Thursday, February 25, 2010

have i mentioned that i have a sweet boy?

my sweet niece, "baby eve", was in the back seat hollering for josiah. "si! si! si!" josiah turns around and says, "what, baby? whatchu want?"
that same afternoon in the car, miley starts sneezing. josiah again turns around and says, "besh you, bay my! g'ness!" (bless you baby miley! goodness!)

cute video clips..

miley reading, in what sounds like german:)

i am not sure what this song is called but they sing it at school and it goes like this:

"little bunnies sleeping in the afternoon, shall we wake them with our happy tune?

oh, so still... are they ill?? WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!

hop little bunnies, hop hop hop! all day long!"

miley has now joined ella kate and josiah's relay races in the living room:)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

someone dressed herself this morning..

.. and is quite proud:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

more beautiful weather!

i am loving this weather! we met my sister at the park this morning and got some really cute pics of the babies and eve playing on the playground...

Friday, February 19, 2010

if i stand on my tiptoes, i can see spring from here!

what a beautiful day it is today! we needed a sunshine-y warm day and i am SO thankful we got one:) i am so ready for spring, sundresses and flip flops! i can't wait! here are a few recent pics of the kids!

my mom bought ella kate and josiah some bubbles, and ella kate decided to blow some up to heaven for nonny! (i love this... it was TOTALLY her own idea!)

next, ella kate wanted to play "hotch scotch" (hop scotch) we have never played this before, so i am guessing she learned this at preschool?!?

then it was josiah's turn... he was hilarious! but please ignore my hideous shrubs with the stretch armstrong limbs... i'll make sure that my sweet hubby takes care of them this weekend:) also.. ignore all of my goodies in the background from babies r us, i had just finished unloading the car!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i had a few questions about the previous "tea" post...
ella kate calls her pee, "T"... example: she will run to the restroom and say "momma, i need to go "T"!! but we are also from the south, so we can drink sweet tea for every meal. i typically don't give my kids sweet tea, but bill had recently shared his with ella kate and she loved it. she kept telling us that it was fine for her to drink it because it was like juice:) so when she woke up and came into my room that morning so thirsty for some "tea", she wanted to make sure that i would give her sweet tea instead of pee:) get it?! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


i was just woken up by ella kate in my ear saying, "momma i am really firsty for some tea. not the kind that is in the potty, but the kind that is like juice!"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

silly sayings..

*i gave the babies granola bars for snack today and ella kate said, "hey.. i love 'gorilla' bars! baby eve eats them everyday!"
*i gave josiah a haircut and ella kate walks in and says, "hey 'siah, i like your haircut! you look like a bug!"
*josiah talks so sweetly to ella kate. she will show him some of her "homework" aka: a picture that she colored, and he ALWAYS says, "oh, LK that's so boo-ful!" or when she or i get dressed for church, josiah is the first one to tell us, "oohhh... you wook so boo-ful!" or "i wike yo' pree dreth". (like your pretty dress) he is the sweetest boy... EVER!
*i am also afraid that miley with have the inevitable "davis lysp":) thankfully, ella kate has grown out of hers, but josiah still has it with some words that end in "s" and now so does miley! her new thing to say while bouncing up and down is "danth". (dance) ha! she also likes to share her cup by shoving into your face while saying, "ah' some" (wanna have some) but she is not a fan of giving kisses! if you ask for one, she will turn her head the other way with a "no!"
*one last thing.. while driving in the car ANYWHERE, ella kate is constantly pointing out different roads/directions. for example: "hey, that's the paff (path) to pbs kids (chuck e cheese). that's the paff to mimi's house, and if you go on this paff and turn on this paff, then you will be at the red store (target)." and the funny thing is, is that she sometimes is right:)

happy valentines day!

i am missing my big valentine today (who is still out of town skiing), but these cute, little valentines have definitely been keeping me busy:)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


you don't get very much snow here in georgia..... if any!! as a matter of fact, i don't think we have had snow that actually stuck in what seems like 10 years!! (i could be wrong... but it HAS been a while!) so needless to say, my sweet little family was so excited to see huge, white, fluffy snow flakes falling from the sky yesterday! ella kate told me that nonny told god to let it snow:) bill and i had already planned to go on a date for an early valentine's day and my sister erin was coming over to watch the babies for us. we almost cancelled so we could stay home and play in the snow, but since we haven't had a date in about 4-5 months, we decided to go:) my other sister lauren came over while we were gone, to play with the babies and both she and erin bundled them up to let them play out in the snow. i love my sisters... they are the absolute best! they did everything that bill and i would have wanted to do if we were home with the kids. they built a snowman, made snow angels and threw some snowballs!! they even took pictures and video taped them so we could see when we got home:) i love my family! we woke up this morning to a winter wonderland! it was so beautiful! bill, erin and her husband eric left to go skiing with their youth group today and will be gone for a couple of days. so lauren and i went to our parents house this morning to play with the babies in the snow some more! my parents are so cute! they were having a blast throwing snowballs at everyone.. even the little boy who lives across the street! josiah LOVED loved the snow, and tried to play in the snowball fight, but ended up carrying his snowballs to the person he wanted to hit, then would smear it on their legs:) ella kate didn't really throw the snow, she was too busy running around and falling! eve loved the snow, but didn't like how cold her hands would get! miley liked the snow from a distance. she didn't want to be in it, but enjoyed walking along the sidewalk looking at everything:) here are some cute pics!

Friday, February 12, 2010

munsters and messes..

during nap time the other day, i went upstairs to use the restroom without an audience:) i turned the corner of the bathroom and saw ella kate standing there, staring at me. it really startled me and i said, "ooohhh! you scared me, ella kate!" looking concerned she said, "but hey! i'm not a munster(monster), i'm a kid!"
josiah and miley could not be more different. actually, all 3 of the babies are so different, but this particular incident happens to be with the little two! josiah is my helper when i need to pick up the toys, he likes to stack his blocks in a perfect tower which he calls his birdhouse, line up his matchbox cars in perfect lines, put his grapes in neat piles.. you name it! the boy likes his stuff perfect! miley on the other hand, CANNOT stand clean, neat or orderly. she is the first to destroy her clean room, swat at josiah's "birdhouse" (tower of blocks), kick his cars out of line and destroy anything else that looks to be too perfect. she was a stinker last night as i was sweeping the kitchen floor. i swept all of the crumbs into a little pile and then turned to get the dust pan. in a matter of seconds, miley was aggravated by the pile of crumbs. i watched her squat down, smear her hands in the pile of trash and spread it around to where it was messy again, brush her hands off on her pants and walk off as if saying, "my work here is done!" :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

you GOTS to learn..

miley just got her hand popped for pulling hair... ella kate came to comfort her saying, "now baby miley, we love you but you gots to learn to obey... kay??"

happy birthday nonny!

today would have been my sweet grandma's 80th birthday! i still miss her so much! i remember our phone conversation we had a year ago today. i called to wish her a happy birthday and was so bummed that we were unable to be there with her. bill and i had originally planned on surprising her and spending the day with her, but miley had rsv and we didn't feel comfortable traveling with her being sick. so when i called nonny and told her that our original plans of coming to surprise her had failed, she laughed and said, "well, just don't worry about it! you can plan a surprise party for my 80th birthday next year!" she was so cute.. and had she been here, we definitely would have had a surprise party for her:) instead, ella kate and josiah sang her happy birthday and sent some balloons all the way up to heaven! happy birthday nonny! we love you and miss you so much!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i am blessed!

i HEART these people!!


ella kate has been working VERY hard to help me out lately. she has been cleaning her room, "trying" to make her bed, puts all of her dishes in the sink after a meal and other random little tasks that she does all on her own without me having to threaten her life:) i went to her room one night to help her turn down her bed and get ready for some sleepy time, but she had already turned down her bed spread and put all of the decorative pillows up and it looked perfect. i thanked her and told her that i was so proud of her for knowing how to do that by herself and for actually doing it! she smiled at me and said, "your welcome, but momma... you forgot to show me your fums!" i looked at her and said, "what?" and she said, "like this! you forgot to do this!"apparently i give her more 'thumbs up' than i thought:)

also.. a story about my sweet josiah! i love that boy:) we were getting ready to leave the house one morning for me to go and exercise and all 3 of the babies were downstairs watching tv. i called for them to turn the tv off and to come to the front door. ella kate and josiah raced up the stairs and left miley all by her slow little lonesome. she started crying out as she was trying to scurry up the stairs. so josiah goes back to her and says, "don't cwy bay-mi-ey! we not gon' wee you!" (don't cry baby miley, we're not gonna leave you!) sweet boy.. he loves his sisters!
these next 2 pics are so funny to me. bill got an i-touch for christmas and he has lots of cool apps on it for the babies to play and listen to... and just so everyone can see and share, this is how they always end up:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i love carrie underwood!

her new video is out and it makes me miss my sweet nonny! i can't believe it has been over 5 months since she passed away, but i can rest assured that i will see her again one day:)
i dont know how to post videos from youtube, so here is the link..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

growing.. growing

miley will be 16 mo old tomorrow!! how in the world is my baby girl that big?!? it has gone by so fast and we have enjoyed every minute of her sweet little life:) she is on the go quite often... following ella kate and josiah everywhere they go. it really is sweet to watch:) ella kate is the "leader" and josiah is her "follower" copying ella kate's every move and saying everything that she says... and then there is miley... their slow and clumsy little shadow:) she laughs when they laugh and tries to jump when they are jumping.. you name it, she does it! she also has become a little talker. she doesn't say near as many words as her sweet cousin eve... but she does say a few cute things! for instance, she looks at our dogs in the back yard and says, "duck! ruh, ruh, ruh! (ruff)" and today eve was pushing miley in the baby doll stroller and when she plowed her into the kitchen table, miley said, "ousssshhh!! (ouch)" little cutie:)

Monday, February 1, 2010

did i ever post this picture??

this was a surprise to my parents for christmas:) my sister lauren bought the fabric and had a sweet friend of ours make these adorable dresses for ella kate, miley and cousin baby eve to wear! we took a bazzilion pictures and these two are the only ones that turned out decent:)