Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i know i am forgetting something...

if i don't jot things down on a napkin or a post it, then i forget:( so here are some things that i can remember..

miley no longer says "miney" :( she now knows that her name is MILEY! sad, sad day! another sign that my babies are growing up!

josiah wants an angry bird for christmas. he also said he wants more children for our house:)

do all 5 year old little girls have attitude or is it just mine?

miley wants a "sleeping booty" doll for christmas. you know, "aurora, sleepy booty"! :)

the bath tonight was SUPER hot. ella kate was the first one in and immediately let out a huge sigh and sunk almost all of the way down. i looked at her, completely submerged and with her eyes closed, and i asked her what she was doing. she replied, " ((big sigh)) i'm just dreaming of heaven!" :)

when it was miley's turn to hop in the tub, she was grumpy. (surprise, surprise!) she sat there with a big scowl on her face, so i turned to ella kate and said, "look at miley. she is SO sweet, and SO happy! look at the big ol' smile." all the while, miley is still grumpy and scowling. so, ella kate chimes in and says, "she is SO happy! and so friendly! and all of the animals love her!" with that, miley shouted out, "i NOT!! i MEAN!!!" and let out a huge huff, complete with arms crossed across her chest!! sweet, sweet girl:)

speaking of sweet girls.. adalyn is officially an army crawler! we have never had an army crawler, so it is so cute to watch. she never gets on all 4s, just lays on her belly and scoots herself with her elbows:)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

big bottoms and cute punch!

this morning i was getting dressed and ella kate said to me, "momma you kinda look like one of my barbie dolls... but your bottom is a little TOO BIG!!"
sadly, miney moe has inherited my big bottom... and, her chubby hiney never wants to stay inside her clothes:)

the other day, miley told me that her cup was empty and she was "berry, berry firsty!!" (very thirsty) i asked her what she wanted to drink and her reply was, "umm... i fink i want cute punch!" (fruit punch, cute punch.. they're all the same, right???) And.. just because i am obsessed with christmas pics... i will leave you with these...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Adalyn is 8 months old!!!

Adalyn, you are 8 months old!!!you are still just as happy and content as can be! you FINALLY started sitting by yourself and you have a few tricks:) whenever we say "yay!!" or "good girl!!" you start clapping your cute, chubby hands! whenever we say "bye-bye" your start flapping your arms like a bird... i am sure you will be waving in no time:) you still say da-da and ma-ma and you LOVE to blow raspberries... especially with a mouth full of food`:)you are quite the chunk weighing about 20lbs(which i LOVE), and you love to eat! you are now on formula and have adjusted perfectly! (thank you JESUS!) you love some baby food but will really eat anything! you have had mashed potatoes, chicken pie, potato soup, grits, oatmeal, cheerios, applesauce, yogurt, and you recently fell in LOVE with clementine oranges:) you are still a happy sleeper, taking 2 good naps a day and sleeping a solid 13 hours at night!ella kate still believes that you will have brown eyes like her:)surprisingly enough, you love miley!! she is the first to hurt you and be too rough, but she can get the BIGGEST, belly laugh out of you!! you think she is hilarious!! ella kate and josiah try and try to make you laugh that hard, but they can't:)but miney moe needs to remember to be gentle or you will surely toss your cookies:) you still love getting some lovin' from jos, although you have an infatuation with grabbing his face!this is poor quality but i took this with my phone this morning... this is your new happy place:) left hand fingers in your mouth, and twirling your hair with your right fingers:)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

did y'all hear??

yes... you heard right! baby davis #5 is due the first of june, and we are thrilled:)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

poor miley..

tonight at the supper table, the kids were picking out names for the new baby. ella kate said, "momma, if our new baby is a girl, then we will have too much girls!!! so, maybe we can just give miley away, because she IS kinda grumpy!!"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

barbie overload!

my girls are obsessed with barbies. i really can't blame their infatuation, though. i remember laying in bed with my sister when were probably 12 and 14 and STILL playing barbie:) my girls crack me up though, because they will decide which barbies that they like depending on what shoes she has on! the higher the heel or funkier the shoe, the better:) they also like to "be" barbie, raquel and ken. i can hear my big 3 downstairs totally reenacting a scene from one of the movies! ha! just last night miley was in the tub with 2 plastic spoons and one of the spoons said to the other, "can you believe ken broke up with me!?!?" oh my.. she doesn't even know what she is talking about!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

here, there and everywhere...

happy halloween!but of course, you know no day at the davis house is complete without a little drama:) i love these kiddos... 5,4,3 and 7 months! where is the time going?!?

they LOVE their baby:)my girls also love to wear mimi's glasses:) but they always confuse miley.. she runs into walls and counters the whole time she wears them! adalyn and daddy's new trick:)

and without further adieu... guess what we have already put up at our house??maybe miley's decorating skills can give you a hint...

ta-da!! we have put up our christmas tree!! and seeing as though i am married to buddy the elf and have given birth to 4 little elflings.... we decided to make christmas cookies the other night:)

i have no idea how my precious baby got flour on her face but i am sure it had something to do with her 3 yr old big sister:)got sprinkles??? *we got a toys r us christmas catalog in the mail the other day and my kids love to circle all of the things that they like. josiah and ella kate were looking at in one afternoon and josiah pointed to a big race track thing and said, "ooohhhh!! i wike dis!!!" (i like this) ella kate whispered softly to him, "josiah, that is too ess-pensive! we don't have a lot of money, so we just need to circle all of the little things we want!" ha! where did she get this?? i mean.. we DON'T have a lot of money, but i never said they couldn't circle the big things:)

*on another (less sweet) note... we were all in the car taking josiah to preschool. he likes to peek inside his lunchbox in the mornings and get a glimpse of what he has to look forward to for lunch. this particular morning i had written him a little note on his napkin that said, 'i love you buddy, love mom!' well, jos found it and pulled it out to read. he started sounding it out and was saying, "i wuv you buh- buh-buh......"ella kate interrupted him and said, "'siah, it says, 'i love you blockhead, love mom'.... now put it up!"