Wednesday, September 22, 2010

random thoughts..

ella kate was sitting at the kitchen table eating some kiwi this afternoon when josiah walked by. "hey 'siah, you want some kiwi?? it is so yummy!!!! it tastes just like... uh... SEAWEED!!!" josiah looks disgusted and kindly replies, "umm... no fanks(thanks)! i don't eat wee-wee's!!!"

while watching rachael ray tonight on the couch, ella kate whispers to me out of nowhere, "momma, do princesses wear panties??"

miley has a new saying which i am not too fond of. and to make it worse, she almost ALWAYS uses it out of context! for instance, i'll say, "come on miley, let's get your shoes on so we can go bye-bye." she gives me a sassy look and says, "yes, i are!" or today, she wanted to go to school with ella kate and josiah, but ella kate told her that she had to stay home with momma and she could go to school another day. miley frowned at her and said, "yes, i are!!" i'm not really sure what she thinks she is saying, but i am almost positive that it is not very sweet!! :)

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