Friday, December 28, 2012

It has been 7 weeks..

It has been SO long since my last post, and I don't even know where to start! I will share that this sweet little fella is already 7 months old! He is pure delight!! sweet levi is about 17 lb, and 29in long. In the 75%for weight and 85% for height. He wears 6 months clothes and size 3 diapers. He is SUCH a happy baby! Still nursing and tries to eat rice cereal twice a day (sometimes i forget) Still not my best sleeper. We have been off and on sick for the past 2 months and ever since then, he has stopped sleeping his 12 hours.. Now, it is almost guaranteed that he will wake up at some point between midnight and 2am, every night. ((Yawn)) but he is so easy and happy during the day, that I don't mind feeding him in the wee hours of the morning.. I mean, look at this sweet face:)

The other kids still adore Levi and he is beginning to giggle and laugh at them more and more. Makes my heart smile:)

Oh, Miley! She is STILL a hot mess:) a beautiful mess.. But, a mess nonetheless! She brings so much laughter to our family! She has a certain sass and bluntness about her, that it catches you off guard. She is not afraid to tell you how it is, and is also not afraid to hurt your feelings in the process:) she loves her daddy and cries every.single.morning when he goes to work. She loves dancing shoes, tutus, barbies, headbands, and lip gloss. She is also quick to tell the others when they are not being nice, "God don't like ugly!!"

Sweet, sweet jos! My easy, quiet, camera shy little helper boy! Tender and gentle and quick to obey! He loves his babies, and loves mommas new iPhone! If I would let him, he would play video games everyday. He has turned into my pickiest eater. Textures now bother him, and will gag at the slightest thing on his plate. However, he doesnt want to hurt my feelings, so he is always quick to thank me for making the food, even though he is gagging while he chews:) This boy is forever thirsty and can clean his room, as well as the whole house, in a jiffy!

A typical look for Miley:)

Jos loves sleeping in his daddy's t-shirts. This particular night, he tucked his teddy bear into his shirt by his neck to keep it warm:)

We went to lights of the south with my family one night and the kids loved the Christmas lights!

Here are all of the bigger cousins with Santa:)

A sweet friend made my girls these precious dresses for Christmas! I love them!

Adalyn, Adalyn, Adalyn! She is a mini version of Miley and to be honest, I am a little bit scared:) the fridge is her favorite "hang out". Just her size:) she is 21 months old and still only saying a handful of words. She is wearing 18-24mo size clothes, size 6 shoes and a size 5 diaper. She LOVES dancing shoes, babies, and snacks:) she calls Miley, "mi", Josiah, "si", Levi, "wise" and Ella Kate, "momma". She can also say daddy, no, shoes, juice, holdoo (hold you), baby cwyin (someone is crying), sissy, yaya, yesh (yes) chiz (cheese), side (outside), doggy, yay, more, ha bow (hair bow), ect.. She loves to sing the itsy, bitsy spider and Justin Bieber's song Baby. She also loves to dance and spin herself around and around until she gets dizzy and falls into furniture. She is attached to my hip 24/7 and is still SUPER shy around other people. She loves to cheese for the camera.

Miley tucks her nightgown into a skirt or tutu every night

It took Levi forever to find our Christmas tree.. But he did, and he enjoyed taking off all of the bows:)

Miley and Eve.. Christmas Day.

Ella Kate... Our little momma. She loves to help me in the kitchen or with the babies. She thrives on making us happy! She caters to Adalyn and dotes on her often. If she wants to be held, or to eat a snack or play with a certain toy, Ella Kate is the one she wants:) she is super crafty and creative. Always making us masterpieces and taping them to the walls or fridge. She wants her hair in a ponytail everyday and insists on wearing blue jeans... Nothing else! With the help of Poppa on Christmas Day, she worked up the courage to pull her first tooth! She was so excited.. And looks SO big, now!

Ready to put it under her pillow:)

Daddy caught the tooth fairy in her bed that night!

Christmas 2012

Adalyn on Christmas Eve at Nana Nan's. she loved that baby and sat here so sweetly for the longest time:)

Our lights on our Christmas tree went out after a week or so of being up.. I am so glad I took some pics of it before hand..

My little sunshine..

Loves his daddy!!

Miney moe on picture day at preschool!

More Christmas pictures..

Look at how similar Josiah and Levi look at 6 months old... Crazy! I love it!

The davis family on Christmas Eve 2012.

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