Saturday, January 29, 2011

seven weeks left!!!

i cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by! we are getting more and more excited to meet our precious little girl:) my sweet husband took some pics of me this morning, so i decided i would share a few...
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 31 weeks (but my dr will induce us at 38 weeks if she hasn't already come!)
Size of baby: last week she was 3 lbs!!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: oh goodness.... it is probably up to 20lbs by now!!
Maternity Clothes: i can still wear a good bit of normal tops, but unless my pants are completely unbuttoned, then i HAVE to wear maternity bottoms:)
Movement: she is a wiggle worm and i LOVE it!!
Gender: sweet baby girl... adalyn grace!
Sleep: i haven't been sleeping as well as i would like to be! with the reflux/heartburn and restless legs, i am up a lot at night. but she will be so worth it:)
What I miss: i still miss being able to run errands (or really even walk further than the mailbox) without getting so winded and out of breath.
Cravings: ice, ice and more ice! raw carrots, ice cream and water... fun, i know!
Symptoms: well, i have had several symptoms with this pregnancy! i was in the hospital over thanksgiving break for a kidney stone and ever since then i have had one issue after another. i think my dr has put me on unofficial bed rest 4 different times!! but today i feel great, so i am thankful for that!
Best Moment this week: just getting everything ready for our baby girl. ella kate and josiah got bunk beds last weekend, and miley is moved into a new big girl room so we have been getting the nursery all ready for adalyn and i am so excited:)

Friday, January 14, 2011

cute quotes:)


ella kate and josiah were talking in the backseat.. ek:" josiah, when you are 6, i'mma be 28!!" (apparently we need to work on her math b/c they are only 11 months apart!)

ella kate spotted a gypsy at the grocery store today and felt the need to VERY loudly say and point, " whoa mom!! her hair is so BIG!!!" i chuckled under my breath out of embarrassment, then ella kate pointed out, "momma, are you laughing at her, too?"

josiah was in the car with bill while the girls and i were following in our van behind them. bill called me laughing b/c as soon as they drove off, josiah said "daddy, i really miss my fwiends!" (meaning he wished he was riding with ella kate and miley!)

i asked josiah if he wanted some chap stick on his red, wind burned lips. his response.. "no fanks! i'm good!" (bill says that all the time to them if they are wanting to "share" their juice, lollipops, half eaten cookies... so it was so funny to me that josiah has picked up on the "i'm good" part:)

we bought ella kate and josiah bunk beds this weekend, so they will now share ella kate's room together. we moved miley down to josiah's old room and now we are working on the nursery for baby #4. miley gets excited about "baby al-wen gwace!!" (adalyn grace) she points to the crib and says, "dis not miney's. dis for al-wen gwace!"

ella kate told me the other day that it wasn't fair that cinderella had mice and squirrels help her clean her room but she has to clean hers ALL by herself!!

i was brushing my teeth one evening while ella kate was in the bath tub. it just so happened that i gagged my big preggo self and then proceeded to wet my pants all while ella kate was watching:) she was so sweet as she told me, "momma, it's ok! i do it all the time. go get some new panties on and you can just hide your wet ones!" bahahaha!!! love it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snowed in:)

we were blessed with some more snow, and the babies had a BLAST playing in it! i am so thankful that bill's office was closed so he was able to go outside and build a snowman! he had all 3 of the babies outside with an ADORABLE snowman made all by 930am:) here are a few pics of the snow before it turned into ice...

we all came in and took a hot bath to warm up, then we got to enjoy some of the yummiest snow cream we have ever had!
the babies added syrup and sprinkles to theirs and were beyond thrilled!!
next up... s'mores!! look at this sassy face:)

josiah was a little nervous about being so close to the fire while roasting his marshmellow, so he kept his eyes closed:)
ella kate shared her s'more with mickey mouse!

have i mentioned that my babies have the BEST daddy in the world!?! we sure do love him:)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


family game night playing candyland. (ella kate calls it wonderland:)
enjoying his new bike!sweet sisters:)miley wants to wear this to bed EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.
she calls her gown "her dwess", and her slippers "her boots":)