Tuesday, September 7, 2010

busy... and tired... and busy...

i have neglected this poor little blog for a while! i'm sorry:( i am just SO busy these days with the babies, and teaching preschool 2 days a week, and oh, did i mention we are 9 weeks pregnant?! well.. we are!! we are super excited!! God is so faithful:) after the last miscarriage i was so down in the dumps. but we are praising God for this new precious life!! although, pregnancy has treated me differently this time around. i have been feeling awful for almost 3 weeks now. there was an amazing period of about 3 days last week, when i felt great but the nausea slowly crept back in... i was never sick with the other babies. i would have a bad day here and there.. but nothing like this. oh.. and did i mention that i am TIRED?? i could fall asleep at any given moment all. day. long. ((yawn)). but despite all of this, i am so thankful! this sweet little gummy bear in my tummy is absolutely worth it! :)
i don't think that i have ever shared the pictures from ella kate and josiah's birthday party... AND i need to post some pics from our recent trip to the zoo. (which, by the way, they LOVED!!) so if i can skip a nap one afternoon this week (yeah, right!) then i will try and upload some pics to share!
but.. i can't leave you without sharing some stories. my sister erin is pregnant with twins and is having to give herself shots in her belly twice a day, because she is high-risk. and bless her heart, the shots are leaving bruises all around her belly, and it makes me hurt just looking at them:( well, the other day ella kate noticed a bruise on my calf and said, "hey mom! i didn't know our baby is in your leg! i thought he was in your belly like sissy's!" poor thing thinks that the bruises on erin's tummy are the babies!! so now, she associates all bruises with babies.. ha!
miley is talking more and more... a lot is still in german, but we are picking up on some things:) she calls herself, "miney." i love it. every time she says with a scowl, "sida push miney!!" (josiah pushed miley), i can't help but laugh:) she also adds extra letters and sounds to some of her words. for instance... she can't find her "cup-it" (cup), she needs "help-it"(help), or her shoe is"stuck-it" (stuck). oh that girl:) she is a character, for sure! and i can't leave out my sweet josiah! we have gotten so many compliments on his manners lately. he is such a sweet boy! he ALMOST ALWAYS says, "excuse me, yes ma'am, please and thank you, and bless you" without any instruction from us. it is pretty funny to see josiah and miley together. josiah is so quiet and polite and when you call miley's name, she looks at you and says, "what?" ((sigh)) she is still young, though! we are working on it:)

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