Wednesday, August 25, 2010


this is what my hubby does for fun:)and i promise, the babies like it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ella kate is 4!!!

well, our princess is 4 years old today! she was so excited to wake up this morning and "not be 3 like 'siah!" finally, she is her own number again:) it makes me laugh because all of a sudden, she is this grown up who wants to make her own sandwiches, pour her own juice, skip her naps, stay up late, not sit in her booster seat in the car and not cry when i brush out her curly tangles. she is full of sweetness and all things glitter, pink and girly. she is going to be a mermaid when she grows up, but if that doesn't work then i am sure she will settle for being a princess:) i am so thankful for her precious little life! she has brought us so much joy, drama and laughter and i look forward to watching her grow up and see what all the lord has planned for her! we love you, ella kate! happy birthday big girl!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

smart cookie:)

i have to share with you a conversation that ellakate and josiah had in the car on the way home from preschool today..
ek: hey 'siah.. i learned about the letter "b" today at school.
jos: oh..
ek: you know the word friends? f-f-f-f friends? well, it doesn't start with the letter "b".
jos: oh...
ek: it starts with the letter "c"!
jos: hey! camera starts with the letter "c"!
ek: oh 'siah.. that's not right! camera starts with the letter "h". i know this.. 'cause i'm fixin' to be 4!! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

had a cute conversation with ella kate this afternoon..
ek: "mom, all of my friends at school are 4!!"
me: "i know, and you are gonna turn 4 on tuesday!!"
ek: "huh?? you mean i'm STILL 3?!?!? ((sigh))"
...i guess being 3 is harder than i remember:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

two 3yr olds, first day of preschool and veggie tales!

i have a lot of updating to do!! i need to post some pictures from ella kate and josiah's birthday party and post some pictures from the first day of preschool. but first, i wanted to share some cute stories:)
first.. josiah turned 3 last week, and ella kate wont turn 4 until next week. ella kate is having a hard time "sharing the age 3" with her brother. she keeps reminding him, " 'siah, you are just a little bit 3, and i'm a lot 3!! cause i'mma be 4 soon!!" :)
also.. walmart had their veggie tale dvds on sale last week, so i bought the new 'wizard of has' movie. it looked cute with a scarecrow and tin man on the cover and i thought the kids would like it. i showed it to ella kate and she asked what it was called, so i told her "it's the wizard of has." she gave me a weird look and shook her head saying, "no... it's not that one! we're not allowed to watch wizards! i think it is called, "veggie tales wears their halloween costumes!" .... i stood corrected:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

has it been a year already??

my sweet grandma, nonny, has been in the presence of God for a whole year now! the time has gone by so fast and my heart still hurts for her like it was just yesterday! i think of all that has happened this past year... of all that she has missed. miley was just sweet, smiley 10 month old little baby when nonny passed away and now she is a hot mess with a diva attitude:) josiah was our crier... and nonny fervently prayed for him and prayed that we would have patience dealing with his difficult phase. she would be so happy to know that he is our happy, EASY, sweet little man now.. still cute as ever with his big blue eyes, and dimples! ella kate hasn't really changed all that much. i do miss, however, calling nonny with the latest "ella kate story". sometimes when ella kate has done something crazy (like she does every other day) i still find myself picking up the phone to call nonny. she would cackle and hoot until she cried at some of the things that miss priss had said/done!
there is so much that i wish i could say to my sweet nonny! i would tell her how much i miss her... how much we all miss her! how ella kate STILL talks about her and asks when she is coming back home. although.. when we lost the baby, ella kate said that nonny could stay in heaven and rock our baby for us:) and i know that nonny is doing just that!!
i miss you nonny and cannot wait until i can see your sweet face again one day!
i love you!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Josiah is THREE!!

3 years ago today, i gave birth to the sweetest, cutest little man EVER!! our "bubba 'siah" is quite possibly the brightest little boy i have ever met! he was counting to 10 by 18 months, by 2 years old he knew all of the sounds that the letters make. he could also write every letter of the alphabet (both upper case and lower case) as well his name and both of his sister's names. a couple of months ago he was sounding out/spelling some 3 letter words (cat, hat, bug...) and he completed his first ever 65 piece jigsaw puzzle by himself in less than 10 minutes!! i know that i am a bit biased... but this kid is smart!! :) he would much rather play with some puzzles in a corner somewhere than run around kicking a ball acting rough and tough. josiah is almost ALWAYS laying in bed at night with his magna-doodle "working on his wetters (letters)." he LOVES to learn.. we are so proud! he definitely did not get his "brightness" from his momma and daddy:) we were never very studious and could have cared less about school, but he has a lot of the same characteristics of my dad, poppa. ever since josiah was born, everyone has told him that he looks like his poppa... big blue eyes, straight nose, tall and stick-skinny!! josiah is pretty quiet.. a man of few words:) every once in a while he will get a burst of energy and feel the need to talk non-stop... but those "talking timmy" episodes only come once every couple of months! he is a big eater, an even BIGGER drinker, has the sweetest manners and the warmest hugs! he loves playing with bill's "hi-pot" (ipod), he loves "buzz year" (buzz lightyear), loves to swim (and is our bravest one in the water!), he loves donuts, and would drink milk all day long if we let him:) we are so thankful that the lord blessed our family with this little guy!! we love you josiah! happy birthday, buddy!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


ella kate and josiah both have birthdays in august, so tonight we had a "practice round" of the cupcakes we will be making for their birthday party next week! they had so much fun helping us bake these tasty colorful treats! we got the idea from a friend of ours but tried to change the colors into pastels. however, they didn't turn out as well as we had hoped so we will probably be doing the original bold, bright colors next week! here are some pics of my cute helpers:) ella kate informed me yesterday that, "when she was 2 years old, she was little boy and she frew up (threw up) all the time!" hmm... i never knew that! :)
josiah sneezed in the car the other day, so miley politely said, "bwess you, sida! (bless you 'siah!) he didn't acknowledge her so she said it a little louder. still no response from josiah, so miley screams (with a grumpy face and evil eye) "BWESS YOU SIDA!!!!!!!" finally, that got his attention and he turned to her and said, "thank you baby miley!" she smiled at him and satisfyingly looked out her window!