Friday, October 1, 2010

pirates, shakes and squeals!

while grocery shopping at kroger this week, we passed a sweet old man who was wearing an eye patch. it was one of those moments where i cringe and try to distract my kids from embarrassing us by what i know that they will say. but i was too late!! before i could grab ella kate's attention, she loudly and VERY excitedly points and shouts, "hey look mom!! a PIRATE!!!"

josiah is doing the CUTEST thing these days. whenever he falls or hurts himself, he usually will run to us crying. however, my hubby has now taught him to "shake it off", and josiah literally starts shaking his whole body... head, hands, arms, legs, booty... adorable:)

miley makes me laugh. she makes us all laugh. she is so animated with her facial expressions. love it! one thing that i LOVE right now about her is her love for her siblings. as soon as she wakes up from her nap or from bedtime, and i go into her room to get her, she immediately asks for "L-kate and Sida". then she squeals as soon as she sees them:)

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  1. lol! your stories are so cute and funny!! i can TOTALLY relate to the 'trying to distract your kids' time Jud saw an older man with a white beard and big belly and yelled while pointing, "look mom, it's Santa!" luckily 'Santa' started laughing! :)

    love reading your blog!