Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adalyn is TWO!!

 how in the world is this cute face 2 years old?? what a blessing and JOY she is to our family. she is sweet, sassy and a complete disaster all in one! we lovingly refer to her as, "king kong". she can enter a perfectly clean room and destroy it in 0.2 seconds. she has colored on my walls with crayon and chapstick.. not one, not two but FOUR times! she proudly points to her artwork and says, "momma, I cowor! no, no!"

 she is timid and shy around strangers, feisty and loud at home. adalyn is NOT a pushover! she and miley share that trait:) they actually share A LOT of the same qualities! she is a lover of shoes, headbands (wearing at least 4 at the same time!), strawberries, cheese, barbies that sing, candy from poppa, ducks, Minnie mouse, singing songs and doing hand motions. she loves to pray and say amen. the itsy bitsy spider and wheels on the bus are her favorite songs. she knows how to say all of her colors but only gets purple and red right. (purple is her favorite!)

 adalyn is a total momma's girl. she wants to "hold a hand" or "holdoo" all day long. she showers me with a "tiss and hug" often and loves to "sit a wap". (sit in my lap) she also loves her daddy and loves to holler out his name and run to give him a bear hug when he comes home from work. she has a soft spot for ella kate. if bill or I scold her, she will always run to "eh-kate" for comfort. ella kate eats it up and always picks her up, kisses her and tells her it is ok.

 adalyn is terrified of dogs. terrified!! she not only screams hysterically but trembles from her head to her toes. when she sees our dogs in the back yard, she is always quick to say "no, no, doggie! see waiter!" (see ya later) she loves to go on walks or really be outside in general.

 adalyn adores levi and still refers to him as "wise". although she has called him "levis" a handful of times. she loves to kiss him and toss him a cookie or a toy. she can make him giggle and laugh like no other! they have a sweet, sweet relationship. she has started this thing where she is not liking her car seat. she goes through the whole list of siblings to try and get her out. (while we are driving down the road!) "si, buckle? my's buckle? eh-kate buckle?" they always tell her no, and we are certain to see that pouty bottom lip :)

 she loves to get donut holes from dunkin donuts, and loves to ride in the spaceship buggy at publix. we are still working on her manners. she is quick to say, "tay too, momma!' but is having a hard time with saying "yes ma'am and no sir." we get a lot of "huh" and "yeah". the other day she was calling out my name while I was on the phone, after 3-4 attempts of saying my name, she sweetly asked, "scoo me??" (excuse me) it was precious!! proof that she KNOWS!!

we joke around a lot of how grumpy and destructive she is, but we could not be happier that God chose us to parent this precious little life! adalyn grace, momma and daddy love you to the moon! you are such a sweet gift and we look forward to watching you grow! God has big plans for you!! I can't wait to see them unfold! happy birthday, pretty girl!