Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pete and re-pete:)

josiah repeats EVERYTHING that ella kate says. my family jokingly calls them "pete and re-pete"... it is really cute at first, then it can turn into something quite annoying!
for example.. this is a sample of our afternoon car ride conversation:

ek: momma... i didn't have a hard day today!
jos: momma.. i no had har day!

ek: hey look at that school bus over there!
jos: hey uh wook at skoo bus o'dare!

ek: josiah is touching me!
jos: L-kate touch me!

ek: can i have some popcorn when we get home?
jos: i ha' popcorn ah' home?

and so on and so forth.... you get the picture?

tonight while we were eating supper, ella kate looked at me and said, "hey! why do you get to keep your clothes on when you eat spaghetti?"

then, when i put the 3 in the bathtub... ella kate took a really deep breath and said while standing on her tip toes, "momma, i forgive you for making the baff water really hot!"


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


it never fails that as soon as miley is free to roam around and play outside, she finds an acorn or a piece of mulch and puts it in her mouth. she and my niece, eve are HORRIBLE about that! even if we are just walking from the front door to the car, they both will try and cram as many in their mouths as possible. well today ella kate and miley were playing on the front porch and i hear miley fussing about something. i look and see ella kate with her fingers in miley's mouth saying, "now, baby miley! give me that nut top!! you not supposed to eat those fings!" and sure enough, miley was chewing on the top of an acorn! what a big helper ella kate is:)
josiah accidentally passed some gas in the tub tonight and he and ella kate were hysterically laughing about the "bubbles" that came up. ella kate even said, " whoa, 'siah! that was awesome!" how gross are my kids?!!?
i was changing josiah's diaper yesterday and asked him if was a sweet boy at school. he smiled and said, "i no sweet boy!" ella kate heard him say that and squealed, "oh! was 'siah a ugly boy?" josiah frowned and said, "i no ugg-ee boy! i yaya's boy!" (he LOVES yaya... aka: lauren, my sister!)
sharing is hard in the davis house. i feel like it is a daily battle to make them take turns. josiah was playing with a toy dolphin and miley walked up and snatched it from him. he screamed and said, "no baby my-ee!!" ella kate snatches it back from miley ,who in return screams! have i mentioned that our house is noisy!?! :) i was surprised to see that ella kate gave the dolphin back to josiah, then turned to tell miley, "baby miley, now we need to share. god wants us to share our hula hoops and our peas. ok?" miley stuck out her pouty lip and wandered back into josiah's room to look for something else to play with, and ella kate looks at me and smiles:) i smile back at her.. partly because she helped me in this situation like a big girl, AND that she mentioned hula hoops and peas.. neither of which are in our day to day life:) ha!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

10,000.... what?!?

this is so crazy to me! i put a blog counter thing on here last march and i checked it this morning and we have had over 10,000 people view our blog in about 10 months! that is crazy.. especially since we aren't really anything special:) thanks so much for checking us out!

it's raining, it's pouring..

the spring-like 70 degree weather has sadly left us and today we woke up to a dreary, rainy morning. but, the rain didn't damper the babies' spirits one bit. in fact, when ella kate saw that it was raining outside her window, she told me, "hey! i have a great idea! maybe we can take our umbrellas to school!" she and josiah both got umbrellas for christmas and they BEG to use them every chance they get... however, it isn't always convenient:) but this morning i decided to relax and let them walk to the car:) they had so much fun! they have mother's day out until lunch time and who knows... maybe i will still be relaxed enough to let them actually play in the rain when we get back home! doubt it... but we'll see:)

i have no idea why these pictures are so grainy.. it could be that i was holding miley, their lunch boxes and our umbrella so i couldn't really focus... oh well!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

let's exercise!

this afternoon while i was getting lunch ready, i heard ella kate say to miley and josiah, "ok, guys! let's exercise!" they have a lot of fun playing on my exercise mat, so when i heard her talking to them i knew that she had pulled it out... and when i looked down in the living room, she was already stretching:) EK: " 'siah see if you can do this!"
but as you can see, josiah already needed to take a break:)
next, she lined them up and said, "now, y'all need to follow me, ok?"
"ok baby miley, show me what you got!"

Monday, January 18, 2010

see any similarities??

i found this baby picture of me and put it next to miley:) whatcha think?

taking turns

ella kate and josiah are outside having a hard time taking turns with a tennis ball. josiah has it and starts reading the letters, "w-i-l-s-o-n". ella kate looks at him and says, "good job 'siah. it says PLEASE SHARE! now, give it to me!"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

dancing queen

we like to dance here at the davis house, however the babies' dances usually consist of jumping up and down:) even little miley.. when i ask her to dance, she bounces up and down and bobs her head. so you can imagine my shock when i catch ella kate booty dancing in the bathroom tonight by herself! i walk in and see her shaking her booty and hips all around like crazy! i ask her who taught her to dance like that and her response was, "God!"
hmmm.. somehow i don't believe her:)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


over christmas break, ella kate watched the movie "the grinch". she really loved cindy lou who, but some parts of the movie she would tell me how the grinch was "being ugly and him needed to be sweet!" there is a certain part where cindy lou who sings a song in her room and we must have repeated that scene 57 times! both ek and jos loved to hear that girl sing. anyway, the other night ella kate apparently had a bad dream so she woke up, came up to our room and said, "momma... i'm havin' a really hard day about the grinch!" she says that too us a lot... "havin' a hard day". it can mean that she had a bad dream, or if she is awake and says it, it most likely means that she is not getting her way, or that she did something wrong and knows she is in trouble:)
you don't really realize how much you sacrifice when you become a mom. things as simple as using the restroom ALONE, become a joy! well, this particular day josiah was my little shadow. he followed me everywhere. he stood by me as i loaded the dishwasher, folded the clothes and yes.. even when i went to the bathroom. he stood there staring at me, then he eyes lit up and said, "oh, momma! you go potty! i so prow (proud) you!"

sibling love..

mimi (my mom) got the babies these sibling shirts and i think they are so cute! i am one of those annoying parents who like to match their kids:) well... at least my girls.
i think girls are fun to dress alike and since mine are so close in age, i can find a lot of the same things in each of their sizes. but jos.. is a little different:) bill and yaya make sure i don't dress him too much "like a sissy":) but these shirts were cute and not so "matchy-matchy", so everyone was happy! ella kate even said, "hey! when we wear these shirts, it means we are brudders and sisters!" as apposed to them wearing different clothes and not being related at all:)

Friday, January 15, 2010

play time pics...

today was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day! i took the babies outback to play and get some fresh air! we all needed it:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

note to self:

never lay miley down for a nap again without her pants. even if they are her uncomfy, stiff blue jeans.. she WILL take her diaper off, potty all in her bed and with a smiling face say "tay too" (thank you) while handing you her nasty diaper that she has somehow removed with the leg tabs still attached!

our little song birds..

josiah's cute version of old macdonald!

and ella kate and josiah giving their takes on itsy bitsy spider:) ella kate chose to sing a longer version! ha.. love them!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Date Night!

tonight was date night at the davis house! bill and ella kate went to the mall to spend her "builder bear" (build-a-bear) gift card that she got for christmas. she was so excited! she had never been to "builder bear" before, so she looked forward all day to her date with daddy:)
i had shared some popcorn and couch time with my little man tonight:) i didn't take a picture, but josiah and i had some cute one on one time and we had some fun, too! we laid the little teething monster (aka: miley) down for bed, and just cuddled together on the couch! he is so sweet... and apparently he thought i was eating too much of the popcorn.. so he hid the bowl from me, grabbed the popcorn out of my hands and said, "no mo pa-corn, momma! ok? it's 'siah's turn!" oh well... i guess i didn't need it anyway:)

did i mention that i HATE teeth?

miley is 15 months old now and she is cutting ALL 4 of her molars this week! fun times, i tell ya! what used to be my sweet, smiley miley is now a loud fuss box chewing on everything and everyone! motrin and teething tablets have become her new bestfriends:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

who loves spaghetti??

eve is spending the night with us tonight, so i made a big pot of spaghetti for supper to get all of their bellies full! they made a huge mess but at least they clean off cute:)

oh, this boy!

just now the babies are supposed to be napping.. but i hear josiah scream. not just a cry, but a scream.... as if his arm got cut off or his leg broke in two! it startled me, so i ran real fast down to his room to see him standing there, still screaming and looking at his bare feet. i pick him up and wipe his tears and ask him what was wrong. he stops screaming, but has a horrible case of the 'suck backs' and through his gasping for breath i hear him say "lay-bug". i look down and see a helpless little lady bug crawling on his floor. apparently, the lady bug crawled across josiah's little foot and scared him to death. aren't boys supposed to like bugs?? especially cute little lady bugs?! i told him that lady bugs were sweet and they weren't going to hurt him. his reply with his pouty lip out, "i no wike lay-bug. it's wucky!"
also... while in the car this morning, taking ella kate and josiah to mother's day out, ella kate couldn't see her lunch box from under her jacket on the floor. she hollers out, "hey! where did my lunch box go?" josiah turns to her and very sweetly says, "i'n know baby, we find uh skoo!" (i don't know baby, we will find it when we get to school) then turns back around with a smile as if he just solved the hardest case! what was even funnier was the look on ella kate's face after josiah answered her. she looked as if, 'who was he talking to? and why did he call me baby?' :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

hot item of the day..

eve and miley have been so cute today! although, they have had a bit of a hard time sharing this super cool flounder hat:) miley would be wearing it and eve would snatch it off her head and say, "share!" she would put it on her own head and smile until miley tackled her to floor to get it back:) she is a rough one... that miley!

you know you have taken a good nap, when you wake up with hair like this!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

talk about a tear jerker...

we had a semi family reunion today with some of our extended family members out of town. my family took 2 different vehicles to travel. in our van was erin, eve, miley, ella kate, bill and me. and then my parents took my dad's truck with my other sister lauren and josiah. on the way back to augusta ella kate and josiah switched places and my parents decided to go to my grandma's house to pick up a few things. going to my sweet nonny's house is still really hard for me, seeing as though she just passed away 4 months ago, so we opted out and decided to just head back to augusta. when ella kate got home tonight from my parents she told me, "hey momma! i went to nonny's house today, but she was not there.... her was at heaven. but when is she coming home, because it is really dark outside and i really, REALLY miss her!" :(

Thursday, January 7, 2010

messes and memories

while josiah, miley and eve napped yesterday, i decided to spend some special time with ella kate and make a pound cake. i had been wanting something sweet, and she LOVES to help in the kitchen... so this was the perfect thing for us to do. or so i thought:)
let me tell you... baking with a little one is NOT for the neat freaks! there was flour EVERYWHERE, egg shells in the batter, pieces of wrapper still on the blended sticks of butter and i am sure that we added more than the required amount of vanilla! she spilled the first teaspoon of vanilla halfway in the bowl and halfway on the counter, so i tried to guesstimate how much else we still needed.
if you were a fly on the wall, you would see a half dressed ella kate standing on an upside down hamper trying to reach the mixer on the counter, covered in mess and you would here me say over and over, "oh! no no... be careful! steady..., slow down a bit! watch what you're doing! there you go.. good job! ok, add that next. stop licking the beaters! ok, now you can pour this.... get your mouth off of the bowl! oh, that is too much! good girl, this looks yummy! oh, wait! we already added that.. oh no! we're spilling it! stop licking the beaters, we're not done yet... it's ok, just let me do it!" ((sigh)) i was trying to be calm and relax but i think my nerves are still shot! all that matters is that ella kate had a blast and we made some memories and a ginormous mess... isn't that what it is all about:)

another attempt of a decent pic..

why is so difficult for 3 little ones (ages 1, 2, and 3) to look in the same direction, at the same time and SMILE?!?!? ((sigh)) this is all i got..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i love these kids! it frightens me how fast time is going by, and how they are not going to be babies much longer! ella kate is still funny and as dramatic as ever. josiah is starting to come out of his little shell some, and has the tendency to be a little ham like his big sister. miley is still just as sweet and compliant, but as fiery as ever! how can she both, you ask? well, she can be content, smiley and go with the flow all day, but if one little bump in the road hits her the wrong way, you better watch out:) she and josiah have become quite the pair! they play SO well together and it is so much fun to watch them chase each other around the house and cackle in hysteria when they get "tagged". ella kate is entirely too old to play such childish games with them anymore:) lately, she has been spending her time coloring, coloring and coloring some more. she got a lot of fun art stuff for christmas, and has been quite content sitting at the kitchen table trying to "stay in the lines". and i must add, that she is quite the artist:) my niece, baby eve came back to play with us today! we have missed not having her during the 2 weeks of christmas break. eve and miley are cute little buddies. today in the back seat, they kept stealing each others blankets screaming, "NOOO!! MINE!!" then they would laugh and cough and copy each other until someone snatched the other's blanket and the drama started over again.

josiah really loves eve too, but she will have none of it. i dont know what it is about him, that rubs her the wrong way. maybe it is that he likes to get nose to nose with her and say, "hey, dare big gur!" (hey there big girl!) now, granted eve IS a chunky little thing, and although he means well... boys should never call a girl big! :) so normally when he comes near her to play, she screams and runs off to ella kate or miley. the ones that she DOES like:)