Thursday, August 30, 2012

More miney!

Miley was sitting on the potty at preschool for a while this morning when another little girl came in to wash her hands. The little girl asked her, "Miley, whatcha doing'?" Miley replied, "oh.. Just trying to hatch this egg!" :)

Miley is holding Levi on my bed when I tell her, " Miley, I think he looks like you!" she smiles, kisses him, then says, "well, that means he's beautiful!" :) and she is darn right! Ha!

She was also trying to count to 100 at the supper table this week when Josiah chimed in and started to "help" her count. She was not amused and quickly snapped at him. "Stop! Rudeness, Josiah! Rudeness!"

The kids love coming in my room in the morning when I'm feeding Levi to kiss HIM, not me:) Josiah is the first one to get in his face and say, "I missed you at night Levi. Did you have a great sleep?" this particular morning, Ella Kate wanted some extra snuggles with him before school and asked if I would take their picture. Please disregard Levi's crazy bed head:)

This weekend the weather was amazing! Especially for August in Georgia! Bill did yard work most of the day and I rigged up a water slide for the big kids in our back yard.

Totally ghetto or redneck.. Either way, they loved it! Here they are posing with their Popsicles.

And in case you were wondering if adalyn has been behaving herself I will leave you with these 2 pictures.. She loves headphones!!

She also loves to hide in Miley's closet:)

Friday, August 24, 2012

More summer fun!

Look who is 6 years old! She woke up and immediately said to me, "momma, I cannot believe I get a CHERRY COKE at the Mexican restuarant tonight for my birthday!! Oh, and I wonder if I'm taller now that I'm six." ha.. It's the little things:) she also requested muffins for her birthday breakfast.. Easy peasy. We are planning a trip to the American Girl store soon to spend some money that she got for her birthday. She is so excited! After school today, she wanted to make sure that I remembered that she gets cherry coke and the little kids get water at the restaurant, because it IS her birthday:)

Happy birthday Ella Kate! I am so thankful that you are mine! What a sweet, thoughtful, helpful, creative, funny and beautiful girl you are. God has huge plans for you. Daddy and I love you to pieces!

These pictures crack me up! She has figured out how to take self portraits with the iPad and I found these this morning.. Silly girl:)

Speaking of silly girls.. I picked up Miley from mothers day out the other day and when we came home, we colored and made some jewelry. I had to feed Levi after a bit and she was not thrilled. She came to my room upstairs and said, "momma, I was having so much fun at school with my friends, but now I'm not having any fun at home with you!"

But she got over it and later on I found the swing that she made for her baby doll with a necklace and her bunkbeds:)

The kids got progress reports yesterday and they were both perfect! Ella Kate's teacher commented on how sweet, helpful and crafty she is and Josiah's teacher mentioned that he was cheerful, friendly and "advanced". So advanced that he has been moved up to 1st grade for reading and phonics! Today when I picked them up, he had some gummy bears that he got from 1st grade. Ella Kate had a puzzled look on her face and asked,"what's 1st grade?!" :)

Next, check out this hot mess!

She is as much mischievous as she is cute and that is a dangerous combination!

In a matter of seconds, she can yank my clothes off of their hangers in my closet, disconnect the Internet, fall down the stairs, dump out our entire toy box and throw Josiah's Nintendo ds in the trash can!

And while I had my back turned in the kitchen making some lemonade, she managed to do this..

((sigh)) I am tired just typing that! It's a good thing she is so darn cute! I don't remember my other ones being that busy.. I'm sure they cold have been, but I have forgotten!

And last but not least, I leave you with the cutest breath of fresh air on the planet..

My sweet Levi is 3 months old today and as PRECIOUS and easy as ever! Sleeps great, eats great... Super chill and laid back and I am SO thankful! However, do not put him in his carseat. As soon as his skin touches the vinyl, he will frown... And then holler. He is not a fan! I have yet to have a car ride when he is happy the entire time. However, when we are home all day, he won't make a peep! Crazy boy:) check out those juicy lips:)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

school, friends and sweaty pigs

look at these sweet faces... they started school this week and are LOVING it! i feel as though i have been on the fence about school for quite some time. up until 3 weeks ago, i was going to home school ella kate and josiah for kindergarten. however, God opened some doors for a great opportunity to attend a christian school here in town, and the only stipulation is that they have to attend public school for a semester. the school that we are zoned for is not our ideal school, but we have covered our kids in prayer, and are trusting that we are doing what is best for now:) here are our 2 big kindergartners and our big k3!
 josiah came home from the school on the first day and told me he made TONS of new friends, but their names were a little long and he couldn't remember them:) here is a snippet of his roster! ha!
 last night at supper, he told me, "momma, if my shoe laces come untied at school, it's ok.. cause my friend raeshaun ties them for me!" so today when i picked him up, i asked him if raeshaun tied his shoes again, and he said, "no ma'am. my friend antoniyah did today.." cute boy. ella kate has also made some new friends, named daziyah, janay and carmen.
we also just celebrated my sweet boy's 5th birthday! he woke up that morning and told bill, "i can't beweive i'm 5!! i fink i can eat whatever i want, pway whatever i want and sleep whenever i want!" it WAS his special day, but he is still 5... so he got donuts for breakfast, krystal burgers for lunch and applebees for supper with yaya! royal treatment:) he also got an angry birds watch and was just as thrilled as if he won a million dollars! i love how easy he is:) he and ella kate are having a birthday party this weekend, so we'll have more to share then:)
 happy birthday sweet boy! you are such an amazing little man and your daddy and i are so blessed to be able to call you ours! we love you to the moon!

on a funnier note... i have a miley story to share:) the other night we were driving and miley was eating some goldfish in the backseat. they were in a tupperware dish and she was in her own little world pretending that they were locked in the "jungeon" (dungeon) by a big green monster. ella kate interrupted her "playtime" and asked:
ek:"miley, can i have some of your goldfish?"
miley:"well.... maybe...... if you scratch my back."
she proceeds to lean forward and pull her shirt up so ella kate will have better access:)
ella kate has a blank stare and says to me, "uhh, mom? miley's asking me to scratch her back!"
miley: "well, mom.. she is asking for my goldfish!"

also.. we walked up to the school one afternoon this week to pick up ek and jos. i was pushing the stroller and miley was trudging along. she whined ALMOST the entire time. her legs were dying, she was tired, her feet were breaking, and she was too too sweaty!! i told her, "i'm so hot, too! look at me... i am sweating like a pig!" she looks at me and then looks around us and says, "well... i am sweaty like uhhh.... uhhh... a big fat tree!!" :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

new photos..

levi is 11 weeks old!
 i love clean babies in the jammies:)
miley's outfit of choice on any given day!

 ella kate "found someone's" hair laying on the ground. it amazingly looks just like hers! come to find out, she took some scissors to cut out the tag of her shirt and accidentally cut a chunk of her hair.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweet times..

Miley was complaining (yet agin..) of being too little to do something. Josiah looks at her just as sweet as can be and says, "it's ok, miley. You'll always be God's little princess!"

I was reading the book, 'I'll love you forever' to my kids yesterday. I totally cried.. Bawled my eyes out! However, my moment was interrupted when I read the part about "the boy grew, and he grew, and he grew and he grew. Until he was 9 years old...... And at times he drove his mom crazy." (something like that.. I'm not sure the exact page) but as soon as I read that last sentence about driving his mom crazy, Ella Kate excitedly said, "hey! That's just like what you tell us! You say we drive you crazy, too!!!" my sappy moment was ruined.. I can't believe she called me out like that:)

Levi had his two month check up last week (or the week before.. I can't remember) he was 12 lb 12oz and 25 in long! 75% weight, 95% length and 25% for his sweet little head:) if it were possible for someone to have their skin kissed off, it would happen to Levi! We love to kiss him all over.. Even the kids! He is smiling all of the time with his sweet dimples. I have got to upload pics on this blog, soon! I lay him down at night around 9pm and he sleeps til 7am. I feed him at 7am and put him back to sleep and he will snooze some more until 10am when he starts his day:) I can't complain! He loves bath time, sleeping on his tummy and sucking his right thumb. Riding in the car is getting better, but heaven forbid we get stopped at a red light or stuck in a drive thru:) he likes to keep moving! He has the signature Davis pouty lip, and although it isn't often, I love to watch him cry:) he has the sweetest sad face! Adalyn is still crazy about him and loves to kiss her "baybay". She rubs his belly or head and covers him in slobbery lovin'. Sweet, sweet!

Speaking of adalyn.. She is still large and in charge:) her speech is picking up a bit, but there are still plenty of times where she grunts and points at what she wants. Her hair is out of control and she loves to have it brushed and fixed. She smiles at herself in the mirror and says, "pree". (pretty) she loves books and will back her big hiney up and into your lap at any given moment for you to read to her. She also loves baby dolls, necklaces and dancing shoes:) although she can only master walking in just one at a time. She loves to give hugs and kisses, so If bill or I are holding her, it is not uncommon for her to grab our face and plant a big, juicy wet one on us! It doesn't matter what you are doing or where you are looking.. Those chubby hands will grab your face and she is determined to give you some lovin'!

We were at sam's this weekend.. Or was it Costco.. I can't remember. Anyhoo.. Josiah was looking at the birthday cupcakes they had on display. He very loudly asked, "Daddy, Can I have a Justin Beaver birthday party?!?" (Justin Bieber) ha! Bill turned a nice shade of red and quietly said, "no, son. And don't ever ask that again!" hilarious!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fumbs and romance:)

Miley sucks her thumb. It has been a hard habit to break. Bill has been trying to help her quit, but she is just "firsty for her fumb!" today in the car, ella kate told her that her friends might make fun of her teeth if she keeps sucking her thumb. Miley made a frowny face at her and asked, "mom, are my friends gonna make fun of me? Cause that's not berry nice!" I told her that wouldn't be nice, because we don't need to make fun of people when they are different than us. Ella Kate chimes in and says, yeah.. We only make fun of people who are the same as us!" what? where have we gone wrong?

Josiah loves to read! LOVES it! He is full fledged reading chapter books at the ripe ol' age of 4!! He also is into addition problems. He did 2 full pages of math problems. And they weren't 2+2.. They were 9+7 and 6+8 and such.. And he got ALL of them right! Some of his numbers were written backwards.. But I knew what he meant. Anyhoo... Back to the reading.. He was reading me some verses from the bible that he learned in VBS, and they were from the book of "romance".. Not Romans.. He told me I wasn't sounding it out right.:)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pieces of my day..

I'm sorry, mr truck driver sir, I had no idea that my kids could pick up your conversation with their walkie-talkies. In all seriousness though, they really did think that you were their daddy!

My day started off with adalyn waking up in her crib with a busted stinky diaper. It was everywhere! Ironically, Levi woke up in his bed with a soaken wet diaper, shirt, and everything else. Clean crib sheets all around! 

In a matter of seconds, adalyn dumped out a box of tampons, emptied an entire carton of q-tips and fell into the bathtub. All while wearing some of my underwear around her neck as a necklace.

Ella Kate and Miley thought that it would be a good idea to get in my makeup and smear my outlast lipstick on their faces... But that stuff is true to its name. We have scrubbed and scrubbed and that junk is staying!

EK, Jos, and Miley came into my room with their bathing suits. Miley, complete with hands on hips, said to me, "we have our baydee suits on and that means you HAVE to take us swimming!"

I wish I knew how much candy/junk adalyn consumes on any given day. Her siblings have made her rotten! Just today, I saw Ella Kate giving her a tootsie roll. She smiled and said, "mom, this is her 3rd tootsie roll! She keeps asking for more! I gave her a lollipop, but she likes these better." I told her that I appreciated her help, but it is just fine to tell adalyn "no". She only has 6 teeth and I would like for them to not rot!

Do you know how annoying the sound of "dancing shoes" (plastic high heels) on tile floor, on five little feet, all day long is? It's enough to drive you batty, but I have been blessed with 3 precious girly girls and dancing shoes are their passion! Miley and Ella Kate have mastered walking in high heels, but adalyn can only walk with one dancing shoe on at a time. She is so proud to be clanking around the house with the big girls:)

The other day, Erin watched my kids so I could take adalyn to the allergist. (btw.. She is allergic to peanuts and dogs!) the girls were dressed up as princesses and Josiah couldn't find anything to wear. He said to my sister, "sissy? Do you have a prince costume? Or a super hero that I can wear?" she didn't, so he said, "ok.. I guess I'll just be a royal zebra." ??!?!? I don't have a clue what a royal zebra is or where he got that from.  But, Erin said he crawled around the house and the girls would call for the "royal zebra" to come and play with them:)

After my kids ate cereal, Josiah apparently didn't push his bowl up from the table far enough. So, adalyn reaches up and knocks the bowl onto the floor. The milk and cereal bits spill and splash all over the floor. She tries to walk away but slips and slides and crashes into the wall. She starts crying so Josiah runs into the kitchen to help, but ends up stepping into the spilt milk and falls, too. Disaster!

Just watched adalyn dribble juice out of her mouth onto the kitchen floor. She was doing it on purpose, and was "drawing" on the floor with her fingers.

The kids were building forts in the living room. While trying to assemble everything, Miley accidentally drops a 3lb dumbbell on Josiah's forehead. He has a huge goose egg and bruise.. It looks as though he is growing a horn!

The kids were getting ready for bed in my bathroom when I asked them if they remembered to wipe and wash their hands. Miley was already dressed when she let out a huge sigh and said, "aww man! I forgot!" she starts to pull her pants back down to wipe when I tell her never mind. Her TT was already on her panties now so there was no use in wiping now. She cocked her head to the side and said, "but mom!! My hiney will be scratchin' if I don't wipe!" yes.. This is true.. But you need to wipe when you go potty, not five minutes later!

Miley told me one night that she ate a worm! I asked her why, and she said that it was so the ants would have sumpin' to eat. I asked her what ants, and she said, the ones that she swallowed before she ate the worm! Gross.