Friday, March 11, 2016

how is it already march?!

time flies.. yet crawls at the same time. how is that possible?? the kids are growing like weeds and are just as cute as ever. the bigs are THRIVING in school and I am so happy and so proud of them. the littles are cute and fun and I have enjoyed spending some alone time with them. people at church refer to Adalyn and Levi as the "little old married couple". they are in the same class, and he just wonders around and she bosses his every little move.. and he does just what she says :)

 titus is growing so fast! he can sing his ABCs, You Are My Sunshine, Jesus Loves Me and he can count to ten. all thanks to his big siblings. its crazy how much they pick up from big sisters and brothers. he also says, "booty, hiney, poopy, tootie.. and other "potty talk" that my kids think are hilarious.
one of my kids hopped in the car the other day after school and was talking about the planets. I tried to explain a way that I was taught to memorize the planets in order when my child interrupts me and says, "uhh mom? you know... pluto isn't a planet anymore. I think it was stolen... by like the Indians or something.." wha?????

then in the same car ride, another kid said, "mom, did you know that there was such a thing as a bald headed eagle?! well, apparently there are lots of them and its the bird of America!"
another funny: man on the radio says, "Jesus is the answer to everything." miley in the backseat, gazing out of the window and completely serious, " oh, wow! so 10+10= Jesus?? I always get stuck on that one!"
Levi is our prayer warrior. he and Adalyn wont let us EVER forget to pray with them at night and I love it. although, I sometimes don't love hearing him thanking God for every little thing in his room and in his brain after 15 minutes, but I pray that he is always willing and ready and LOVES to pray. one night he prayed this: dear hebbenly fodder, fank you for dis day. help mommas neck to feel better, please send us da snow again. it was cool. fank you for alllllllll my brudders and sisters and please give us anudder baby. A-ME-UN

another cute quote: miley:"hey dad! guess what? I won second place at the goofy glasses contest tonight at church! its a good thing I didn't come in third, cause that would NOT be cool!" Josiah interrupts: "uhh miley? there were only 2 people in the contest!" haha

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