Friday, May 21, 2010

real quick..

bill is wearing a visor and ella kate walks by. she stops. she stares. then says, "uhhh, dad? you're missing the roof of your hat!" :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

random.. and a tad gross!

we had two birthday parties to attend yesterday. one of them was at a water park and the other was in a friend's backyard swimming pool. the swimming pool was filled with salt water and after ella kate got some in her mouth she told bill, "mmmm daddy, this water tastes like tee-tee!" now.. there are two things horribly wrong about this! one, that she knows what tee-tee tastes like, and two, that she likes it!?!?! gross...
we are going on vacation this weekend to fripp island. my whole family is renting a house together and we are all very excited! bill was talking to ella kate and josiah tonight about everything that we are going to do there. he was telling them about all of the animals that we will see.... deer, alligators, crabs... then josiah butted in and said, ".. and giwaffes, zebwas, ell-phants!" poor thing is going to be a little disappointed:) although, keep in mind that this is coming from a little boy who thinks that we are at the zoo when we drive by putt-putt:) ha!
he also is still very much into letters and the alphabet. the other day he said, "momma, 'A' starts wiff ah, ah, ah- awigator!" he's a smart one:)
oh, and that miley... she is still her spunky, sweet little self! (oh, and her nose has healed extremely well. thank you, jesus!) tonight i drove through starbucks and we saw one of our favorite workers, shayla! when i got my drink and drove off, miley waved in the backseat and said, "bye bye, saywah!" cutie! oh, and here is another funny thing on smiley miley. she loves music and we have started to let her listen to some lullibies in her crib before she goes to bed. well, this afternoon when i was laying her down for her nap, she looked up at me and said, "thong?" what?! how does my 19 month old know what a thong is?! then she said it again and pointed to the cd player, "thong! thong!" it struck me, then i said, "do you want to listen to your songs?" she smiled and said, "yeah! yeah! thong!!" hehe

Friday, May 14, 2010

new words..

this little miss has been a stinker lately! she is talking more and more and showing her attitude more and more! there is a fine line between it being cute and it needing some correction ... LOTS of correction! oh my! one of her latest cute phrases she says when she hears her sister or brother crying. she makes a surprised face and whispers, " 'siah cwine-nin! shhhh!" (josiah crying... shhh!)
she still speaks a lot in gibberish:) however, when we guess correctly at what she is saying, she gets VERY excited, claps her hands and says, "yay!!"

what can i say.. i try!

i really do try and let the babies have fun.. but today they just were NOT feeling the wagon:)maybe it was just too hot outside or the fact that they were too cramped?!?
they all seemed to chipper up after we finished our walk around the neighborhood.
ella kate and josiah made everyone "hang gliders" (sun visors) at school this morning:)
how thoughtful!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

miley had a fight with our front porch stairs today ..... and the stairs won:(

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mother's day!

i had a wonderful mother's day!! i am so blessed:)
bill took the babies shopping for my mother's day gift one night this week. while they were gone, my sisters and i took our mom out for a pedicure, dinner and dessert of her choice:) we had so much fun! i am so thankful that my sisters and my mom are my best friends and that we all are so close! i have so much respect for my mom and strive to be the godly, sweet, caring, patient and fun mom that she was to us! when i asked ella kate if she had fun shopping with daddy, she said "yes! it was so fun! we went to the star (macy's at the mall) and we got you some candles for mudder's days!" haha.. easy enough:) no need to bribe her to tell me what my gift was! and sure enough, they bought me my two favorite candles from yankee candle - i love that place!after church sunday night, we ALL went out to eat for mexican! i love my family! look at all these cute people! (eric and bill were the ones taking the pics!) eve, erin, josiah, mimi, lauren, ella kate, me poppa, and miley!

Friday, May 7, 2010


my aunt posted this on facebook and i thought i would share it with you in remembrance of my sweet nonny:)
If roses grow in heaven, Lord, pick a bunch for me
Place them in my Nonny's arms & tell her they're from me
Tell her that I love & miss her & when she turns to smile
Place a kiss upon her cheek & hold her for a while
Because remembering her is easy , I do it everyday
There's an ache within my heart that will never go away.
Happy Mother's Day in Heaven!

man.. i miss her! i think about her often and so does ella kate. we were coming home from kroger 2 days ago and out of nowhere ella kate said in the back seat, "momma, i really miss nonny!" i replied, "oh, i do too! what do you think she is doing right now?" without hesitation she said, "she's probably holding a baby!" this got my water works going... about a month before my grandma passed away, my sister erin lost a baby at almost 20 weeks. this was devastating to my entire family and i remember talking to nonny on the phone about it and listening to her cry and cry. erin and eric don't find out the sex of their babies, they like to be surprised. so the whole time she is pregnant, we call her baby "hershey"... meaning he or she:) well, it is comforting to us all to think that nonny is in heaven with my grandad and hershey. obviously, we have never talked about hershey with ella kate, because it would be too confusing because she was/is so small when it happened. but, for her to know that and say that just melted my heart:) god is so good! but in a split second my tears went to laughter. i told her, "yes! i believe nonny is holding a baby!" then ella kate said, "and maybe tomorrow she is gonna ride a bike!" haha... oh, the innocence:)
she also said this prayer this week, "dear god, thank you for this day. thank you for my family and my friends and please let nonny come back home soon! amen!"

update on the crazies:)

ok, so the blog has been neglected lately. i apologize!
let's see here... i am trying to think of what all is new around the davis house. ella kate and josiah are STILL having slumber parties every night and they have finally gotten into a decent routine. they still occasionally give in to the urge to jump from bed to bed and have pillow fights at midnight, but for the most part they are getting about 11 hours of sleep each night! praise the lord! however, miley must have picked up on the whole jump-on-your-bed-when-you-are-supposed-to-be-sleeping thing. the past couple of nights we have heard her making all kinds of ruckus in her bed and when we open the door to peek at her, we see her holding onto the rails of her crib and jump, jump, jumping as if her bed were a bouncy house! and i kid you not, the baby can get some air! she is so funny! she also has expanded her vocabulary some, too! when you call her, she turns her head and says, "what?" (we are working on her manners:)) my mom was kissing her the other day and miley pushed her away while saying, "top it! top it! top it!" (stop it!) hehe.. she has never really been the affectionate type! i also LOVE to see her reaching up her hands to me and saying, "holdoo, holdoo!" (hold you) and also, every kid or baby she sees in a picture is "eve" :)
ella kate has been struggling with separation/anxiety lately. it makes me sad and a little frustrated because she is THREE!! she cries when i drop her off for those three days at preschool. she cried when i dropped her and the other babies off at my sisters house when bill and i went to the carrie underwood concert last weekend (which by the way was AMAZING!!) and one afternoon my mom came to our house while all the babies were napping so i could run to the dr, and when ella kate woke up and i was not here, she cried and cried! :( what is the deal?? she also gives me this speech EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. after we tuck her in and say her prayers she ALWAYS says, "momma, you promise to come and check on me? but,don't let it be morning time, ok? you promise to come and check on me when it is still dark time? and remember that i said that, ok? pinky promise!" oh my word... yes kid i will always come and check on you! i will never leave you! i am just going to be in the next room! you are fine! ((sigh)) i just don't get it. i don't know what i have done to cause my baby this much anxiety. i never really even leave her. i mean, she goes to school for a couple of hours a day for 3 days a week (which she LOVES! it is just the initial separation thing that gets her). we haven't had a babysitter in months until erin watched them for us to go to the concert. AND i haven't been to the dr since miley was born, so my mom coming here so i could be gone for an hour to have some blood work done was a first, too! so they really are always with me, i don't know why she thinks that i am going to leave her. she stresses me out, i tell ya!! but i love that little booger! even though her nighttime speech has rubbed off on my sweet bubba 'siah! when i laid him down for his nap he said, "momma, you check uh my! kay?? pick-a-pwomise!" (you're gonna come and check on me, ok? pinky promise!)and instead of sticking up his pinky finger, he's got his little pointer finger in the air:) i love him.. then he lays down and rolls over! simple enough:)
i feel that josiah has really grown up a lot lately. he is my big helper boy, always wanting to hold someone's hand or open the door for me, or find my phone that i lose every ten minutes. he still is pretty quiet and keeps to himself and he LOVES him some donuts:) you should hear the way he says donut.. precious! he has the cutest little accent and i am not sure where he got it. i really don't even know what he sounds like, but it definitely is different. it has to do with the way he pronounces his "O" and "R" sounds, and he is still working on making his "S" not a "TH" sound. hehe.. i have a video of him saying his prayers at night. A-DORABLE! i need to post it:) i'll get to that soon!