she is so rough and tough... but a sweet girly side of miley has surfaced and i love it! she also is into ella kate's "dancing shoes" (plastic dress up high heels).... only, miley can only walk with one high heel on. she hasn't mastered wearing both of them at the same time, so she is perfectly content clanking around the house wearing one dancing shoe. here are the latest pics of our little miss sunshine:)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

tis the season..

for hunting easter eggs:) i swear my kids hunt eggs for most of march and all of april:) ella kate has been begging me to let her and josiah hunt some eggs for a while now so, i finally broke down and decided that today would be our first hunting day:) i wanted to let them hunt for eggs outside in the front yard but as soon as we opened the door, it started raining... boo! so we decided the living room would be the perfect place and i think we have hid/hunted eggs about 17 times since lunch! they love it! although, they tend to be a little "cut-throat" about it. if they both see the last egg, they will scream and wrestle over it.. i keep reminding them that this is a fun, friendly game but they don't listen... oh well, i tried.. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


ella kate is learning how to spell/write her name! how is this possible?? she can spell it and can write a few of her letters but is still working on the rest! she is such a perfectionist like her daddy and it drives me NUTS! if she writes a letter and her lines don't match up or it is a little crooked or uneven, she gets so frustrated and wants to give up and pout! drama, drama:) we also have been working with her and josiah on recognizing their letters and knowing their sounds. josiah has surprised us all and knows ALL of his letters and ALL of their sounds! ella kate knows most of them, but a few of the letters trick her and she ends up doubting and confusing herself... although i do have to say that the Leap Frog Letter Factory video has been amazing! the babies love it and pretty much ask to watch it everyday! if any of you have small children who are eager to learn, target has this video for only $9!
while drawing with sidewalk chalk outside this afternoon, josiah said, "hey momma! wook! i made a "E"! smart boy:)and not to be outdone, ella kate had to write the "right E with only 3 sticks!"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


nothing too exciting has happened around the davis house lately... and that is a good thing:)

we spent saturday painting/coloring a lemonade stand (that my best friend since middle school, jenna had given to us a couple of years ago.) the babies LOVE it... they cannot wait to be able to take it outside and sell some "lemma lade!" in the meantime, they are playing a game that they made up, called "pay girl". it is the cutest game and even though there are no rules, they both understand. ella kate is obviously is the "pay girl" (cashier) and she says that josiah is the "mail boy". (the deliverer of the food that we order). let me explain... ella kate and josiah are both inside the "lemma lade" stand. ella kate says, "ma'am, what do you want?" then bill and i order whatever we decide... milkshakes, hot dogs, candy bars, etc. we give our "money" to ella kate the "pay girl", then she sends the "mail boy" to bring us our "food". it is cute... the first night we spent over an hour ordering drinks and snacks. and the best part is, is that it is all pretend. we don't have any pretend money or food, so their little hands are empty but they both know what each other is holding:) bill likes to order difficult things.... he always has been the one to make stuff complicated:) for instance, he will order a hot dog and the "mail boy" will scurry across the living room and bring it to him and just when josiah gets back in the "lemma lade" stand, bill tells him that he forgot his ketchup. so the "pay girl" sends the "mail boy" back to bill with some ketchup, then returns back the stand only to be told that bill wanted mustard too! you see?? but the babies love it and they think their daddy is the funniest daddy ever! miley likes the "lemma lade" stand too, but hasn't quite mastered the art of ducking down to get inside the door. she thinks that she should be able to walk right in, but the top of the cardboard door always clotheslines her in the head and she ends up falling backwards! she gets a little frustrated but keeps on trying!

on another note: some people came to our door this weekend and said that they had found one of our dogs up on the main road and was about to get hit by some cars. bill went outside to get who we thought was dudley (our male basset hound)out of their truck but when he got close enough to see, he realized that it wasn't dudley.. or lola. this dog did kinda look like ours, but he was much older and had real bad cataracts. bless his heart... he had a blue collar which meant he had a home, but we had never seen him before. we told the couple that he wasn't ours and they drove off hoping to find his owners. however, the next day we see that same old dog in our fenced in backyard. we aren't sure if that couple put him in there, or if someone else saw him wandering around the neighborhood and thought that he belonged to us, so they decided to put him in our yard.. ?? so now we have 3 basset hounds! we couldn't bare the thought of letting him go when he is practically blind and skin and bones... not to mention that he is lost and by the way he looks, he must have been lost for a while! he is so filthy and skinny, but we are feeding him, loving him and waiting to find his owners. we made some signs and put an ad in the paper... i just hope they contact us soon! he looks like he could die any day now... bless his heart.. it makes me sad!