Saturday, March 24, 2012


While in the drive thru at Starbucks, I was talking to one of the baristas. Ella Kate hollers from the back seat, "mom, is that shayla?" we do have a favorite... Shayla. Our kids adore her!! "no, shayla isn't working today. That was Toya." i said as I put my gift card back in my wallet. I could hear EK in the back say to herself, "Toya?? Like.... I'm gonna go play with my toy.....ya." :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

our cute little sassy pants:)

doesn't little miley look like the sweetest and most innocent little angel??

well, don't let her fool you:) while she is incredibly cute and sweet, she has got some sassiness up her sleeves that she is not afraid to whip out!!
for instance, at the supper table last week, she was complaining to bill about her drinking glass. "but, daddy i don't want this one... it's not perfect!!" bill replied, "but it IS perfect! it is the perfect cup for a little girl." she is still whining to him as she replies, "but i'm not a little girl, daddy. i am a BIG girl!!" "you are a big girl, but you are still just a little bit little." she has a grumpy face and snaps back, "well..... fine! you're a little daddy!!" after bill picked his jaw up off the floor, he handled that little remark accordingly and had a silent chuckle to himself. the two of them were eating donuts together one morning at the kitchen table. bill was finished and got up to check on me upstairs (on bedrest). as soon as he began to push his chair in and walk away, miley said to him scoldingly, "uhh, daddy? you can sit here with me until i'm done." so bill pulled his chair back out, sat down and waited for the princess to finish eating:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

happy birthday sweet adalyn!

how in the world are you a WHOLE year old?? we are so thankful for you.. you have brought such sweet joy to our lives!you are a master crawler and have no interest in walking anytime soon. you also haven't figured out how to climb the stairs.. and i am just fine with that:)you are such a stinker at times! you love to crawl next to something that is off limits and point to it while saying, "no-no". however, you then proceed to touch it and turn back to smile at me:) we have started popping your hands when you do something wrong, but it doesn't phase you. you just look at us, then look back at your hand:)you are growing and changing so much everyday! i definitely feel like you are more vocal than josiah and miley were at this age. as of right now, you say (on purpose) momma, dadda, doddie (doggy), bye-bye, ni-ni (night night), tay tu (thank you), uh-oh, no-no, lo? (hello?), be-be (baby).. i am sure i am forgetting some. you also still do how big is adalyn? and throw your hands/arms in the air for SOO big:)
and when we ask you, where's adalyn? you cover your ears (i think you mean to cover your eyes) and try to say peek-a-boo. you love to look at the baby in the mirror and wave and blow kisses to her.adalyn, you take a 1hr cat nap in the morning, and a 2.5- 3hr nap in the afternoon everyday. you also still go to bed at 7pm and will sleep solid until about 7:30-8:30 the next morning. Hallelujah! You love your bed and when i lay you down you usually smile, wave and say ni-ni to me when I'm walking out the door. you always wake up happy and i LOVE hearing you play in your crib so patiently until someone comes and gets you out:)
You only have 2 teeth (top right and bottom right) but you will eat just about any and everything!! and you are down to one bottle of almond milk at bedtime. you have mastered the sippy cup and LOVE to throw it when you are finished... and i might add, that you have an awesome arm! you wear 12-18mo size clothes and size 4 diapers. although you haven't been our friendliest or smily-est baby, you still have a super sweet disposition. however, you definitely have your favorite people, and you will NOT smile at someone that you are unsure of. you love to stare at strangers when they talk to you and then you get bashful and hide your face. but, you have also been known to scowl at people who talk to you when you are not in the mood:) you are such a momma's girl and love it! i hope you always think that i am the greatest.. ha! you love cuddling with daddy and laughing at your sisters and brother. clara and ellie are your bestest buds and you cannot wait to get your hands on little coleman!! poor levi is gonna need to be a tough one:)

we love you so much, sweet girl! happy birthday!! we can't wait to watch you grow!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

i can upload pics again!!!!

well, folks.. i am so excited to say that i can finally upload pics to my blog again! i got my old, old, OLD laptop back from my sister and although it is a piece of poo... it allows me to upload pics and print coupons, so i am very excited!! here are some of the latest pics and stories from the davis fam..

sweet sisters:) miley is picky about her hair nowadays... she either wants "piggies" (pig tails) or a "ballerina bun" (super high ponytail) everyday. ella kate has ALWAYS been picky about her hair and i am afraid that our days with her in hair bows are numbered. she wants straight, plain hair now... no bow, no curls. makes me sad, but i am not giving up on that battle quite yet:) i had some sweetarts in the car the other day and when i picked up the kids from preschool i gave them each a handful. you would have thought it was the greatest thing EVER because all i heard the entire way home was, "thanks for being a sweet momma!! you're the best one ever!!" i guess i should give them candy more often:) melt. my. heart. she. is. poor kids have been so sweet during my hormonal pregnant meltdowns (that i seem to be having quite often these days). one morning, i lost it on ella kate. i was taking her to school and was so tired of her sour attitude that i snapped. i hollered at her and totally lost my cool. immediately i felt terrible and started crying. i pulled the car over, turned around and with tears streaming down my face i had to ask for her forgiveness. "ella kate, i am SO sorry. momma should never yell at you and respond to you in such an angry way. will you please forgive me?" she (with her tender self) started crying, too. "no, momma. momma's are not supposed to apologize. i should've been sweeter and not been ugly to miley. it's ok.. don't say you're sorry!" uggghhhh.. the worst feeling EVER!! "no, ella kate! momma's make mistakes and we need forgiveness, too!" by then miley chimes in, "it's ok mom, you don't have to cry anymore. we love you berry much!" oh jesus, please help me!! my kids are so precious!! thank you for this awesome opportunity to be their momma!! please help me to be exactly what you have called me to be to them! this handsome little fella is about too sweet for words. he got dressed this particular morning, looked at himself in the mirror and said with a big smile, "whoa! i look JUST like daddy!" he has been picky about his hair lately, too. everyday he wants to wear it spikey "like daddy's hair!" :) he is also the sweetest complimenter (sp??). i cannot even tell you how many times a day/week that he tells his sisters how pretty they are and that he likes their shoes/dress/hair... you name it:) he is a gem!
this sweet thing loves her daddy!! and she loves wearing his hats:)

she also likes to fake sneeze and cough. she will make a sound until you acknowledge her and say bless you. ha! speaking of sneezing, i was on the phone one day when ella kate sneezed. as soon as i hung up, she looked at me and said, "momma, i sneezed a while ago and no one bless you me'd!!":) oh, the drama!
here is one of my cuties on valentines day!and here are my other 3 sweet things...miley passed some gas (go figure.. the kid is a walking whoopy cushion). she said, "excuse me. me and daddy always do's that! we love to toot!!"

can you tell miley has some favorite shoes and socks?? they have since been "lost" and we can't find them anywhere! praise the lord! ha:)cutest little yellow jackets i have ever seen!cutie patootie..

look who has 2 teeth now!!