Friday, February 1, 2013


The other evening while driving to church, Ella Kate was reading a book in the back seat. "Hey momma, look at this penguin." "I can't right now, Ella Kate. I'm driving." Miley looks at Ella Kate and says, "it's ok, Ella Kate! Mom really CAN see it. Cause one time I drawed her a picture while she was cooking supper and she didn't look at me but she still said, 'oh.. Uh huh! I like it!' "

Ella Kate and Josiah were having a discussion in the backseat when Ella Kate asked, "mom, isn't God the king of the sky?" "Well, God is king over everything, so yes!" I said. She smiled at Josiah and said, "See? Told ya!" Josiah has a dissatisfied look on his face and says, "but momma, I know God is the king, but who is IN CHARGE of the sky?? It's the eagle, right? Eagles are in charge."

Miley loves to smell things. The other day she was smelling her supper and said, "mmmmm... That smells like some goodness!" I got her out of the bath and wrapped a fresh, warm towel around her and she said, "oh momma, this smells JUST like God!!" During her naptime today, she ran upstairs to my bathroom and said she needed to wash her hands. She scrubs and rinses and says, "that's better. I needed to wash my hands very bad. First, they smelled like poop but now they smell like hot cocoa! See, smell them!"

Adalyn is talking up a storm now. My personal favorite is, "Tay too, momma!" And whatever her version is of 'whoopsie daisy'. She loves her "puhple" hair bow and also despises wearing "shocks". (Socks) The other morning she was asking for her "duece" (juice) and "awful" (waffle or any other breakfast item) I opened the fridge and grabbed the apple juice. She shakes her head no and points her chubby finger and says, "no. I want dat one! Dat one, momma" I point to the orange juice and ask her, "this?" She smiles big and says, "Yeah! Yeah!" I say, "yes, ma'am?" She keeps smiling and says, "yeah!!" So.. We'll keep working on her manners:)

Josiah came home from school the other day and wanted to pray for his friend "wilwian. Cause she has a theether." (Lillian has a fever!)

I feel like I need to put something up here about Levi. Not much is new with Mr. Lazy Bones. He is 8 months old and the cutest, sweetest, smiley-est little fella but has no desire to sit up, crawl, rock on his knees or bare any weight on his legs:) he would much rather roll around on the floor, growl and shine us a dimple or two... And I am completely fine with that:)

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