Monday, May 17, 2010

random.. and a tad gross!

we had two birthday parties to attend yesterday. one of them was at a water park and the other was in a friend's backyard swimming pool. the swimming pool was filled with salt water and after ella kate got some in her mouth she told bill, "mmmm daddy, this water tastes like tee-tee!" now.. there are two things horribly wrong about this! one, that she knows what tee-tee tastes like, and two, that she likes it!?!?! gross...
we are going on vacation this weekend to fripp island. my whole family is renting a house together and we are all very excited! bill was talking to ella kate and josiah tonight about everything that we are going to do there. he was telling them about all of the animals that we will see.... deer, alligators, crabs... then josiah butted in and said, ".. and giwaffes, zebwas, ell-phants!" poor thing is going to be a little disappointed:) although, keep in mind that this is coming from a little boy who thinks that we are at the zoo when we drive by putt-putt:) ha!
he also is still very much into letters and the alphabet. the other day he said, "momma, 'A' starts wiff ah, ah, ah- awigator!" he's a smart one:)
oh, and that miley... she is still her spunky, sweet little self! (oh, and her nose has healed extremely well. thank you, jesus!) tonight i drove through starbucks and we saw one of our favorite workers, shayla! when i got my drink and drove off, miley waved in the backseat and said, "bye bye, saywah!" cutie! oh, and here is another funny thing on smiley miley. she loves music and we have started to let her listen to some lullibies in her crib before she goes to bed. well, this afternoon when i was laying her down for her nap, she looked up at me and said, "thong?" what?! how does my 19 month old know what a thong is?! then she said it again and pointed to the cd player, "thong! thong!" it struck me, then i said, "do you want to listen to your songs?" she smiled and said, "yeah! yeah! thong!!" hehe

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