Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mother's day!

i had a wonderful mother's day!! i am so blessed:)
bill took the babies shopping for my mother's day gift one night this week. while they were gone, my sisters and i took our mom out for a pedicure, dinner and dessert of her choice:) we had so much fun! i am so thankful that my sisters and my mom are my best friends and that we all are so close! i have so much respect for my mom and strive to be the godly, sweet, caring, patient and fun mom that she was to us! when i asked ella kate if she had fun shopping with daddy, she said "yes! it was so fun! we went to the star (macy's at the mall) and we got you some candles for mudder's days!" haha.. easy enough:) no need to bribe her to tell me what my gift was! and sure enough, they bought me my two favorite candles from yankee candle - i love that place!after church sunday night, we ALL went out to eat for mexican! i love my family! look at all these cute people! (eric and bill were the ones taking the pics!) eve, erin, josiah, mimi, lauren, ella kate, me poppa, and miley!

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  1. Oh, Kristen!!!..I LOVE visiting your blog!!!I don't think we have formally met...Our family goes to Grace...My name is Jennifer...My husband Tim Gass is a deacon and my oldest daughter is Taylor...We also have our 3 year old son, Luke...I have seen you from a distance and am always glad to see your family there...We're so blessed to be mothers and I'm so glad you had a good mother's day...Such sweet family you have!!!~~hugs,Jen