Thursday, October 28, 2010

i'm back.....

two weeks ago, we took ella kate and josiah to DISNEY WORLD!! last minute, we decided to leave miley at home with sissy and eve. it was a hard decision for me, but in the long haul, it was the best decision! we were able to focus on ella kate and josiah and spend quality time with them, while miley was able to play with her best friend, stay on her schedule, and get lots and lots of lovin' from my sweet family:)
the parades were by far, our favorite thing to experience. this was not only ek and jos' first time to disney, but mine as well:) there were so many characters in the parades and to watch our babies' faces as they went by was PRICELESS!! this picture is one of my favorites from our trip. ariel (ek's hero) was on the opposite side of the float facing away from us. prince eric was waving to us and heard ella kate HOLLERING like crazy for ariel, so he turned and grabbed her so she could wave and blow a kiss to ella kate:) how sweet is that!!! abu from alladin was walking in the parade, and josiah was lucky enough to get a quick hug:)we got to meet cinderella, snow white and sleeping beauty one night and each of them had their princes with them!! here is a pic of snow white and the snow prince:)here are bill's sweet parents who took us on the special trip! we love you nana-nan and papa:)we were guests to one of the halloween parties at magic kingdom and got to meet all four of these guys at one time!we had breakfast one morning at chef mickey's! we met mickey, minnie, goofy, donald and pluto!this was josiah's favorite toy story ride:)ella kate liked it, too!josiah's all time favorite hero- "buzz year"riding the monorail to the park every morning was so fun!ella kate's dream come true!! we had lunch with ariel, belle, cinderella, jasmine and aurora:)belle was so sweet!we went on a safari and jos loved it!ella kate loved the crazy bumpy ride, too!we had breakfast at animal kingdom with donald, daisy, mickey and goofy!there are tons of more pictures to share, but this will do for now:)
we had the most fun and made some of the sweetest memories!! although, we missed miley like crazy and were ready to come back home.. we were pooped!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

first day of preschool pics

i just realized that i never uploaded any pics from their first day of preschool (mother's day out). so even though we are almost 2 months in, i figure they were better late than never:)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

miley is TWO!!

how is it that baby girl is 2 years old?? it seems like yesterday she was in my belly!! we can't imagine our life without our smiley miley:) although, these days we have seen more sass than smiles, we love her just the same!
*she VERY animated and keeps us laughing with all of her facial expressions.
*she loves "L-kate and sida" (ella kate and josiah) and is quite lost without them! on days where they are at preschool, she doesn't know what to do with herself. she roams around the house following me like a lost puppy dog:( *she also is a princess in the making- loves her some "dancing shoes" like her big sister.
very seldom will you find her without a baby doll in her arms.
*she also loves her "sicky" (silky blanket) and drags that around the house, too.
*miley is probably my bravest when it comes to bugs. just this afternoon the babies found a beetle in the yard and miley was the only one who was brave enough to get close to it and put a bowl on top of him:) i wonder where they learned how to do that?!? *bill and i joke around that if ella kate and josiah are ever picked on at school, miley will be the one to beat the person up and take care of business:) she is that tough!!
*she is quite the chatter box and although we can't make out EVERYTHING she says, we can understand enough! if not, we just ask ella kate to translate it for us:)
*she is a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle with both her momma and her daddy:)
*eve is her partner is crime!
* she loves to eat, and she LOVES to go bye-bye!
*she loves playing with her "bobby" (barbie) and i love it when she makes her barbie talk:)
*she is not big into coloring.. although she loves to eat the crayons/sidewalk chalk.
*miley also loves to sing. if we are in the car, she will sing every song that we listen to, even if she doesn't know the words:)
*we love this little girl so much and thank the lord that he has entrusted her precious little life to us! i can't wait to watch her grow:) (well... really, i can! i want her to stay little forever!)
we love you miley!! happy birthday!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

slumber party

this is how ella kate and josiah decided to sleep tonight:)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

happy fall ya'll!!

it finally feels like fall here and we are one HAPPY family:)
i love fall... it is my favorite time of year!
we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out some mums and pumpkins. the babies had a blast! ella kate and miley LOVED picking out their own "pone-kins" and josiah had fun pretending this his pumpkin was a baseball:)

Friday, October 1, 2010


we have been making LOTS of noisy, giggly, choo choo trains around the house these days. they have the most fun:) i thought this was so sweet. the other night, the babies were watching the old clay movie version of frosty the snowman while i was cleaning the kitchen from supper. well, there was a certain "scary part" when the abominable snowman comes out and miley got a little frightened. ella kate wrapped her arm around her and told her "it was just pretend and she wasn't going to let that munster hurt her"! aww.. so sweet:)

pirates, shakes and squeals!

while grocery shopping at kroger this week, we passed a sweet old man who was wearing an eye patch. it was one of those moments where i cringe and try to distract my kids from embarrassing us by what i know that they will say. but i was too late!! before i could grab ella kate's attention, she loudly and VERY excitedly points and shouts, "hey look mom!! a PIRATE!!!"

josiah is doing the CUTEST thing these days. whenever he falls or hurts himself, he usually will run to us crying. however, my hubby has now taught him to "shake it off", and josiah literally starts shaking his whole body... head, hands, arms, legs, booty... adorable:)

miley makes me laugh. she makes us all laugh. she is so animated with her facial expressions. love it! one thing that i LOVE right now about her is her love for her siblings. as soon as she wakes up from her nap or from bedtime, and i go into her room to get her, she immediately asks for "L-kate and Sida". then she squeals as soon as she sees them:)