Friday, February 25, 2011

i can't remember if i shared this or not...

a while ago, ella kate's tummy was upset so she was using the bathroom. i am not sure where bill and the other kids were at the moment, but they weren't around us. i went into the restroom to check on ella kate, and at that moment she said, "shoooo-weeee!! it stinks! i can smell daddy all of the way in here!!!" haha! poor bill... he was actually innocent this time and she was just smelling herself:)

also... speaking of innocence (or the lack thereof..) bill has taught the kids that passing gas takes talent! for instance, josiah let out some air then politely said, "'xcuse me! that was just my talent!!" or when ella kate and bill have spent too much time together, she is always quick to tell me, "momma.. i heard daddy's talent ALL DAY!"

miley has a new cheesy pose/cheesy face when i take her picture. it frightens me a bit because she cocks her head to the side and either sticks our her booty or her hips. i have never in my life witnessed a 2 year old have so much sass and confidence while having her picture made!! wonder who she got that from:)

oh.. and one more thing! all of my kids have had the "s" lysp and trouble with the "r" sound. ella kate and josiah both had trouble with the "L" sound, too. (josiah still has trouble with not pronouncing it as a "W") however, miley adds extra "L" sounds to everything! and she can actually pronounce it right!! her toys get "bloken" (broken) she LOVES going to "pluglix" (publix) and right now she is wearing a "cin-lella dwess" (cinderella). i love hearing her sweet voice:)

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