Saturday, January 29, 2011

seven weeks left!!!

i cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by! we are getting more and more excited to meet our precious little girl:) my sweet husband took some pics of me this morning, so i decided i would share a few...
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 31 weeks (but my dr will induce us at 38 weeks if she hasn't already come!)
Size of baby: last week she was 3 lbs!!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: oh goodness.... it is probably up to 20lbs by now!!
Maternity Clothes: i can still wear a good bit of normal tops, but unless my pants are completely unbuttoned, then i HAVE to wear maternity bottoms:)
Movement: she is a wiggle worm and i LOVE it!!
Gender: sweet baby girl... adalyn grace!
Sleep: i haven't been sleeping as well as i would like to be! with the reflux/heartburn and restless legs, i am up a lot at night. but she will be so worth it:)
What I miss: i still miss being able to run errands (or really even walk further than the mailbox) without getting so winded and out of breath.
Cravings: ice, ice and more ice! raw carrots, ice cream and water... fun, i know!
Symptoms: well, i have had several symptoms with this pregnancy! i was in the hospital over thanksgiving break for a kidney stone and ever since then i have had one issue after another. i think my dr has put me on unofficial bed rest 4 different times!! but today i feel great, so i am thankful for that!
Best Moment this week: just getting everything ready for our baby girl. ella kate and josiah got bunk beds last weekend, and miley is moved into a new big girl room so we have been getting the nursery all ready for adalyn and i am so excited:)


  1. Kristen you look so pretty! Pregnancy fits you well!! :) Congrats to you both!!